23 Tips to Sleep Like a Baby Even When You Are Overstressed

Do you lay awake in bed for long hours before finally falling asleep? Do you keep worrying about all the problems and stress in your life even while sleeping? Do you wake up even at the slightest noise? Well, if you have experienced all these, then you are certainly among the million others who suffer from troubled sleep. Adulthood comes with many drawbacks with stress and anxiety being its natural consequences. I am sure there are times when you want to go back to your infant days when you can sleep for long hours without any tension and worry. Although, practically, going back to childhood is impossible but luckily, there are ways to ensure sound sleep at night and that’s what I want to discuss in today’s post. I am…
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Remedies for Headache: Get Rid of Headache without Medicines

Natural Remedy
Our lives have become no less than a rat race. Deadline, monthly target, annual turnover are the buzz word today. Starting from boarding a bus to getting promotion, our lives have become fast paced, leaving no room for us to take proper rest. This fast pace lifestyle hardly gives you time for yourself, you find yourself always on the run. And this kind of daily routine brings headaches, stress and tension. Continuously taking medicines and pills to get rid of Headache is not a long term solution. Because medicines has its own side effect. Most of the pain killer tablets have side effects. But did you know that there are some simple home remedies for headache. You can actually get rid of headache without taking pills. And that’s what we…
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