13 Best Foods to Get Rid of Irregular Periods Easily and Naturally

13 Best Foods to Get Rid of Irregular Periods Easily and Naturally

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If you make a list of the most common health issues faced by women, the problem of irregular periods is most definitely going to top the list. Increasing cases of irregular periods is reported every year with every second woman suffering from it. A woman having proper menstruation generally has around 11 to 13 periods every year with the monthly cycle ranging from 21 to 35 days. So, if you have less than that, it means you have irregular periods. Irregular period is also characterized by the number of days it lasts and the amount of blood loss you experience during your period. In severe cases, doctor’s advice is highly recommended but many a times you can help your body regulate periods by maintaining a proper diet chart. Well yes, there are a few foods that can help you get rid of irregular periods easily. And today in this post, I have brought a list of 13 such foods that will help you to get rid of irregular periods easily. Regular consumption of these foods will offer significant improvements in irregular period and hence you should consider adding these foods in your diet chart.

Healthy menstruation is important as any kind of irregularities in your periods affects your health. It adversely affects your reproductive capabilities and may increase the chance of getting affected by several other diseases in the long run. There can be several causes behind irregular periods and you must diagnose yourself to know the factor affecting you. But besides medical treatments, a healthy lifestyle is important followed by a proper healthy diet being a significant one. Several foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that has the potential to regulate your menstrual cycle and that is exactly what I am going to talk about in this post.

Health issues can happen anytime and with a problem so common like irregular periods, you must not panic as the more, you feel stressed out, the more your problem will increase. Instead, be optimistic and include some of these foods to get rid of irregular periods, details of which I will shortly discuss.

However, I will start my today’s discussion with the common factors that causes irregular periods, then talk a bit about the different types of irregular periods and then go to the most important part regarding the list of best foods to treat your irregular periods. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin.

Common factors that may lead to irregular periods

This most common female health issue as per scientific research has various factors behind it, most of which I will talk about here. However, you must consult your family doctor or a Gynecologist to know the factor that is affecting your monthly periods. Here are some of the known factors that may lead to irregular periods.

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Anemia
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Gynecological problems
  • Tuberculosis
  • Excessive stress
  • Obesity or significant weight loss
  • Poor nutrition
  • Taking too much birth control pills
  • Certain medications
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Unhealthy lifestyle (too much alcohol intake , excessive smoking)
  • Diabetes
  • Perimenopause
  • Breastfeeding
  • Liver problems

Types of irregular periods

There are various types of irregular period which includes:

  • Irregular menstrual bleeding
  • Absent menstrual bleeding
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding
  • Light menstrual bleeding

Now that you know about the various types and possible causes behind irregular periods, let’s begin with the list of best foods that may help you get rid of irregular periods.

13 best foods to get rid of irregular periods easily

A healthy balanced diet is needed in order to lead a happy and healthy life and when you have a health issue, then things get mandatory. Maybe you have to include few ingredients that you do not like and exclude few of your favorite items but if your health is your priority then I think it won’t be a problem. After all, if your health condition is good, you will be automatically happy. Similarly, there are few foods to treat your irregular periods and incorporating them in your diet will keep your monthly cycle normal and inhibit the occurrence of its side effects.

Raw papaya

The juicy papayas can help you normalize your menstrual cycle. It is a great anti-inflammatory agent that eases the cramps that many women face during this time. Papayas are a powerhouse of nutrients with calcium, iron, carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C being the main nutrients. Thus, with the presence of so many nutrients, papaya eases the contractions of the muscle fiber and soothes the walls of the uterine.

To get the maximum benefits in treating irregular periods, you may eat papaya as a morning breakfast. For all this, you need to roughly consider the date when your period is suppose to happen, then few days prior to that start eating papayas. Take the papaya, slice into small cubes, and add a little yogurt on them. Eat this as a breakfast in the morning or as a snack in the evening. Continue until the time you get your periods. You may also drink papaya juice which is equally beneficial in curing irregular periods.


If you eat cinnamon, you will notice a certain rise in your body heat and that property itself makes it count among the best foods to treat your irregular periods. This is because the warming effect helps to reduce the cramps and regularize your monthly menstrual cycle. Moreover, cinnamon is antispasmodic and has anti-inflammatory properties that further benefit in getting your periods. Also, the presence of hydroxychalcone in it regulates the insulin levels in body that further helps to reduce irregular periods.

Take a cinnamon stick and crush it. Now, pour the powder into a container and add boiling water into it. Stir it well and let it stay for around 10 minutes. After that, add a tea bag and allow it to sit for 3-4 minutes. Then add little sugar or honey to sweeten it. Drink this daily to get proper monthly periods.


Turmeric does not just provide you with beauty benefits or simply add taste to your dish, it also has the potential to treat your irregular periods. Turmeric is another anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic agent that helps you ease the menstrual pain. It also balances your hormones whose imbalance can harm your menstrual cycle.

The best way to draw the benefits from turmeric is to pour a teaspoon of it into a cup and then mix little jaggery, a teaspoon of honey and adequate warm milk into it. Stir well and drink it daily. This remedy will not just provide a proper nudge to your menstrual flow but also solve your other health problems with combating common cold and fever being an important one.


Ginger may not look much pretty but the health benefits it provides are many with treating your irregular periods being one of them. Well, yes, whenever you are getting your periods late or experiencing very less flow, try eating ginger. This is because it increases the flow of menstrual blood as well as helps your body maintain the proper menstrual cycle. Research has also proven its efficiency in treating women experiencing very high menstrual flow as well. Thus, ginger is one of the best foods to treat irregular period that can lead to normal and appropriate flow of menstrual blood. You can also relieve your pain with ginger.

Take a ginger root and grate it. Now put it into a container and add some water in it. Warm it and then add little sugar in it. Let it boil for around 5 minutes and then remove it. Let it cool slightly (but not fully) and drink it warm on a daily basis.

Fennel seeds

The next time you face the problem of irregular seeds, try eating some fennel seeds. Well yes, these seeds not just add the spice to your food but have medicinal benefits as well. Fennel seeds have emmagonene properties that help you get menses on time as well as improve the flow of blood.

For the maximum benefits in treating irregular periods, all you have to do is to take water in a glass and then add around 2 teaspoon of fennel seeds in it. Let it stay overnight. In the morning, strain the water using a strainer and then drink the water. This remedy if followed every day will show significant improvements in your monthly menstrual cycle.

Bitter gourd

Well, I understand that most of you are not a fan of eating bitter gourd but trust me, no matter how much bitter it tastes; it is immensely beneficial to treat a number of health benefits. And, that list of benefits includes treating your irregular period problems. Bitter gourd has anti microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that is good for your system and also aids in the problem of irregular periods.

In fact, for women who experience irregular period due to PCOS, bitter gourd is an ideal solution. This is because it will not just regularize your periods but will also lessen the risk of getting affected by diabetes that is considered one of the possible side effects of PCOS.

Take a bitter gourd, chop it into half and then toss them into the mixer. Churn it to make it a juice. Now add a teaspoon of sugar into it and drink it.

Sesame seeds

You can definitely take the help of sesame seeds that has many health benefits including irregular periods. It warms up your body that eases the contraction of the muscle fiber and soothes the menstrual pain. They also contain lignans that bind the excess hormones in human body. Also, the fatty acids in it also help in the optimal production of hormones that in turn helps to regularize periods.

The sesame seeds also help you combat your anemia that is one of the vital causes behind your irregular periods. This is yet another reason why sesame seeds must be in the list of the best foods to treat your irregular periods.

Take some sesame seeds and crush them to get the powder. Now pour the powder into a bowl containing around 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and drink it on a regular basis.


The juicy parsley is great in treating your problem of irregular periods. It contains apiol that is instrumental in regulation your menstrual cycle. In fact, consumption of parley not just regularizes it but also makes the cycle organized and healthier.

Take some parsley and coriander leaves and toss them into the juicer. Then pour the juice into a glass, add some sugar and drink it. Make sure you drink it daily to reap the maximum benefits out of it.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is not just for beauty, it can be useful in treating your irregular periods as well. It is one of the natural remedies and you can definitely try it. Aloe vera regulates your hormones and helps you maintain a proper menstrual cycle. It can also soothe your stomach pains and reduce your acne or other skin problems that generally accompany period especially among the teenagers.

To derive the maximum benefits in curing irregular periods, you simply have to take an aloe leaf and extract the gel out of it. Then mix around 1 teaspoon of honey and consume it in the morning before having your breakfast. You can repeat this daily for good benefits but remember not to eat it during your periods.


Carrots are great for regulating the menstrual cycle. The several nutrients in them help to maintain hormonal balance in your body that aids to get your periods at the right time and at the right amount. Whole raw carrots are rich in fiber that binds the toxins mainly the estrogens (that are one of the main reasons behind irregular periods) and throws them out of the body.

There is not one but many ways of enjoying the benefits of carrots. You can simply eat it raw or by mixing it with other ingredients to form a good salad or grind the carrot and drink the juice or simply use it in any dish. No matter what way you adopt make sure you are including it in your diet, as it is definitely one of the best foods to treat your irregular periods.


Flaxseeds are loaded with omega 3 fats and fiber and are very efficient in regulating your periods. Scientific studies have shown that flaxseeds contain natural compounds lignans that balances the hormonal levels in body including the levels of estrogen. Also, for PCOS women, eating flax seeds reduces the male hormone androgen that helps to lessen their period problems. So, try to include flax seeds in your food chart and help your body deal with the problem of irregular periods.


The healthy and tasty almonds can help you solve the problem of irregular periods. They are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamins, proteins, manganese, magnesium etc that help to regularize your menstruation. These nutrients also reduce oxidative stress that further helps to normalize periods.

Take some almonds and soak them in water (soaked almonds). Let it soak overnight to remove the phylic acid that is present. After that, consume them. Munching on almonds on frequent basis will help you stabilize periods.

Oily fish

If you experience very painful periods rather than normal ones, then you can include the oily fishes in your diet. Fishes like salmon, herring, mackerel etc contains high protein, omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats, etc that are good for your periods. Omega 3 fats reduce inflammation and soothe the menstrual cramps, bloating or others pains that your body go through during your periods. So try to include the oily fishes and avoid the foods like red meat, cheeses etc containing unhealthy saturated fats.

8 essential tips that may help treat irregular periods

Besides incorporating the best foods to get rid of irregular periods, you must also maintain a good healthy, discipline lifestyle. Here are some other tips that will further help you regulate your menstrual cycle.

  • There is no alternative to exercises when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. It keeps you active and also helps you shed extra pounds. Exercises on a regular basis takes care of both your physical and mental wellbeing and keeps a good balance between the two that in turn is most important to normalize your menstrual cycle. However, remember not to over exercise or do physical exercises that are too heavy as that can cause a reverse effect and in turn cause irregular periods. So do light exercises on a regular basis and keep yourself healthy.
  • Stress is another leading factor behind the occurrence of irregular periods and you must try to eliminate it from your life. You may try out good food (but not the unhealthy ones), roam around with family and friends, listen to music and lighten up your mood. Meditation is another good idea of controlling stressful situations. If this stress stays for long, then try to know the cause, solve the issue and try to uproot it completely from your life.
  • Maintain a good sleep pattern. Although too much sleeping has its negative impact, too less sleep severely affects your mood and disrupts your body cycle. A normal adult person must have minimum 7-8 hours of sleep and if you have problems regarding sleep then you may refer to my other post on sleep and find out ways to fall asleep fast and get quality sleep.
  • If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and solve your problem of irregular period, then please avoid over consumption of alcohol. It leads to excess body weight and also makes you vulnerable to several other health problems with irregular periods being one of them.
  • Smoking kills, smoking is injurious to health and yes, excessive smoking can interfere with your periods as well. So try to quit it if you want your own good.
  • Too much caffeine can also cause disturbance in your menstrual cycle, so it is better to cut off coffee intake or other caffeine containing products largely.
  • Just like there are the foods to treat your irregular periods, there are also foods that can be the cause behind its occurrence. To be more specific you try to maintain a good balanced diet with enough fruits and vegetables and also eat the foods that I have mentioned. Try to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates. Minimize the rich oily stuffs and keep yourself healthy and strong.
  • Contraceptive birth control pills can cause problems in your periods and so it is best to avoid them or use them very less. Try to use other birth control measures instead of opting for pills.
Which is your favorite food to get rid of irregular periods?

The problems of irregular periods are increasing at an alarming rate and are causing a lot of disruption in the life of women. Proper menstruation is a sign of healthy human body hindrance to which, makes you vulnerable to several long-term health problems with the problem of infertility, obesity being the significant ones.

There are a number of causal factors behind irregular periods with PCOS, improper body weight, stress, and other diseases topping the list. Although in many cases, the problems stay for long but mostly with intake of proper food, you can get rid of your irregular period problems.

In my article, I have already discussed about some of the best foods that’ll help you get rid of irregular periods and you must include these foods in your diet to treat irregular periods. Easily available kitchen ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, papaya, sesame seeds, parsley etc. are great for your menstruation and hence you must eat them in the methods that we have discussed above.

Besides the inclusion of the foods to get rid of irregular periods, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to do light exercises regularly, get proper sleep, use techniques to combat your stress as well as get rid of alcohol and smoking in order to regulate your menstrual cycle.

Most of you will benefit from the foods to treat your irregular periods but if you are not getting any positive results, then it is advisable that you take an experienced doctor’s help.

Are you suffering from irregular periods like many others? Are you frustrated with it? Just don’t worry, simply try including some of these foods in our day to diet and you should be able to get rid of irregular period easily.

Have you felt the benefits of eating these foods in regulating periods? Which other foods do you think helps in regulating periods?

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