13 Remedies for Menstrual Cramps to Kill Period Pain Naturally

Natural Remedy
Earlier, period was considered as a taboo and so most of the time, women refrained from opening up about it. It is still a taboo for many of us, but fortunately, the mindset of the people is changing nowadays, and with more and more women empowerment, today’s ladies are speaking their hearts out about the various female issues, including the monthly menstrual cycle and the problems associated with it. (more…)
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23 Health Benefits of Eggplant That You May Not Be Aware of

Fruits and Vegetables
Eggplant is technically a fruit and is widely used in cooking across the globe. It’s used in various types of recipes and cuisines and it tastes delicious. Not only it tastes delicious, but eating eggplant is beneficial of your health and wellbeing. From managing cholesterol level to boosting digestion and preventing diabetes and anemia, the list of benefits of eating eggplant is longer than you may have heard of. Today in this post, we are going to learn about 23 health benefits of eggplant. (more…)
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