17 Side Effects of Wearing High Heels Frequently for Long Hours

Do you also feel that your party makeup or dress-up for any other social gatherings is incomplete without wearing your favorite pair of high heels? If yes, then I can’t blame you as you are just one among the millions of girls who love wearing their high stilettos. But did you know that there are many side effects of wearing high heels? From joint pain to lower back pain, wearing high heels for long can seriously affect your entire skeleton and body posture. Wearing high heels occasionally is okay, but if you wear high heels regularly and for long hours, then you should better know about long term side effects of wearing high heels. Today, in this post, I am going to talk about various long term side effects of…
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15 Side Effects of Aloe Vera You Should be Aware of

I am sure you have heard about the various health benefits of aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice.  Some of the most common health benefits include treatment of hair fall, skin care, weight loss and cure of other health issues like blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation and diabetes. But did you know that there are some side effects of aloe vera? We all know aloe vera as magical herb which is loaded with medicinal properties and offers a number of health benefits. But did you know there may be side effects of aloe vera gel, juice and its latex? Well that’s what we are discussing in this post. (more…)
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