20 Best Eye Makeup Application Tips for Safety of Your Eyes

Best Eye Makeup Application Tips for Safety of Your Eyes

Last updated on May 12th, 2020 at 07:36 am

It is best if you are naturally beautiful and does not require any makeup. But then, everyone is not blessed with natural beautiful looks, and so it is OK if you love enhancing your facial features and hiding minor flaws using makeup and make yourself look attractive. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is not to overdo makeup as that can damage the quality of your skin. However, apart from the safety of your skin in general, the safety of your eyes is equally important. This is because eyes are undoubtedly the most sensitive part of your face and also the ones which are highly vulnerable, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Makeup application, especially eye makeup should be applied very carefully. There are a few essential best practices for eye makeup application which must be kept in mind. And if you are someone who love to apply eye makeup then you should better know about the best eye makeup application tips to ensure safety of your eyes.

As far as makeup goes, eye makeup actually forms the basics of it and so, when you are applying eye makeup, you will have to be very careful to ensure that you do not end-up harming your eyes. And to help you get it right, I am sharing the list of top 20 eye makeup application tips for eye safety. So if you love makeup and often apply eye makeup, then here’s the post worth checking to ensure your eyes are safe even after multiple eye makeup application.

I personally believe that eyes are the most attractive feature which can actually make you look very beautiful. If you know proper eye makeup application tips then, you can actually make your eyes sharper, more expressive and more beautiful, without compromising the safety of your eyes.

Needless to say, no one would like to compromise with the eye safety and to ensure that, you have to know the right makeup application tips, use good quality products and tools and also follow the right procedure and best practices. There are many types of makeup products that may contain chemicals and if come in contact with your eyes, then it can actually irritate your eyes. It is not just wrong eye makeup application or wrong eye makeup product that can damage your eyes but also any kind of facial makeup if done wrongly may cause eye related issues.

Like for example, some makeup have very strong odor which may cause a burning sensation in your eyes. So, in short, you have to be really careful with your eyes’ safety and for that, it is best to learn about the right eye makeup application tips and best practices.

The safety of the eyes is really important and there is no doubt about it and so without wasting much time, let’s learn the best practices and eye makeup application tips and care for safety of your eyes.

Eye makeup application tips and care for eye safety

Makeup when done right can actually make you look pretty. But since you can never compromise with the safety especially when it comes to the safety of your eyes, it is important for you to know what kind of products you must use or how you must apply eye makeup so that your eyes are not damaged in any way.

Listed below are the top 20 eye makeup application tips and best practices for safety of your eyes. You may be aware of some of the tips and techniques I am discussing below, but that should not discourage you to learn rest of the best practices.

So are you ready?

Let’s dive in.

Wash your hands

Make sure that your hands are properly washed before you start applying eye makeup. This is probably one of the most vital makeup tips that I would like to recommend to you for the safety of your eyes. This is because dirty hands may contain dirt and germs, which if enters your eyes may cause severe infection and other eye issues. So, it is really important to wash your hand properly before you start applying eye makeup, or any kind of makeup for that matter.

Do patch test

Better do a patch test before applying any kind of makeup, especially eye makeup. All of us have got different skin type, so if your skin is allergic or is very sensitive to some ingredients, then I would recommend you to always go for a patch test. You may apply the product on a small portion of your skin, wait to see if there are any reactions and then go on with the product. This is highly applicable every time you use a new makeup product, be it for your face, eyes or any other body part.

Replace makeup products on time

Make sure you purchase new makeup in 6 months or yearly or at least, once the expiry date is over. You may think that buying new makeup after 6 months or yearly actually sounds costly but yes, this is required for the safety of your eyes. This is because every makeup product has got an own shelf life, beyond that if it is used then it may harm your skin and your eyes by causing infections and irritations. And, if you are specifically talking about eye makeup products, then it is best to stop using them between 6 to 12 months to avoid any damage to your eyes. If you are applying the product frequently, then it should not last long. But in case you apply certain makeup once or twice in a month, then it is better to not use it after a year or so, even if the expiry date says otherwise.

Don’t use makeup in case you have infection

It’s best to not use eye makeup when you have some kind of infection. But if you have used it, then replace the eye makeup products if you had used them while you were having some kind of infection. Needless to say that if you are suffering from any eye infection like conjunctivitis from before, it is advisable that you stay away from using makeup as that may actually make the situation worse. However, if you are still interested in doing some light makeup like probably putting a little kajal or a bit of eyeliner, then you may but you need to keep in mind that you cannot use those products again once your infection gets healed.

This is purely for the safety of your eyes as while you have put makeup, the products have become exposed to the virus that had caused the infection. So if you use them again, then there is every possibility that it will infect your eyes again.

Read the labels

Read the labels of the makeup products very carefully before applying the makeup. It is best if you read the labels and then buy or apply any product. One of the main reasons why I said this is because I have seen many using wrong products for their eyes. For example, one may use a lip liner as an eye pencil or a lipstick shade as an eye shadow. Well, there is nothing wrong in it but you can never ignore the risk factors because every makeup products may not be suitable for application at different body parts. In other words, any product which is not meant for your eyes may give good result but it may not be that safe for your eyes and for that you need to read the labels carefully.

Before using any other product, try to be sure that that product is intended to be used around or near your eyes. Also, you should not miss out the FDA warning written for the safety of your eyes.

Keep the seal tight

It is very important to keep your makeup products covered after usage. One of the important makeup application tips for the safety of your eyes is definitely to keep your makeup products covered after usage. The simple reason behind it is if the products are left in open, then they will be exposed to all kinds of dust, dirt and germs which is not at all good. When you will use them the next them, it can infect your eyes and cause infection or severe irritation.

Moreover, some of the eye makeup products like liquid eyeliners or mascaras if not tightly closed can actually dry up, which will eventually become useless even before the expiry date.

Don’t share makeup products

Avoid sharing your eye makeup products like kajal or eye liner with anyone. Well, it may sound very selfish but if you really care about the safety of your eyes, then it is best to avoid sharing the cosmetic and beauty products with others. The reason why it is said is because if you give it to someone and if by chance, she has some kind of eye infection, then it is obvious that the germs will spread from her to you. In fact, it is the other way round as well. You may be also spreading the germs from you to others which will be equally bad.

Hence, please use your own makeup set mainly as far as your eye makeup is concerned and avoid the transfer of germs from one another.

Avoid glitter

You should stay away from glitter, if you don’t want to compromise with the safety of your eyes. If you tend to have got dry eyes, then it is my request that you stay away from glittery and flaky makeup. This is one of the most important makeup tips for the safety of your eyes and I want you to consider it highly.

The reason is that there is every possibility that the flakes can get inside your eyes film and cause severe irritation to your eyes. In fact, glittery eye makeup is one of the top causes of cornea infection and irritation, especially with individuals who wear contact lenses. So, if you want to keep your eye safe, please be careful and avoid glitter.

Avoid using sharp objects

I have seen many ladies use sharp objects to separate eye lashes, which is not a good practice. Although this kind of maturity is expected from all of you but there are individuals who casually may make this mistake and end up injuring their eyes seriously. So, it is my humble request to you to avoid using sharp objects for makeup application for your own good. Not using sharp objects to separate eyelashes is one of the important tips for the safety of your eyes and you must never forget it.

Properly sharpen eye pencil

Whenever you are using any eye pencil, make sure that they are sharpened properly. This is because, if you are using blunt pencils, then you will have to apply extra pressure to make the makeup effective and, in the process, you may end up hurting your eyes, especially when it comes to the cornea. So, it is better to dump the ones that are dried out or has got hard edges.

Stick to a brand

Avoid frequent changing of brands, especially for eye makeup. I always keep saying that when any particular product has suited you, it is best that you stick to it. The main reason is because your skin may not be able to adjust to the new product which may cause irritation and other concerns. And, since it is a matter of your eyes, which is very sensitive, it is better to avoid any kind of risks. Choose a particular brand and if it suits you then stick to it till the very end.

Always remember that expensive products do not guarantee that it will suit your skin type, so better go the safer way and stick to something that suits you better.

Replace applicators

I have seen many using old applicators for long. See, you may have liked a certain applicator that came with your old tube of mascara or eye shadow and have kept it for future use. But remember that bacteria may grow up on old applicators and so it is important to timely replace makeup as well as the applicators.

Store your makeup properly

If you read the instructions written on the products, you will see that most of them are said to be kept in cool dry places and you must strictly follow that. This is due to the fact that if you keep them in extreme heat, then they may dry up or change their texture. So, better avoid that and store the makeup properly as per the instructions given on the product label.

Apply makeup carefully

Keep your eyes closed while applying makeup in other facial parts. It is not just wrong eye makeup application or wrong eye makeup product selection that can harm your eyes but accidents may occur while applying makeup in other facial features as well. Like for example, while applying something in your cheeks or forehead area, your hands may mistakenly enter your eyes and cause irritation. So, to be on the safe side from before, try to keep your eyes closed especially when you are doing the makeup in portions nearer to your eyes.

Do not use saliva

I have seen ladies using saliva or water to thin out their old makeup products, which is certainly a bad practice. If any of your makeup products has thickened or dried up, then please throw it out. There is no need to add saliva or water to thin them out as doing that may introduce bacteria or other germs which in turn may lead to irritation or infections in your eyes.

Avoid excessive makeup

Doing makeup is perfectly fine but using too much of makeup every time may not be good for your skin. And, in case of harsh eye makeup, constantly putting makeup and then removing it may put a lot of stress on your eyes. Hence it is best to use subtle makeup and only in case of special occasions, you may add some extra drama in your eye makeup.

Remove the makeup before going to bed

When you are using makeup, you must also take the responsibility of removing the makeup properly before going to bed. This is because makeup clogs the pores and does not let the skin breathe. And, in case of eye makeup, going to bed putting your lenses on is a complete NO-NO.

However, you should use right techniques to remove the makeup. You just cannot be harsh while removing makeup especially when it comes to removing makeup from your eyes. You should be as gentle as possible while removing eye makeup. You may like use a very mild cleanser to remove makeup and then apply a mild moisturizer to moisturize your face.

Avoid Kohl eyeliners

I would advise you to avoid using Kohl eyeliners as much as possible. The reason behind it is that there is high possibility of them containing dangerous levels of lead which is not at all good for your eyes. Therefore, maintain precaution and avoid using Kohl eyeliners, when possible.

Avoid permanent dying of eyelashes

Many of you may love dramatic eye looks and so may end up coloring or dying your eyelashes permanently. Well, you may find the look very funky but as far as the safety of your eyes goes, it is not good for your eyes. This is because there is enough risk and it may cause irreversible damage to your eyes if not used in a correct manner.

Avoid wearing eye makeup in hurry

I have seen people applying makeup in a moving car or when they are in a hurry to leave. But you should avoid wearing eye makeup in a hurry or in a moving vehicle. Since it is a matter that involves the safety of your eyes, it is best if you avoid doing the eye makeup in too much hurry or while sitting in a moving vehicle. The reason is pretty obvious. A little bump or too much impatience can actually lead to a scratch in the cornea or may result to poking of your eyes with the applicator, and that may turn out to be fatal.

Which is your favorite eye makeup application trick to protect your eyes?

There is nothing wrong in wearing makeup. But you need to understand the best practices for makeup application to ensure that it does not negatively affect your facial skin, especially your eyes. The inside of your eyes and the skin around your eyes are undoubtedly the most sensitive parts of your face, and so knowing what you are doing is the basic thing to know.

As you would agree, any look is incomplete without proper eye makeup. Be it subtle or be it dramatic, we all love to enhance the beauty of our eyes. But the sad part is when you are engrossed in eye makeup; there is high chance of hurting your eyes. And that’s why it is seriously important to know about the best eye makeup tips and best practices to keep your eyes protected and safe.

I have already talked about 20 of the most important eye makeup tips for the safety of your eyes. And trust me if you follow these basic eye makeup application rules, your eyes are going to be safer. All the tips that we have discussed above are well thought upon and are really effective provided you follow them correctly.

Starting from using proper makeup products, to cleaning your hands properly before applying makeup to keeping all of the products clean and in cool places to replacing products after 6 months or yearly to avoiding certain makeup products etc; each of these small little hacks are really important, and can actually create a huge difference if not followed as far as the safety of your eyes go.

See, accidents can happen any time no matter how precautious you are. But at least if you take precaution and follow the best practices for eye makeup application, then the chances of having any eye irritation, infection or any other issue related to eye becomes less. So, as they say, prevention is better than the cure, please do follow these tips and ensure maximum safety to your eyes while applying eye makeup.

I am sure that if you follow these best practices then it will great for the safety of your eyes. However, if you have any queries, please do let us know along with your feedbacks and suggestions.

Also, I would like to know about your favorite eye makeup application trick. And if you know of any other makeup hack which is important for the safety of eyes, then please feel free to share it with us. I will be happy to add that in this list.

Lastly, I want to tell you, that if you love makeup, do it but with caution. And, please do not forget to support us by liking, commenting and sharing these posts with others. Trust me, your one motivation means a lot to me.

Until then, stay beautiful and stay safe.

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