Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Stop Vomiting Easily and Naturally

Ayurvedic Home Remedies to Stop Vomiting Easily and Naturally

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Vomiting is basically the forceful release of stomach contents. Not necessarily a medical condition, but continuous vomiting can make you dehydrated and weaker. Vomiting could be a onetime affair and that should not be a matter of big concern, but continuous vomiting could be fatal, especially when not treated and stopped in the beginning. Lack of fluid and nutrients in your body can easily make you fall sick. There are a number of allopathic medicines that helps in preventing and stopping vomiting, but did you know you can stop vomiting easily and quickly using simple ayurvedic home remedies?

Well if you are wondering about how to stop vomiting without medicines, then here’s the post worth checking. Today in this post we are going to talk about a number of Indian Ayurvedic home remedies to stop vomiting. Apart from the remedies to stop vomiting, we will also talk about the causes of vomiting and what to do or not do to prevent continuous vomiting.

Primary causes of vomiting

As I said, vomiting itself is not a medical condition, but it definitely says there is something wrong with your body. Vomiting itself should not be a matter of big concern, but if it continues then it must be treated. For instance, vomiting could be caused because of eating excess food or consumption of excess alcohol. In such cases, after vomiting, the person may in fact feel better and relaxed.

Listed below are the most common causes of vomiting:

  • Indigestion
  • Food poisoning
  • Stomach infection
  • Acid reflux
  • Gastritis
  • Fever or other medical conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Migraine headache
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Motion sickness
  • Sea sickness

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, vomiting may also be caused due to bad or rotten smell, or disturbing sights etc. Now when you know about the various causes of vomiting, let’s learn about the different ayurvedic home remedies to stop vomiting.

Ayurvedic home remedies to stop vomiting

Even if vomiting itself is not a medical condition and mater of concern, it has to be stopped on time because continuous vomiting and release of nutrients and fluid from your body can be dangerous and make you fall sick. Thankfully, there are a number of ayurvedic home remedies to stop vomiting and these remedies are quick and easy to apply.

Are you ready to explore the home remedies that helps stop and cure continuous vomiting? I heard you saying yes, so here we go.

Ginger to stop vomiting

Ginger is quite commonly available in every kitchen across the world. I am sure you have been eating ginger, but did you know you that ginger can be very effective in curing and stopping vomiting? Well, it’s true. Ginger is genuinely beneficial for your health, especially the digestive system. Consumption of ginger can block secretion inside the stomach which may cause. Ginger is a natural anti-emetic and it improves digestion and neutralizes acidity and hence it’s highly effective in curing vomiting.

In order to cure vomiting and nausea, you can chew raw ginger or you can grind it to make fresh juice and consume it. You can also take properly cleaned and peeled raw ginger root, add a bit of salt to it, chew and swallow it to stop vomiting.

You can also use the combination of fresh ginger juice and lemon juice to get rid of vomiting. Take equal quantity of fresh lemon and ginger juice, mix it and consume a few times and it will help you get rid of continuous vomiting.

You can also make ginger tea and consume it to cure vomiting. Take a fresh ginger root, peel it off and wash it properly and crush lightly. Take two cups of water and add the crushed ginger into it and let it boil for 5-7 minutes, then strain it and drink the ginger tea to stop vomiting. Drinking plain ginger tea may not be easy, especially for children and in that case you may like to add a little bit of honey to flavor it.

Garlic to stop vomiting

Ginger and garlic seems like friends and both are equally beneficial for our health. Garlic has a number curative properties and it is believed to help seize nausea sensation. Take 2-3 garlic cloves and peel the skin off. Crush it to make a rough paste. Now take a saucepan and add about a glass of milk. Add the crushed garlic to the milk and let it boil for 5-7 minutes and it’s ready to drink. Ship it like tea or hot milk to stop vomiting.

Using mint to get rid of vomiting

Mint is a very refreshing and popular herb. It’s widely available and used for its medicinal properties. And you will be happy to know that mint helps in getting rid of vomiting, especially if it’s caused due to stomach upset.

You can chew fresh mint leave or make detox water with mint, but mint tea is very effective in curing vomiting.  Mint tea can be prepared using fresh or dry mint leaves, water and honey. Take about a tea spoon of dry mint leave powder, add it to about two cups of water and let it boil for 5-7 minutes. Strain the water; add about a tea spoon of honey and your mint tea is ready for consumption.

Cinnamon to cure vomiting

As you know, indigestion could be one of the prime reasons of vomiting and when that’s the case, you can use cinnamon to cure the vomiting. Add about a tea spoon of cinnamon powder in one and half cup of water and let it boil for 5-7 minutes. Strain the water and add a little bit of honey and sip it slowly.

The only precaution is to not use this remedy, if your vomiting is due to pregnancy.

Cloves to stop vomiting

Did you know that cloves have antiseptic and anesthetic properties? Cloves can be seriously effective in curing indigestion and vomiting. The best way to stop vomiting and nausea using cloves is to chew fresh cloves. But you can also make clove tea and drink it or mix powdered cloves in to a spoon of honey and consume it to stop vomiting.

Apple cider vinegar for vomiting

Apple cider vinegar (ACP) is considered to be highly beneficial for our health and it equally effective in curing and stopping vomiting. Consumption of apple cider vinegar is known to cure food poisoning and destroy bacteria which may cause vomiting.

Apple cider vinegar is easily available and it can simply be consumed with water. The quick and simplest way to stop vomiting with apple cider vinegar is to add one tea spoon of apple cider vinegar in about a cup of plain water and drink it. Similarly you can mix equal quantity of both apple cider vinegar and honey, and drink it to stop vomiting easily.

Curry leaves and lemon juice

Curry leaves are seriously good for your health and it’s being used in a number of cuisines in India and Sri Lanka. It is known to be very good for digestion and you can use curry leaves with lemon juice and honey to stop vomiting.

Take a few (10-15) fresh curry leaves and wash it properly. Grind the leaves to extract about a tea spoon of juice. Add about one tea spoon of honey and lemon juice and give it a good mix and drink it to stop vomiting. Drinking this mixture of curry leaves, lemon juice and honey twice a day can help you get rid of vomiting and nausea easily.

White vinegar to stop vomiting post vomiting

Sometimes you may feel like vomiting after vomiting once. And in order to stop continuous vomiting, you got to refresh your mouth and nothing works better than white vinegar to refresh the mouth. You can make a quick mouth refresher by adding a tea spoon of vinegar in to a cup of normal water. Mix the white vinegar and water properly and gargle using this water to freshen up your mouth.

Fennel seeds to stop vomiting

Fennel seeds are considered to be a good mouth refresher and probably that’s the reason why it is consumed after having a meal in India. Fennel seeds (or Saunf as we call it in Hindi) are known to calm the digestive tract. Chewing fennel seeds after vomiting can quickly refresh the taste of your mouth and help you prevent further vomiting. But you can also make fennel seeds tea and consume it. Take about a tea spoon of fennel seeds and add it into a glass of water and let it boil for 5-7 minutes/ Strain and you have the fennel seeds tea that you can drink to stop vomiting.

Things you should do to get rid of vomiting

As you know, continuous vomiting can make you terribly weak and dehydrated. Of course, you can try some of these remedies to stop vomiting, but here are a few things that will help you stay healthy and get through it.

  • In case of continuous vomiting, it is better to avoid eating any kind of dairy products for next 24 to 36 hours.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid taking carbonated and caffeine drinks.
  • Drinking the juice of sugar cane, grapes, mango tree leaves etc will be beneficial.
  • Licking of sliced lemon can also help you stop vomiting to a good extent.
  • Eat fresh fruits like water melon which contains plenty of water.
  • Drink coconut water for it has a number of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Drinking sugar and salt water can be very beneficial because continuous vomiting may lead to dehydration and loss of vitamins and minerals in the body. Drinking sugar and salt water will help you balance these minerals.

Which ones are your goto remedies to stop vomiting?

Vomiting itself is not sickness, but it’s a symptom of other sickness like fever, indigestion, infection etc. At times vomiting is good, but continuous vomiting could lead to weakness and make you sick.

Vomiting could be caused because of a number of reasons including indigestion, sickness, pregnancy, motion sickness etc. Even if there are medicines to prevent and stop vomiting, you can stop vomiting using simple ayurvedic home remedies. The best part of using ayurvedic home remedies are the ingredients are widely available in your kitchen and it has no side effects. We have already discussed a number of home remedies to stop vomiting and hope it’ll help you get rid of continuous vomiting easily.

What else do you think one should do to stop vomiting? Have you experienced continuous vomiting in the near past? How did you get rid of it?

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