9 Best Remedies to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet or Laugh Lines

9 Best Remedies to Get Rid of Crow’s Feet or Laugh Lines Naturally

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Laughing your heart out is just awesome but if that expressive smile of yours is causing crow’s feet or laugh lines around your eyes, then it can be a little upsetting. The reason is because laugh lines may look quite cute and pretty initially but as you age, they become prominent which may make your face look aged or ugly when you smile or give expressions. I mean if you smile and take a picture and see all those lines around your eyes later then, in most cases, it won’t be a happy feeling. Moreover, these lines may take the shape of wrinkles as well which is all the more upsetting. Naturally, you cannot afford to stop smiling just because you want to hide these lines rather you have to find ways to get rid of laugh lines or crow’s feet.

So, what are the best ways to get rid of crow’s feet or laugh lines? Well, from a practical point of view the solution is to try out some natural home remedies to get rid of crow’s feet or laugh lines. I have been there and done that and I know some of the most amazing ways to get rid of crow’s feet. If you are struggling with crow’s feet and want to get rid of fast and naturally, then continue reading this post as I am going to share the best remedies for crows feel that’ll help you to get rid of it fast and naturally.

Your skin is the mirror of your overall well being. How healthy you are from inside is always reflected on your skin. So, if your skin is good, it can actually make you look much younger than your actual age. But, sadly, with the course of time our skin loses that firmness, becomes saggy and we develop all of the age-related skin issues. And crow’s feet is certainly one of the many issues which we face mostly after crossing the age of 30. But nothing to worry as there are ways to get rid of it. But before we get into that, let’s find out the main causes of crow’s feet.

What causes crow’s feet or laugh lines?

Age is not the only factor that leads to the crow’s feet becoming so prominent. There are other reasons as well that contribute to it. I have jotted down some of the most common causes of crow’s feet or laugh lines. Take a note of them and see whether you can rectify it for the better or not.

  • Too much of environmental pollution
  • Excessive exposure to the harmful ultraviolet sun rays
  • Frequent dehydration
  • Lack of proper nutrition in your system
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol intake

Now, that you have known about the various causes behind crow’s feet, I am hopeful that you will try and restrict the above-mentioned things as much as possible. At the same time, make sure you are following the amazing remedies to get rid of crow’s feet or laugh lines that I am going to discuss below.

Amazing remedies to get rid of crow’s feet or laugh lines

Crow’s feet look good on some but for others it may not be so charming. So, if you are in the league of people who desire to have a pretty smile without those laugh lines or crow’s feet, then you must try going the natural way instead of planning for expensive surgeries or other medical treatments. Natural remedies are the best and they besides being effective are very cost effective and hence it’s worth trying.

Listed below are a few of the best natural home remedies to get rid of crow’s feet fast and easily. Take a look and try some of these remedies to get it rid of laugh lines.

Milk remedy for crow’s feet

If you want to have a milky white flawless skin, then milk is a great option for you to try. It is in general very good for skin health and is also exceptionally well for getting rid of the crow’s feet. The main reason behind it is it helps in the production of collagen that is very much needed to get rid of all the skin aging symptoms and have a firm smooth glowing skin. Also, milk has antioxidant potential that gives protection to your skin from the harmful UV rays and also from various other chemical pollutants.

Actually, milk is filled with skin friendly substances like lipids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that mainly help in the collagen formation. On the other hand, the fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E help in cellular renewal. In short, milk is the proper food for your skin which will keep your skin soft, moisturized, youthful and free of skin aging symptoms.

milk remedy for crow's feet

How to use – Take some cool milk and dip a clean cotton pad or washcloth in it. After that, apply that on the lines and keep it for around 10 minutes. Then rinse your face with water. You can even consider adding bit of honey or almond oil for maximum benefits.

Using milk is good for your skin and so if you use the milk remedy twice daily, I think you will be hugely benefitted. However, if you are allergenic to milk and dairy products, then it’s better to skip this remedy.

Egg white remedy for crow’s feet

You may freak out by the very thought of applying egg white on your face but if you are determined to get rid of the laugh lines and have a smooth skin then using egg white can help you significantly. The primary reason behind my recommendation of egg white is because when it dries, it tightens your skin which removes the crow’s feet and other aging lines to a great extent. It also deeply cleanses your face off the oil, dirt and pollutants etc. and make your skin glow like never before. You can actually call it a good detoxifier for your skin.

Moreover, the proteins, minerals, amino acid present in egg white are very good for the overall health of your skin. So you will benefit a lot if you use the egg whites diligently on your skin. Also, the amino acids are good for the synthesis of collagen that will keep you charming and youthful looking for long.

egg white remedy for crow's feet

How to use– Wash your face with cold water and then apply egg white extensively on the outer edges of the eyes where the crow’s feet mainly occur. Let it dry until you feel the tightening of the skin. Then apply a second coat if you want to. Keep for about 10-20 minutes. Try to keep the facial muscles as much calm and relaxed during that time. Then wash your face and apply a good moisturizer. Using the egg white remedy two times daily will be highly beneficial for your skin.

Aloe vera remedy for crow’s feet

The benefits of aloe vera is not unknown to us especially when it comes to solving skin related issues. Aloe vera actually hydrates and moisturizes your skin keeping it very soft yet firm. The large variety of vitamins, plant enzymes and minerals present in aloe gel also gives protection to your skin from oxidative damages. The antioxidants lighten the skin tone and help you get overall youthful appearance.

Besides, the polysaccharides and the growth-promoting plant hormones like gibberellin and glucomannan in it accelerates the repairing process and regeneration of the tissues by increasing the synthesis of collagen. All of this together leads to the fading of the laugh lines or crow’s feet, so you can definitely consider using the aloe vera remedy for laugh lines.

aloe vera remedy for crow's feet

How to use– The process of using aloe vera for crow’s feet is very easy. Extract the aloe vera gel from the aloe leaf and apply the gel on your laugh lines. You can keep it overnight and clean it in the morning or simply wash off your face after the aloe gel dries. This is a great remedy and you can even use it on a regular basis.

Coconut oil remedy for crow’s feet

Many consider that applying oils lead to a lot of pimples but there are skin friendly oils like coconut oil that actually help in promoting skin health. Coconut oils is extremely nourishing and moisturizing for your skin and massaging it gently on your face actually is one of the amazing remedies to get rid of crow’s fast.

The presence of fatty acids also makes the oil antimicrobial and antioxidant in nature that further prevents the occurrence of acne and pimples etc. and help you maintain a flawless wrinkle free skin. Applying coconut oil is also very hydrating for your skin which in turn helps prevent the occurrence of crow’s feet all the more.

coconut oil remedy for crow's feet

How to use– Take some coconut oil and warm it. After that, use your fingertips to massage the oil on your face especially on the areas where you have got crow’s feet. Massage in a gentle relaxing manner so that the oil is fully absorbed by your skin. Massaging also helps in proper blood circulation which is also needed for skin health.

Cucumber remedy to get rid of crow’s feet

Needless to say that cucumber is the one of the most skin friendly natural ingredients available and that’s why it is widely used in treating various skin issues. Starting from lightening the dark spots to hydrating and moisturizing your skin and getting rid of your dry skin issues, to soothing swellings and skin irritations to fighting the skin aging signs like crow’s feet, wrinkles etc. cucumber is very beneficial and it is one remedy that you must definitely give a try. It has a very soothing and calming effect on your skin that itself is very a good feeling.

In addition, cucumber contains magnesium, iron, Vitamins, calcium etc. which gets easily absorbed by your skin which in turn helps in protecting your skin from oxidative stress and also improves the production of collagen that further helps you to maintain gorgeous youthful looking skin.

cucumber remedy for crow's feet

How to use– Take a cucumber, peel off the skin and grate it. Then dip a cotton ball in the cucumber juice and apply it on your face especially on the areas where you have got crow’s feet. You may keep it for 15 minutes and wash off your face or you may consider keeping it overnight.

Avocado remedy for crow’s feet

You must have heard about the health benefits of avocado but did you know that it is a great remedy for crow’s feet as well? Well, it is recommended for you because of the presence of various nutrients that is very much effective in promoting the production of collagen that in turn helps in tightening of your skin and giving it a youthful charm.

The fat that is present in the avocado pulp nourishes and moisturizes the skin and leads to the better absorption of the vitamins and minerals (also present in avocado) by your skin that also is very much necessary for skin health.

avocado remedy for crow's feet

How to use

The remedy is quite simple. Just take out the pulp from the avocado and apply it directly on your laugh lines. Keep it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off. You can apply it on a regular basis or may apply on alternate days to get the maximum benefits. But it is better to apply it regularly initially and then you may decrease the frequency of usage as per the requirement.

Papaya remedy for crow’s feet

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to the avocado remedy, then I would suggest you to go for papaya. This is because both avocado and papaya works in similar ways and gives excellent results as far as reducing the crow’s feet or laugh lines is concerned. Papaya is a powerhouse of nutrients that helps in the production of collagen and thus helps in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It is also the perfect moisturizer that keeps your skin soft, supple and nourished.

The enzyme papain and the glycolic acid present in papaya can remove the dead skin cells and facilitate proper regeneration of your skin. The antioxidants, carotene, Vitamin C, copper, magnesium, potassium etc. also contribute a lot in skin health, so papaya is good remedy for your skin in general as well.

papaya remedy for crow's feet

How to use– Take a slice of ripe papaya and mash it. Then apply it on your face. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash off. Apply this remedy regularly and you will notice clear reduction in the laugh lines, wrinkles and other aging symptoms.

Yogurt remedy for crow’s feet

I personally use yogurt quite a lot to take care of my skin and I do feel that it is one of the best natural ingredients that works magically in removing crow’s feet. The main component lactic acid exfoliates your skin and cleanses it deeply by getting rid of all the dirt and the germs. This helps a lot in reducing pimples, wrinkles and fine lines and brings a healthy glow on your skin.

However, at times yogurt makes the skin a little dry so I would recommend you to use it along with the nourishing honey because then the balance will be just perfect. Moreover, honey is natural humectants that hydrates and moisturizes your skin, so it in itself is a great ingredient for your skin.

yogurt remedy for crow's feet

How to use– Take 1 tablespoon of yogurt and honey each and mix it. Apply on your face and keep it for about 10 minutes. Wash off after that and enjoy the softness of your skin all by yourself.

Lemon juice remedy for crow’s feet

You can try out the lemon juice remedy in order to get rid of the laugh lines on your face. Lemon already has the potential to lighten the skin tone and it also is beneficial in making your laugh lines fade. Also, it deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin and brings a very healthy glow on your face. The astringent enzymes make your skin smooth as well.

lemon juice remedy for crow's feet

How to use– Take some freshly extracted lemon juice and apply it evenly all over your wrinkles using a cotton pad. Keep it for about 8 minutes and then wash off your face. I would recommend you to apply a moisturizer on your face after that as lemon juice often dries out your face a lot.

Using the lemon juice remedy daily will help you a lot in getting rid of your crow’s feet.

How to avoid the occurrence of crow’s feet early on

The above mentioned remedies to get rid of crow’s feet or laugh lines are great but your main motive must be to avoid the occurrence of crow’s feet early on. I mean if you are able to maintain your skin properly and delay the skin aging processes, then I think that is great. So, I would like to give you some important tips on how to prevent the occurrence of crow’s feet easily.

  • I know it is difficult but try to limit the exposure of your skin to the sun as much as possible. Apply sunscreens whenever you go out. Carry an umbrella, wear sunglasses and hats to cover your skin from the harsh sun rays. I have written a post on how to protect your skin from the sun during the hot summer months. You can take ideas from it as well to ensure maximum protection to your skin from the sun.
  • Eating healthy is of primary importance. Try to incorporate all the nutritious fruits, vegetables as much as possible in your diet and avoid the unhealthy, oily stuffs for your own good.
  • Please quit smoking as it is very injurious to your health and beauty. It actually increases the production of free radicals in your body that makes the wrinkles all the prominent. So the sooner you quit it, the better for you.
  • Try to avoid tanning beds.
  • Drink lots of water daily and keep your skin hydrated from inside.

Over to you: which is your favorite remedy to get rid of crow’s feet?

Having a beautiful healthy youthful looking skin is a blessing because it is one of your greatest weapons to look evergreen for a long time. But sadly, the number of people enjoying flawless skin while they age is only a minority. Most of us develop the aging symptoms quite early and that is definitely a cause of concern. One of those symptoms is definitely crow’s feet or the lines that you develop mainly around your eyes while you laugh.

While some looks charming with the crow’s feet but in majority cases it is not. And, with age these actually take the form of wrinkles which is not at all welcomed. So, it is important that we start with the remedies quite early so that the lines fade before they can ruin your face a lot.

I have already shared a few of the best and amazing remedies to get rid of crow’s feet or laugh lines fast and naturally. These natural ingredients are just great and when used diligently, it will give you satisfying results. But, as you know that prevention is always better than cure, so you must also take note of the preventive measures that I have talked about and try to delay the occurrence of the skin aging symptoms as much as you can.

Well, I think I have given enough information to you on crow’s feet and how to get rid of it. Now it is time for you to try some of these remedies and share your experiences. Also, if you know other natural ways to treat the problem, do share that with us as well. I will be looking forward to your suggestions.

If you have already used some of these remedies, then don’t forget to tell me which one worked best for you?

Until then, stay beautiful and do not let the aging skin symptoms take the charm away from you.

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