Cervical Spondylosis – Remedies, Symptom and Causes

Remedies to Treat Cervical Spondylosis Its Symptoms and Causes

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Just a few months back my father was suffering from severe neck pain and he was having difficulty while moving his neck. When we consulted the doctor, he prescribed a few tests, and eventually we found out that he is suffering from cervical spondylosis. While he was on his medications, I decided to do some research on this topic in order to speed up the recovery process. So, I consulted many of my physician friends and also with individuals who are into fitness. I also myself studied many books and online sites and found out that besides the medications, there are natural ways to lessen the problem of cervical spondylosis to a great extent. I applied some of those remedies on my father and by God’s grace he is much better now.

Well, it is not just my father who has gone through this neck pain, but there are several others who are suffering from cervical spondylosis. My advice to all of you will be to try out the natural remedies to treat cervical spondylosis, besides undergoing the medication. Combined effect of both will help you get rid of the health problem faster. If you are wondering about the remedies to treat cervical spondylosis, then read on this post. Today, I am sharing some of the most effective home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis. Apart from remedies, we will also learn about the common symptoms and causes of cervical spondylosis.

According to Mayo Clinic, cervical spondylosis is one very common form of arthritis which affects the vertebrae of your neck and it is a very common problem with aged individuals who are above 60 years. However, in present times, it is not just the elderly who suffer from cervical spondylosis, but also the problem has now slowly spread among the younger lot as well. This is mainly due to the changed lifestyle like bending down and working for long hours in laptop or computer or using mobiles at a stretch. Even the bad sleeping postures lead to this terrible neck pain.

Now, if you are going through it, you can’t help but with proper medication and with effective home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis, you will be able to come out of this health trouble easily. Just be a little careful not to aggravate your pain.

Cervical Spondylosis happens when there is wear and tear in the cartilages and the bones in your neck. This mainly occurs when you badly strain your neck. However, there are other causes to this as well which you must know in order to prevent it. So, I thought of discussing the common causes and the symptoms of cervical spondylosis first and then move on to the home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis. It is important to know about these basic facts to treat this pain easily.

What are the common causes of cervical spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis is an age-related health problem which affects and causes severe neck pain. There are several causes behind it, knowing them will help you prevent its occurrence.

So, here are the most common causes of cervical spondylosis:

  • Age
  • Bad sleeping postures
  • Bone spurs
  • Dehydrated spinal discs
  • Some kind of neck injury
  • Too much stiffness in your ligament
  • Family history of cervical spondylosis
  • Wrong neck exercises
  • Obesity
  • Too much inactiveness
  • Smoking.
  • Activities that includes heavy lifting or repetitive movements which causes extra pressure on your spine

What are the common symptoms of cervical spondylosis?

You must know about the most common symptoms of cervical spondylosis in order to identify the problem and apply the remedies. So here are the most common symptoms of cervical spondylosis:

  • Pain around your shoulder blade
  • Often pain around your arms and fingers
  • Increase of pain while standing or sitting
  • Coughing (Sneezing and backward tilting of your neck)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty while walking
  • A feeling of numbness in your arms, neck and shoulders
  • Loss of balance at times
  • Loss of bowel control or loss of bladder (rare)

Now, that you have got a fair idea about cervical spondylosis and its causes and symptoms, let us proceed with the effective home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis.

Home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis easily

There is medication for most of the common diseases. But there are many remedies that can be applied to get rid of certain disease. There are many exercises that can help you treat back pain. The point i am trying to make is pretty simple. Even if you are undergoing medication, if there are natural remedies available to treat a disease, then there is no harm in trying it out.

Over the ages, many of our common kitchen ingredients gave us medicinal benefits, and helped us ease our health problems when medical science was still a flourishing subject. Similarly, there are certain natural remedies that can help you treat cervical spondylosis.

And here are the best home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis:

Proper exercise

Lack of proper exercise is one of the main reasons behind the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.In fact, as per Mayo Clinic, proper exercise reduces the stiffness and the arthritis pains. So, you must dedicate some of your time in doing proper exercises that will reduce the pain of your neck and the other affected parts.

Here are the some of the exercises that you try:

  • Try to rotate your head in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Then nod the neck sideways from one shoulder to another. Remember that you must do all these movements very gently. Do not hurry. Continue doing these neck movements for around 10 minutes 2-3 times daily.
  • You can also rotate your hands in clockwise and anticlockwise direction and then fold and unfold the fists. This movement, if done on regular intervals help in soothing the pain slowly.
  • Swimming and brisk walking works great. So, dedicate at least 30 minutes of time to this every day of the week.
  • Cycling is another good exercise. Try it out. But, make sure that you keep your back straight and sit erect while cycling.

Please note that if while doing any of these exercises, you feel that your pain is increasing, then immediately stop it and consult your physician.

Hot and cold compresses

You can try out the hot and cold compresses alternatively to ease the pain caused by the cervical spondylosis. Hot compresses improve the circulation of your blood and keep the muscles relaxed while the cold compresses ease and soothe the swelling and the inflammation in your neck. And, doing these compresses alternatively, helps you reduce the neck pain.

Here is how to do it:

  • For the hot compresses, take a thin cloth or towel and wrap a hot water bag in it.
  • To do the cold compresses, take another thin cloth and wrap few ice cubes in it.
  • After that, place the hot compress on the affected portions and keep it for 2-3 minutes. Then remove it.
  • Now, apply the cold compress and let it stay for 1 minute.
  • Continue the process for around 15-20 minutes
  • After few days, you will notice the improvements.

However, avoid the hot compress if your skin is red and very irritated. And, if you suffer from circulatory problems, then you may skip the cold compress.

Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt has been the perfect solution for a number of health problems and it is also one of the most effective home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis. This is effective mainly because of the high magnesium content in it that helps in balancing the pH levels of your body. It also reduces the stiffness of your neck and soothes the inflammation and the swelling that accompanies it. Epsom bath also reduces the other symptoms like the pain in your shoulders and arms.

To get the benefits, you have to mix adequate amounts of Epsom salt with water. Make a thick paste and then apply it on the affected areas. Let it stay for around 15-20 minutes and then remove. Alternatively, you may add some Epsom salt in your warm bath water. Soak your body for around 15 minutes and then get up. Make sure that the affected body parts are soaked in that water. Take this relaxing bath 2-3 times on a weekly basis.

However, if any of you suffer from kidney, heart or diabetes, then you may avoid this remedy.

Garlic to treat cervical spondylosis

Garlic possesses a number of medicinal properties and you can use it to treat cervical spondylosis. The primary reason behind that is that garlic is a great anti-inflammatory agent and possess analgesic properties which helps you reduce the pain and the swelling around your neck.

There are two ways to use garlic here. Firstly, eat few raw garlic buds every morning on an empty stomach with water. This will work from within. And, in case you are not comfortable with eating raw garlic, then crush the garlic gloves and heat it in some vegetable oil. Allow it to cool for sometime and then massage it gently on the affected skin for 5-10 minutes. After that, take a warm bath. Use this remedy every day for significant improvements.

Turmeric to treat cervical spondylosis

Another element that has cured many of our health problems is the magical turmeric. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory agent that works great on your cervical spondylosis. It improves the problem of muscle stiffness that is one of the common symptoms of cervical spondylosis. It further improves the blood circulation of your body.

For the quick results, add little turmeric in a glass of milk and drink it on a daily basis. You may also add a bit of honey in it. Alternatively eating turmeric tablets also works great but you need to take the doctor’s permission before consuming those.

Use ginger to treat cervical spondylosis pain

Ginger is widely used in treating the problem of arthritis and it is definitely one of the effective home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis as well. Studies have shown that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the swelling, inflammation and its associated pain quickly. It also improves the blood circulation that further helps to treat the problem better.

There are a number of ways to get the benefits of ginger. You may drink ginger tea daily. Simply slice the ginger into thin pieces and then boil them in 2 cups of water. Boil for 10 minutes and then strain it. You may then add little honey to it and drink it. This reduces the pain as well freshens you up.

Another way of eating ginger to get the benefits is by eating a powdered mixture of ginger root, cumin seeds, and celery seeds. You can add little rock salt to add to the taste. Eating 1 teaspoon of this powder before going to bed will certainly help you a lot. Lastly, massaging ginger oil on your affected portions also works great.

So, try out any of these above-mentioned methods and get rid of your cervical spondylosis problem fast.

Use sesame seeds to treat cervical spondylosis

Sesame seeds are a good option for you to get rid of your cervical spondylosis pain. They are a powerhouse of nutrients with calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and copper in good amounts. They also are rich in Vitamins like K and D. All of these nutrients that sesame seeds contain are great for your bones and joints. Thus, with proper usage of sesame seeds, you will be able to reduce the stiffness and the pain very easily.

For reaping the benefits, you may use 4techniques:

  • Take some warm sesame oil and apply on your affected portions. Massage for around 10 minutes and then apply hot compress in that area. Repeat this process 3-4 times on a daily basis.
  • Instead of massaging only sesame seeds, you can also mix adequate lavender oil and then massage it. It actually manifolds the good effects.
  • The other option that you have is to chew a teaspoon of roasted white sesame seeds every morning. You may also mix the roasted and the ground ones in a glass of warm mild and drink it regularly.
  • And, do not forget to include sesame seeds while cooking.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) to treat the pain

Being a perfect anti-inflammatory agent and possessing alkaline properties, apple cider vinegar is a very good solution to reduce the pain caused by cervical spondylosis. This is because studies have already proved that the acid alkaline balance has shown great results on bone health and so ACV is great for you in this regard. It boosts your immune system and reduces the inflammations and swellings on your body.

Many cannot handle the taste of apple cider vinegar and so to get its benefits, it is best to go for the tropical treatment. Firstly, soak a paper towel in ACV and then apply it on your affected body parts. Let it stay for few hours. Repeat this process twice on a daily basis. Alternatively, you may add 2 cups of it in your lukewarm bath water. Soak your body especially the affected portions in it for around 15 minutes.

If any one of you is Ok with its taste, then you may add a tablespoon of raw and organic ACV in a glass of water. Also add little honey and then drink it daily.

Indian Lilac (Neem) to treat cervical spondylosis

In order to treat your cervical spondylosis, the Indian lilac popularly known as Neem is a good solution for you. This is because Neem is a great anti-inflammatory agent that can soothe any kind of inflammation in your body. Several studies like one study published in “Indian Journal of Pharmacology”  have already proved it as a great anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic effects. Neem will also relieve you off the pain and will help you treat the disease faster.

To get the benefits, you simply have to take around 1 tablespoon ofneem powder and mix with adequate water. Now, heat the paste for a few minutes and then apply it on your affected portions. Let it stay for around half an hour and then rinse with lukewarm water. Perform this on a daily basis to get quick benefits. You may also drink neem tea. Simply add some neem flower and leaves in a cup of water. Boil it and then strain. Let it cool down and then drink it. Massaging with neem oil also works like magic. So, you may also try it out twice daily.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is a great option to try in case you are suffering from cervical spondylosis and it is one of the best home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis easily. The main reason behind that is the presence of capsaicin in it that as per reports possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, that is ideal to treat the pain of your cervical spondylosis. Therefore, if you can apply the cayenne pepper properly, it will reduce the swelling in your neck as well as the pain in no time.

Take little amounts of cayenne pepper and mix it with the olive oil. It is preferable if the olive oil is lukewarm. Now, massage the solution on your affected body parts. Try to cover the areas with bandage and let it stayovernight. You will get huge relief when you get up in the morning. The other option that you may opt for is to drink warm water mixed with little cayenne pepper on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits.

Essential tips to treat cervical spondylosis

I have already talked about the home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis. But, there are certain additional tips as well that I would like to discuss with you. If you follow these tips then, you will be hugely relieved. In fact, they fall a part of the home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis easily.

  • Please try to avoid physical exertion at any cost. This is because such activities like heavy lifting can worse your pain instead of improving the situation.
  • Proper sleep is mandatory and for that you need proper bed set. Try to sleep on one firm pillow to avoid your neck getting strained. Avoid using several pillows. Also, make sure that the mattress you are using is firm enough.
  • Besides, using proper pillows or mattresses, the sleeping posture is also very important. Although in sleep, we are not aware in which position we are lying but still if possible, try to get it right when you are in your senses. Sleeping on your back or your side is preferred. While sleeping on sideways, try keeping the knees bent at the right angles to your torso.
  • Not just while sleeping, try to maintain proper position while you are standing or sitting.
  • Eating lot of salads filled with raw vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes are important. So, make sure you are eating these frequently.
  • The unhealthy foods like the sweets, curd, coffee, sugar and the other spicy, fatty foods must be avoided. Even if you can’t avoid these fully, make sure you eat them less.
  • While you avoid the unhealthy stuffs, include foods with lots of calcium, protein, Vitamin C and phosphorous in them.
  • After every lunch or dinner, you may eat little amounts of Chebulic myrobalan (haritaki). This gives relief from the stiffness and the pain.
  • Tobacco is injurious. Please quit smoking to lead a healthy happy life.
  • You may wear soft neck brace or collar for little durations. This gives temporary relief from severe pain. However, avoid wearing for long hours.
  • Morning sunrays are great. So, you may expose the affected portions of your body in sunlight for 10 minutes.

Once we get old, we suffer from a lot of age related health problems, one such common problem is cervical spondylosis. This form of arthritis is quite painful and if you do not take proper care of it, then it may aggravate and worsen the situation. While medicines are an easy solution to that, you must also take certain other remedies to solve the problem faster. Moreover, if there are options to use natural ingredients and solve the problem, then why not go for it as after all, nature has gifted us with many natural medicines and we must use those to our advantage.

In my today’s article, I have talked about top home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis. Each of them includes the usage of natural products, most of which are scientifically proved to be truly beneficial. You just have to use these properly and for your convenience, I have explained the using techniques thoroughly as well. Here, I have also given you some additional tips, which also will help you solve the problems better. Little bit of lifestyle changes, like eating healthy foods, avoiding unhealthy stuffs, quit smoking, improving the sleeping postures, doing proper mild exercises etc. are highly beneficial and you must also include these as a part of your home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis easily.

Are you suffering from cervical spondylosis? Are you worried about how to get rid of the pain? Have you ever thought of going the natural way? Well there are home remedies to treat cervical spondylosis and I have shared the top 10 with you. Many of my known ones including my father has benefitted from them. So, you may try these out and share your feedback in the comments section. Also, feel free to suggest us any other home remedy which you feel will help others treat cervical spondylosis.

Until then, stay fit and do not forget to like, comment and share the post with others in case you found it valuable.

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