28 Natural Home Remedies for Skin, Hair, Cough, Asthma, Pain and Health

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Did you know that in order to cure the most common health issues like cough and cold, back pain or skin and hair related issues, you can use ayurvedic remedies, instead of medicines? The nature has blessed us with plenty of herbs, plants and fruits which we can use to get rid of the common issues like hair fall, skin problems, acne, pimple, pyria, blood pressure, diabetes and much more.

Amazing Home Remedies for Skin, Hair, Health and Wellbeing

We are living in a world where medicines are available for most of the diseases and ailments. But using medicine for small health issue like cough and cold, acne, pimple or back pain may not be the right solution.

Home remedies for health and wellness

There are many diseases and ailments that can be cured using natural and home remedies. And the best part is that, you don’t have to buy anything specific, because what you already have in the kitchen and refrigerator can be used as home remedies for skin, hair, pain and other health issues.

Here is the list of some of the best home remedies for skin, hair, health and your wellbeing.

1. Carrot juice for mental stress: Drink a glass of carrot juice every morning to get rid of mental stress. Intake of carrot juice is also very beneficial in constipation.

Home remedy - 1. Carrot juice for mental stress

2. Honey for dry and cracked lips: Moisture and antibacterial properties of honey are very beneficial in healing cracked lips in winter. Add 3-4 drops of glycerin in about one spoon of honey and apply this mix to your lips at bedtime.

Home Remedy - 2. Honey for dray and cracked lips

3. Rose water for dry skin: Make a mix of rose water and glycerin (3:1 ration) and apply it on your skin. Leave it for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water, to get rid of dry skin.

Ayurvedic remedy - 3. Rose water for dry skin

4. Orange peel for skin care: peel off two fresh orange, grind the peel, and add some water to make a paste. Apply it to your face/skin and wash off after 15-20 minutes to get a healthy and happy skin.

Home remedy - Orange peel for skin care

5. Milk for healthy skin: Milk is loaded with vitamins and other nutrients which is great for skin. Lactic acid and amino acid in milk can keep your skin soft and moisturised and the antioxidant properties of milk helps you fight pollutants.

6. Honey and cinnamon: make a face pack by mixing two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon. Apply it to the affected area and rinse with normal water after 15 minutes for best result in removing acne.

Honey and cinnamon for removing acne

7. Aloe vera gel for hair growth: Apply fresh aloe vera gel once or twice a week to cleanse the pores and balance pH level. Aloe gel helps prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Ayurvedic remedy - Aloe vera gel for hair growth

8. Lemon to remove dandruff: Massage your scalp with 2-3 tablespoon of lemon juice and wash your hair after 15 minutes with normal water to get rid of dandruff naturally.

Home remedy to remove dandruf

9. Guava for constipation: Eating a fresh guava fruit daily, without crushing its seeds, helps in bowel movement and thus very beneficial for constipation.

Home remedy - Guava for constipation

10. Natural remedy for high blood pressure: Grind Cinnamon to make a powder. Take one fourth teaspoon of this powder with lukewarm water, twice every day. This is very beneficial in controlling high blood pressure.

11. Basil leaves for relief in cold: Extract the juice of basil leaves (Tulsi) and ginger. Heat it a little, and add a spoon of honey in to it. Take this mix twice for 3 days to get rid of cough and cold.

12. Raw Fenugreek leaves to cure anemia: Fenugreek leaves are loaded with iron, include this in your daily food for it is very beneficial in curing anemia.

13. Ayurvedic remedy for pyria : Mix a pinch of Krpura in a table spoon of ghee. Massage your gum with this solution and gargle with lukewarm water to cure pyria.

14. Walnuts for eye: walnuts are good source of fatty acid and vitamin E, which is good for your eye health. Include walnuts in your daily fruit intake to keep your eye healthy.

Home remedy for healthy eyes

15. Lemon to detoxify lever: Citric acid found in lemon helps enzymes work properly. Consumption of lemon helps release toxins and impurities from the lever.

16. Relief from joint pain: Take 100 ml of pure mustard oil; add a little bit of Asafoetida (Hing), 1 table spoon of Halite (Sendha Namak) and 5-6 black garlic cloves. Heat the oil and let it cool down. Strain everything and massage the affected area twice everyday for instant relief from joint pain.

Home remedy for relief from join pain

17. Turmeric for relief in asthma: Grind turmeric to make powder, fry it in a dry pan. Let it cool down and store it in a glass jar. Take a small teaspoon of this powder every day, with lukewarm water or milk for instant relief in Asthma.

18. Beans (Rajma) are great for health: Antioxidant properties of Red Beans (Rajma) helps detoxify your body and boosts digestion and bones. Rajma is also rich with protein and vitamins and it’s a must have in your diet.

19. Garlic for cough and cold: Garlic is rich with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which are very beneficial in common cough and cold. Peel off 5-6 garlic cloves and sauté it in pure ghee and then eat it for instant relief in cough and cold.

20. Guava fruits: Guava fruits are loaded with fiber and other nutrients that help in diabetes. Eat fresh guava fruits with a pinch of black pepper and Halite (Sendha Namak) for benefits in diabetes.

21. Face Pigmentation (Jhaiyan): Add half spoon of turmeric powder into two spoons of gram flour, and mix it with lemon juice to make a face pack (paste). Apply it on your face, and wash with normal water after 20 minutes to remove face pigmentation naturally.

22. Raw papaya fruit: Fiber and enzymes in raw papaya helps in curing gas, constipation and it also detoxifies your body.

23. Papaya fruits for weight loss: Papaya fruits are rich in fiber and low in calories. Include 100 grams of papaya fruits in your diet for benefits in weight loss.

24. Home remedy for stuffy nose: Grind some Ajwain or Carom seeds, put it in a clean cotton cloth, and inhale the fragrances for instant relief in stuffy nose (Nasal congestion).

25. Treatment for Ringworm (Dad Khujli) – Make a paste of basil leaves and apply it on the affected area for best relief from ringworm.

26. Lemon for Baldness: Massage your scalp everyday with fresh lemon juice, continuously for six months to stimulate hair growth.

27. Raisins are healthy and nutritious: Eating two raisins and drinking a glass of milk every night is very beneficial for your health, especially for diseases caused by the deficiency of calcium, like weakness of teeth or bones.

28. Say no to raw salt: Consuming raw salt as dressing in salad is not good, especially if you are diabetic or have blood pressure issues.

Over to you

Medicines are not the answer to small issue like cough and cold. Using natural and home remedies can help you get rid of so many health ailments including skin, hair, pain, asthma, payeria and much more.

We have already discussed the most beneficial ayurvedic remedies which are beneficial for your health and well being. Feel free to try and share your experience.


PS: The information shared in this post is based on the opinion of experts. We all have different body and skin types and some of us may be allergic to some of the herbs, so apply these ayurvedic remedies carefully and consult your doctor.

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