14 Best Homemade Workout Energy Drinks Recipes You Must Try

Fruits and Vegetables
We all know that during workouts, we sweat a lot and so it is necessary for us to drink a lot of water and fluid to stay hydrated. If we don’t consume fluid like healthy energy drinks then our body may get dehydrated, and we may face several health problems like, have muscle cramps, feel too much drained out and dizzy etc. There is no doubt about the significance of drinking water during workout (and at other times), but if you feel that simply drinking water is enough, then you may be wrong, because during the workouts, your body also loses many essential electrolytes like calcium, sodium, magnesium etc. (more…)
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52 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer (Foods and Habits)

Natural Remedy
Hot and sunny days in summer can make it really difficult to stay cool. It’s not really easy to maintain the cool of your home and body. But there are certain ways to beat the heat and stay cool this summer. In order to stay cool in summer, not only you have to eat summer friendly foods and beverages, but also have to find ways to make your home cool. Unless the house is cool, you may not be able to beat the heat comfortably. (more…)
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