14 Surprising Health Benefits of Custard Apple (Sitaphal or Sharifa)

Fruits and Vegetables
Winter brings along with it, its varied range of winter fruits starting from apples, bananas, grapes, dates to guava, oranges etc. Out of all these one fruit that is worth mentioning is our very  favourite custard apple. Popularly known as “Sitaphal” or “Sharifa” in India, custard apple is quite popular with people of all generation and is widely consumed in the form of shakes, smoothies, desserts or as a snack. But do you know that besides its unique taste, it is highly nutritious and hence highly beneficial for human wellbeing? Well in case you are unaware let me tell you that custard apple is highly beneficial for our health and beauty. And today in this post, I will discuss about the top 14 health benefits of custard apple (Sitaphal or…
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