How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Fat Easily at Home

How to get rid of unwanted facial fat easily at home

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Chubby cheeks make a baby look really cute. But in case of an adult, it requires a perfectly toned face to make him or her attractive. Usually the overweight people are more likely to have chubby cheeks. But at times, individuals who are otherwise slim may also have unwanted and excess fat on their face. This unwanted fat can actually give an impression that you are fat and chubby, even though you have a good body. If you have unwanted facial fat and want to get rid of it easily at home, then here’s a post that you must check. Today in this post, I am sharing a few of the best and most effective hacks and remedies that’ll help you to get rid of unwanted facial fat, fast and easily at home.

I myself had unwanted facial fat, and I know how weird and irritating it may look. Every time when I saw my face, I used to get a little upset seeing my chubby round face, which obviously made me look chubby overall.

Thankfully I discussed my concern with my gym instructor, and she suggested certain remedies that I followed constantly. I took it seriously and worked on it, and today I am happy to say that I am able to get rid of my unwanted facial fat to a great extent.

Wondering how? Well, let me tell you that I have not opted for any kind of surgeries, and the remedies I used were natural and safe. So, if you are tired of facial fat and wondering about how to get rid of it easily, then continue reading this post. Today, I am sharing 11 of the best natural home remedies to get rid of unwanted facial fat fast and easily at home. 

I personally believe that individuals with round shape face (like in my case) are more prone to getting chubby cheeks. This is because when they put on fat, it is going to be more evident and their face will look all the more puffier and rounder.

So, they need to work on their cheeks and jaw line, and tone it properly to get rid of that excess fat on their face.

But having chubby cheeks does not make you ugly in any way. In fact, many look really cute because of that. So if you are happy with that, then it is absolutely fine. After all, it is a personal choice. But, if you want that toned, sharp and chiseled appearance, then you got to make efforts on your part and get rid of the facial fat.

Easiest ways to burn unwanted facial fat naturally at home

Just like having slim physique is considered as an advantage; having a toned face can make you look attractive and confident. And, those who have got unwanted facial fat should work to lose overall body fat (in case they are overweight) and also practice these simple and easy exercise, diets and tips to remove unwanted facial fats easily.

Listed below are the easiest ways to get rid of unwanted facial fat:

Chew chewing gums

You might get surprised to hear it but chewing gums is a real easy way to get rid of the unwanted facial fat within few days. This is because good chewing habits is not just good in strengthening teeth and gums but is also incredibly good in making your facial muscles toned and taut.

Since most of us do not invest much time in chewing the foods, chewing gums become a good substitute to serve your purpose.

So, make chewing gum your spare time activity and enjoy the results within few days. In the beginning I used to chew gums twice daily 1 hour each and later I started chewing one hour only. You can do it as per your convenience. However, remember to use a sugar free gum and not those having too much sugar content.

Balloon blowing exercise

Blowing balloons is fun but it is a great facial exercise which can actually help you get rid of unwanted facial fat fast and easily. It involves working of your facial muscles which is helpful in toning your cheek.

All you got to do here is to sit on your chair and lean back to look up in your ceiling. Now, take a balloon and blow air into it. Try to blow it for about 10 seconds. While you will be doing this, you will yourself understand your cheek muscles getting stretched. Now, let the air escape from the balloon. And, then repeat the process 5 to 10 times as per your wish. Trust me; if you are regular with this simple exercise, you are going to get rid of unwanted facial fat within a couple of weeks.

Fish like smile

I know it sound funny but trust me, it is one of the easiest and effective natural ways to get rid of unwanted facial fat, and I want you to try this one out.

At first, sit somewhere giving your back proper support. Now, suck your cheeks in and make your face fish like. Then try to smile and hold the position for about 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat the process 5 to 10 times daily to get the maximum benefit in reducing facial fats.

Steam facial

Though it sounds strange but going for steam facial regularly will actually help you get rid of the facial fat to a good extent. The reason behind its recommendation is because steam opens your pores and releases the sweat and any trapped toxins inside. This reduces the retention of water in your face. But, keep in mind that in order to make this method work, you need to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Firstly, take a vessel and boil some water in it. Let the water cool down a bit and then soak a clean towel in the hot water. After that, squeeze the towel well to get rid of any excess water, and then place it over your place. Keep it for about 10 minutes and then remove it. Do it two times a day to get maximum benefits.

Just be a little careful about the temperature of the soaked towel when you are placing it on your face. Make sure it is not too hot otherwise it will harm your skin. 

Face stretching

Stretching your face has its roots in yoga and it will help strengthen and tone the muscles of your lower face area. It is definitely one of the best workouts to get rid of unwanted facial fat easily at home. 

All you got to do is to sit back and relax at first. After that, push your tongue out and try touching your nose with it. Hold it for about 5 seconds. Then try to touch your chin using your tongue and again hold the position for about 5 seconds. Try to repeat the whole thing for about 5-10 minutes for maximum benefits.

However, there is another technique that you may consider. Here, you need to push your lower lip upwards by jutting out the lower jaw. Continue for about 5 seconds and you can repeat it for 10 times.

Also, the interesting thing is smiling a lot regularly is actually a great way to keep your facial muscles toned. It also increases the levels of endorphins which can keep you happy.

Face massage

One of the best ways to deal with the problem of unwanted face fat is to go for face massages. This is great in reducing the fat from your cheeks and also keeps your whole face toned.

Massaging promotes proper circulation and helps in draining out of the excess fluid that has accumulated. I have gone for face massages few times and besides them being helpful in reducing facial fat, they are also very relaxing. So, you may like to give it a try.

You can use any oil of your choice that suits your skin. But, I have personally used argan oil, and it was good. You just have to rub your face in a gentle manner using your flat palms in a circular motion. Do it regularly for maximum benefits.

Stay hydrated

One of the main reasons I was suffering from a puffy face was that I often drank less water. But, the moment I became conscious of my problem, I made it a point to drink enough water daily without any fail.

Drinking water is perhaps the simplest way to lose weight and studies are a proof of that. In fact, it keeps you full for longer period of time and also helps you reduce calorie intake. Moreover, water consumption is also vital for proper metabolic functioning of your body. After all, good metabolism will definitely help in better burning of your calories and will in turn, help in your weight reduction process.

And, as far as the specific problem of unwanted facial fat is concerned, staying hydrated will help you to decrease the retention of fluid, leading to less bloating and puffiness in your face. So, please make it a point to drink enough water on a regular basis without fail.

Sleep well

It is a very wrong conception that if you sleep a lot, then that will make you fat. That only happens if you are too lazy and lie down all the time. But, if you are active the rest of the day which I am sure most of us are, you need to maintain a proper sleep routine during the night because that is needed to help you lose weight.

And, when you lose overall body weight, then improvements will automatically be show on your face as well.

Lack of proper sleep or becoming sleep deprived increase the levels of stress hormone cortisol in your system which has its own set of side effects with weight gain being one of them. Now, one of the main reasons behind this is that when you are deprived of your sleep, you tend to consume more calories leading to weight gain. Also, lack of proper sleep lowers your metabolism which is also unfavorable.

In contrast to that, studies have shown that better quality of sleep is helpful in your weight loss journey. Hence, it is advisable that you maintain proper sleep routine and have 7-8 hours of proper sleep daily.

Check sodium intake

If you are consuming lots of sodium, it can actually cause bloating and lead to puffy and chubby cheeks. The reason behind this is because sodium causes your body to hold the excess water which in turn results in fluid retention. In fact, this has been scientifically proven excess intake of sodium leads to fluid retention especially in individuals who are too much sensitive to salt effects. So, you need to check on how much sodium you are consuming on a daily basis.

And, if you are consuming more sodium daily, try to reduce the consumption of the processed foods as they contain a lot of sodium. Also, avoid all the savory snacks, processed meats, etc. Trust me, if you are able to keep the sodium level under check, you can help yourself look slimmer and less puffy especially when it comes to your face.

Avoid refined carbs

In order to avoid your face looking excessively chubby or in order to reduce the fat from your already chubby cheeks, you need to take care of your overall weight as well and for that, avoiding the refined carbs is a convenient method. The refined carbs that we get from cookies, pasta, crackers etc. are very much instrumental in making you gain a lot of weight, and hence it must be avoided. They are actually heavily processed devoid of any vital nutrients and fiber. All they contain is excess sugar and calories.

Since, they are low in fiber; they get digested really fast leading to sudden rise in blood sugar levels in your system. They also increase the risk of you overeating and ending up gaining a lot of weight. In fact, belly fat is a very serious side effect of eating too much of refined carbs and studies are a proof to that.

And, when you gain excess weight, your face will automatically look puffy. Hence, get rid of the refined carbs and replace it with whole grain foods.

Limit alcohol

You got to be disciplined if you want better results in case of reduction of fat and that definitely includes limiting your intake of alcohol. Drinking alcohol occasionally is Ok but when you cross the limits, it will lead to bloating and facial fat. And, more so, too much alcohol dehydrates our system which also causes the puffiness.

Alcohol is very high in calories but does not contain many nutrients. So there is always the risk of weight gain. So, be a little responsible towards yourself and check the consumption of alcohol.

Over to you

Chubby cheeks are definitely cute but not for everyone one of us. There are many (including me), who don’t like it and want to get rid of it. After all, too much chubbiness in your cheeks makes you look fat.

If you are overweight then having excess fat in the cheeks in quite normal. But there are many who are slim otherwise, but have chubby cheeks.

Whatever be the condition, if you want to get rid of unwanted facial fat, you can do so by following a few of the workouts and best practices that we have discussed above.

He list includes intake of water to certain facial exercises to shifting to healthy food habits etc. These tips can not only just help you get rid of unwanted facial fat, but it’s very much effective in healthy weight loss. Of course, the facial exercises are directly meant for reducing the excess fat in your face.

It is all about making some healthy changes in your living because positive changes bring positivity in life.

 Also, contradictory to popular belief you must have seen that I have included proper sleep routine in my list of remedies. Well, this is because sleep is very important for healthy living which includes healthy weight loss as well. So, it is necessary that you maintain proper sleep routine.

And, yes, I would also request to do yoga and exercises regularly as that will keep you fit and will prevent unnecessary weight gain. Trust me, the better you are able to maintain yourself, the more confident and attractive you are going to look.

That’s it for this post and I hope you’ll try some of these hacks to get rid of unwanted facial fat. What else do you think one should to get rid of facial fast easily at home? Do you know of any special hack or workout or something that may help? Feel free to share by commenting below.

And finally, if you like reading these posts then please share these posts and help us spread the word. Until then, stay beautiful, stay safe.

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