15 Best Ways to Boost Energy Levels Naturally and Easily

15 Best Ways to Boost Energy Levels Naturally and Easily

Last updated on May 12th, 2020 at 08:34 am

Life today is very fast paced and every time, we are expected to be up to the mark. So, we often have to work with double force to meet up to the expectation and sustain our position in the competition. But, overdose of anything has certain negative effects and so with so much pressure, our body runs out of energy and we often feel sluggish which can seriously take a negative impact on our day to day activities especially on the work front. We all know that in most cases, we hardly get any chance for excuses and hence have to carry on no matter how tired we get. And, when we ignore it and keep on straining ourselves, it takes a severe toll on our general health. Now, since we cannot compromise with our work, we can take up some measures to give our body that perfect kick which will enable it to work with full energy. In other words, you have to try out various ways to boost energy levels, so that you never run out of fuel throughout the day. Today, I am sharing with you the list of top 15 best ways to boost energy levels naturally and easily.

Most of the time, we judge our energy levels in terms of physical labor that we put on. But, energy is not simply limited to that. In order to make ourselves fully active, we need to keep our mental energies at peak as well. So, you basically have to take up ways that will increase both your physical and mental strength. Only, then you’ll be motivated enough to work with vigor. I find it quite interesting and I myself follow some of these hacks that help me keep charged up for long. So, if you are determined to kick start your day and feel the same force even at the day’s end, then try some of these best ways to boost energy levels to stay active and energized for long.

I am sure you are ready and want to know about how to boost energy levels naturally? Aren’t you?

So, without wasting a second, let’s find out what are the best ways to boost energy levels easily and naturally.

15 best ways to boost energy levels naturally

Your body is a machine and after working so much, it runs out of fuel. For that, you need to pump it up with much more fuel that will recharge it and keep it active for long. In other words, you need to increase your stamina so that you do not run out of energy fast and for that discipline in life is necessary. Below are mentioned some of the best ways that will help you achieve your goals.

Get rid of stress

As per research, increase in the levels of stress can make you exhausted very easily and hence reducing it is the primary thing that you must do to give a boost to your energy levels. In many cases, it is little difficult to get rid of the sources of stress but you can always try to reduce it. Sometimes, chit chatting with your trusted ones, relaxing, reading your favorite books or going out for a brief work can help you combat it.

The other thing that you must practice to get rid of stress is meditation. It is proven to greatly reduce your stress and make you stronger from within. The power of brain is too much and if you can use it in the right way, then I am sure you will not feel lethargic so easily.

Avoid overworking

I understand that the modern system of work often demands us to work constantly for long hours. Even if the time period is not too long, it involves lot of brain involvement where you got to think a lot to solve various issues related to work and family. While sometimes, it is not possible to avoid work pressure, but doing it on a regular basis is not something which can be recommended.

Whenever you feel too much pressure, just sit down and relax a bit. Try to pare down your works and concentrate on things that are on top of your priority list. Prioritize your work i.e. concentrate on the “must dos” and leave the other task if you can to address later. Never hesitate to take help (basically to share the work load) from someone who is available and can help.

Get enough sleep

I have already said that your body is actually a machine that works all through the day and so like maximum electronic gadgets, it requires time to recharge its batteries to work with full vigor the next day. For that, you need to take enough sleep which will give your body the time to regain its lost energy. And, if recent studies are to be believed, it is the disturbed sleep that is one of the primary factors leading to the feeling of fatigue and laziness.

An average adult must have at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep and you must never compromise with it as getting sound sleep is one of the best ways to boost energy levels. Please avoid using mobiles, playing video games, watching TV before bedtime in order to get sound sleep. Instead, do something relaxing that will prepare your body to have a sound sleep like reading a good book.

Exercise regularly

Daily workouts can easily be considered as one of the best strategies to remain healthy with it serving so many of our important purposes. And, you can use it to boost your energy levels as well. Now, you must be thinking that so much of physical activities and sweating it out may drain your energy. But in reality, with continued daily exercises, you get sound sleep, you will hungry and you remain pumped up for long and thus it helps boosting your energy levels. In fact, science has already confirmed to it.

The main reason behind it is that when you are working out, it actually helps to send the oxygen and the other nutrients to the various cells of your body which in turn helps your heart and lungs to work more efficiently thereby boosting your overall energy levels.

Stay hydrated

Researchers have confirmed that a dehydrated body is easily prone to the feeling of fatigue and it can make you exhausted and tired very easily. Basically, the main reason behind it is that your body constitutes maximum of water and so even little dips in your water consumption greatly affects your metabolic functioning.

Hence, drink enough water all through the day and keep your system hydrated as keeping yourself hydrated will certainly help you boost energy levels. You may follow the suggestion of the National Academy of Medicine which says that one must ideally drink 9-13 cups of water and other fluids daily. Basically, 9 cups is said to be perfect for women and for men, it is 13 cups, so drink plenty of water and other fluids like juice etc.

The importance of drinking water is unparalleled and there is no doubt about it. But, in case you find drinking plain water boring, you may also take the help of the detox water recipes which will also benefit you a lot.

Quit smoking

We all know that smoking is injurious to our health but many of us still continue smoking because we are addicted to it. It is this addiction that slowly drains all the energy from our body and makes us lifeless and exhausted. The primary reason behind this is that, cigarettes smoking besides causing several health issues, seriously affects your lungs as well which reduces oxygen transport all around your body and that make you tired very easily. So, if you are a smoker, it is highly recommended that you quit smoking. Quitting smoking will help you boost energy levels and you will remain fit and healthy.

Quit or limit alcohol

Another bad habit that you have to get rid of in order to boost your energy levels is limiting your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is nothing but a sedative that keeps you drowsy for a long time and studies have already confirmed it. While some feels that it actually enables you to sleep more, in reality it does make you feel more exhausted and tired. In fact, if researches are to be believed, consuming alcohol actually disrupts your sleep especially on the second half of the nocturnal sleep period.

Moreover, it is a common thing that if you drink too much before going to bed, you most likely have to get up in the middle of the night to pee which automatically disrupts your sleep. Hence, it is recommended that you control your alcoholic habit and avoid its consumption as much as possible. Consuming alcohol and smoking is seriously bad for your health and it may dry your energy levels.

Eat healthy

Maintaining a healthy and balanced nutritious diet is the key to good life and eating well can give the perfect boost to your energy levels. As I said, your body needs the proper fuel to remain active and nutritious diet is that fuel that keeps you going all through the day. Although, your complete diet chart matters, but the most vital meal is your breakfast and lunch which you should never skip. The food you eat in the morning helps you kick start your day, so make sure to start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

In one of the studies, it was shown that skipping your meal especially your breakfast results in the feeling of fatigue that actually interferes a lot in your day to day activities.

Moreover, putting too much unnecessary restrictions on your diet will make you lose calories in an unhealthy way and your body will also be deprived of important nutrients like iron (as it may lead to anemia) which automatically will make you feel tired and weak. So, to keep your body highly charged, you must eat healthy in right amounts and maintain your meal timings.

Avoid added sugar

A healthy balanced diet must not include added sugar as eating too much sugar is a complete no-no. Although, it may hike your energy levels a bit, but it wears out really fast. The main reason behind it is that with consumption of added sugar, it leads to blood sugar spike which leads to release of high levels of insulin by body to bring the level of sugar down. In fact, this sudden rise and fall of the glucose level may lead to rush of energy that may result in the feeling of fatigue.

In another study it was seen that those who ate sugar filled breakfast actually felt more tired in comparison to those who did not. In addition, eating too much added sugar will automatically make you gain too much of weight and will also lead to heart problems or diabetes which can make you weak and tired very easily.

So, forget added sugar and concentrate on whole and fiber containing foods like legumes, vegetables, grains etc. and keep your body charged up all the time. Here’s a detailed on post on various foods with their benefits that I suggest you much check.

Eat adaptogenic herbs

Including more of adaptogenic herbs in your daily diet is one of the best ways to boost energy levels. This is because these are the healing plants that have the potential to restore the natural ability of the body in handling the stress regulating your adrenal system that is instrumental in controlling the way your hormones react to stress. Studies have also shown their importance in helping you get rid of the fatigue. In fact, these herbs do not target any specific body part of yours; they will help your entire body to cope up with anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

Some of the most useful of these herbs that are scientifically proven to be very effective against anxiety, depression and fatigue are holy basil, ashwagandha, ginseng, rhodiola etc. So, take the help of these herbs and keep yourself calm, relaxed and fatigue free.

Socialize well

By now, you already know that the feeling of fatigue is not limited to drainage of physical energy, but your mood also plays an important role in it. And, to keep yourself in good spirit, you have to socialize. In fact, studies have already proved that social isolation is one of the vital reasons which may lead to excessive feeling of fatigue and tiredness. On the other hand, studies have confirmed that having a good social network can actually help you have a better mental and physical health especially in the older adults. Hence, it is very obvious that when you are in good physical and mental health, you are most likely to be more active and full of energy most of the time.

Therefore, whenever you feel low or feel exhausted, do talk to your close pals, it’ll uplift your mood and boost energy levels surprisingly.

Avoid sitting long hours

Well, sometimes the work pattern makes us sit for long hours but that is not quite good for health and may result in the feeling of fatigue. The primary reason behind it is that the vessels often tend to constrict during long hours of inactivity making you feel very tired even though you had a good night sleep.

Hence, it is always advisable for you to take short breaks in between your work hrs. Simply stand up and walk a bit which will further make your heart and muscles active. Moreover, you will feel more energized and geared up to sit and resume work again. In short, it will help you improve your productivity magically.

Learn to breathe deeply

One of the best ways to boost your energy levels is by knowing how to inhale and exhale completely.  Proper deep breathing gives a very fresh feeling and pumps you up from inside. To get the benefits, you simply have to sit erect with your eyes closed. Try to focus on your breath and inhale the air with a count of 6. Try to hold the air till 3 counts and make your muscles tense. After that, exhale all of the air once again on the count of 6 and try to relax your muscles. Then again hold your breath for 3 counts and try to repeat the process in a rhythmic count.

Try this technique out and I am sure you are going to feel the difference. You will feel relaxed and energized all over again.

Listen to good music

I am sure that the music lovers know how energizing the music is and now it is time for others to try this trick as well. In case if you have noted carefully, you will see that music has always been a part in most events of historical importance. Bands were organized during the Civil War. And, if you are into sports, you will see that music is played on the background to motivate the athletes before the games. Why is this done? Well, our body gets charged up with the beats of the music and that kind of influences us to remain more active and get rid of the fatigue.

In clinical music therapy, music is used to connect individuals with movement and motivation. So, you must also play that favorite music of yours in the background and see whether it works for you.

Absorb natural Vitamin D

See, the environment plays a very important role on your energy levels. If you are sitting in a cold place or sitting indoors for a long time like during winters, you will automatically feel more lethargic and tired. To avoid this, it is necessary to give your body some natural Vitamin D. Hence, besides eating more Vitamin D rich foods, you need to expose yourself to the sun. You may exercise in the morning out in the sun or you may get involved in more outdoor activities. Trust me, this will help you boost energy levels and keep you energized and motivated.

In fact, not just physical energy, it motivates you mentally as well by helping you get rid of the feelings of anger, tension, confusion etc.


Since this competitive job market and the hectic lifestyle in general demands so much from us, it is better that we try to adapt to this changed scenario because only then one can reach the pinnacle of success. While hard work, intelligence all these vary from person to person, it is the feeling of fatigue that is common to each one of us.

Our body has a certain limit till it can function. Once you cross it, it tends to droop down and you feel lethargic. So, if you have to survive the rat race you always have to remain prepared for that extra and you can’t perform well unless your energy level is at pick. And, to keep yourself energized and motivated, you need to make yourself strong, both physically and mentally. We have already discussed about the various ways you can boost your energy levels. Now it’s your turn to try some of these hacks and energize yourself.

I am a working woman and I myself lead quite a hectic life and so I understand how important it is to increase to keep myself energized. I practice some of these hacks to boost energy levels at work and home. Trust me, I have personally tried some of these ways and have been benefited. In fact, most of them are scientifically proven to be very effective against fatigue and I feel that you also need to try them out and see which one works for you the best. Besides, all these ways are natural and hence are safe for anyone.

Always remember that discipline in life is important. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, it’ll be actually hard to beat you in anything.

Do you often experience laziness and lack of energy? Is it taking a toll on your day to day activities? Well, then, it is time for you to try some of these hacks to boost your energy levels. I have already listed 15 of them. Check them out and share feedback after implementing them.

I am open for suggestions and so you may refer other ways also that help in boosting energy levels. And, if you found this post as valuable, then please do like, comment and share it with others.

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