How to Reduce Belly Fat Post Pregnancy Fast and Easily

Pregnancy is probably the best feeling you could have and giving birth to a healthy and happy baby is the most phenomenal experience a lady can have. Life is not going to be same again, post delivery. Right from looking after your baby and family, to taking good care of yourself and returning in shape is no easy task. Reducing belly fat (or tummy fat, as they call it) is the most common concern for many and if you are struggling in reducing belly fat then you are not alone. How to get rid of the belly fat after delivery is the most frequent question and hence this post. Even if there is no quick fix to reduce belly fat post pregnancy, but I can promise you good result as…
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Hit the Gym: 13 Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout and Continue

All of us want to be in shape, and probably resolve every year to hit the gym and start working out. Be it joining a gym, zumba classes or free hand exercise, only about 30% of us succeed with it. I myself have tried hitting the gym several times but failed measurably. Did you know, over 70% of the people who joins a gym, leaves within 3 months of joining? Probably January to March is the best season for the gym because we want to start the year with a resolution to hit the gym and remain fit. But most of those who join in January discontinue the gym within two to three months. Not that their fitness goals are achieved within two or three months, but they actually fail…
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