11 Best Ways and Remedies to Get Rid of Bhang Hangover this Holi

Herbs and Spices
For me, the Holi celebrations remain incomplete without Thandai with bhang. And I am sure, there are many who take bhang, just once in a year on holi. Bhang is an herbal blend that is made from the leaves and the buds of the cannabis plant. It is just fun having bhang on holi and that is why many of us cannot resist the urge of drinking bhang ka sharbat or bhang thandai in Holi. But the problem occurs when you don’t know how much to drink and you end up drinking bhang a little more than you can actually digest. When you over consume the bhang, you are going to have a long and strong hangover. If you have had bhang hangover last holi and you are wondering about…
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