13 Benefits of Drinking Water in Empty Stomach: Weight Loss to Detoxification

13 Benefits of Drinking Water in Empty Stomach: Weight Loss to Detoxification

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We all know how essential water is for our wellbeing. It serves a lot of purposes and keeps us healthy and strong. Our body constitutes around 70% water and it is very important for us to stay hydrated all the time. Water is that elixir of life that supplies nutrients to all parts of our body and takes care of all of our body organs. In short, it kind of takes care of our entire system and keeps us free of diseases and germs. But have you ever wondered why everyone including doctors recommends us to drink water in empty stomach? Because drinking water in empty stomach, early in the morning is highly beneficial. From boosting immunity to aiding in weight loss, body detoxification to boosting digestion, drinking a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning can be phenomenal for your overall health and well being.

Since childhood, I myself drank lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach, thanks to my mother who was always after me to make me drink a full glass of water, first thing in the morning. That time, I never realized its importance but once I grew up, I slowly figured out the various benefits of drinking water in empty stomach especially after waking up in the morning. I have done a lot of research on it and even my dietician friends recommend drinking water in empty stomach every morning. And hence today, I thought of writing a detailed post highlighting the health benefits of drinking water in empty stomach every morning. Now, I myself recommend others to drink lukewarm water in empty stomach every morning, for I know how it transforms the overall health of an individual. Wondering about the measure benefits? Read on the post to learn about top 13 surprising health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach.

If you are acquainted with the Japanese culture then you will find that almost in every household they practice this method of drinking water once they get up from sleep, early in the morning. In fact, in China, they strongly believe that it is their secret of having slimmer, fitter and beautiful bodies. Well, if you yourself want to know that why it is beneficial to drink water when your stomach is empty, then you may like to do a little experiment on yourself.

Try drinking a glass of water immediately after having your lunch or dinner. You’re surely going to feel the uneasiness and discomfort after drinking the water just after your meal, and you may not be able to drink a full glass of water for your stomach is already full. You will feel that your stomach is too full that it may give you kind of puckish feeling and make you dizzy.

When your stomach is full, you may not be able to drink enough of water, compared to how much you can drink when your stomach is empty. So, this is another reason why drinking water in empty stomach is recommended. However, there are certain specific health and beauty benefits as well, that I am going to talk about in today’s post.

So, are you ready to learn about the various health benefits of drinking water in empty stomach? I can hear you saying yes, so let’s dive in then.

Surprising benefits of drinking water in empty stomach

Whenever, there is a trend that is being followed by generations after generations, there is always a reason behind it and similarly, drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach also has proper scientific explanations behind it.

There are a number of studies that suggest why one should drink a glass of water (preferably, lukewarm water) in empty stomach every morning. It is beneficial for our health as well as good looks. Listed below are the most incredible and surprising benefits of drinking water in empty stomach.

It strengthens your immune system

You already know how important your immune system is for your general wellbeing as the stronger it is, the healthier you will be. Having a strong immune system will make your body fight germs and diseases easily and slowly your body will be immune to abrupt weather changes. Water has the ability to effectively balance the levels of various fluids in your body and throw out the harmful substances out of it and thereby strengthen your immunity.And, when your resistance power increases, you will stay active and healthy most of the time.

Having a strong immune system in fact, is the basis of leading a healthy life. If just by drinking a glass of water after waking up in the morning can do it, then it is more than worth it. So, it is recommended to drink a cup of water on an empty stomach every morning.

Drinking water detoxifies your body

Well, water is certainly the best detoxifier and that is definitely one of the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, more so in the morning. When at night, you are fast asleep; your body does all the cleaning work. So when you drink lukewarm water after waking up, it clears your system of all the harmful chemicals and toxins that your body has accumulated in the means of urine and excreta. Hence, if this process is repeated every day, then imagine how properly detoxified your body is going to be.

It will automatically improve the other body functions and will also eradicate body odor. So, please make it a point to drink water on an empty stomach every morning and see the results yourself.

Boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss

Well, the problem of obesity or being overweight has increased a lot and if left unchecked it not just affect your overall health but will eventually take a severe toll on your mental condition as well. So, it is better to try out every possible means of reducing that excess body fat. As per studies drinking water especially lukewarm water on an empty stomach everyday can help you do that. The main reason behind that is it kind of boosts your bodily metabolic activities which automatically help your body burn those excess calories.

Besides simply drinking lukewarm water in the morning, you can also mix little lemon juice in it. This will make you enjoy the benefits of lemon as well and hence double the good effects.

Improves digestion

If you suffer from a lot of digestive issues, then drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning can be the best thing to do. You already know how it benefits metabolic activities which in turn will boost your digestive system. You will not have any problem in digesting the foods you eat.

Dehydration is already the prominent cause behind several digestive troubles specially constipation. So, if you drink water early in the morning, it will give you the urge to get rid of your bowels. Proper hydrated body will lead to smooth elimination of your excreta and will relieve you of the problem of bloating all day long. Hence, it is certainly one of the best benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach after you get up from sleep.

Helps prevent migraine attacks

People who suffer from migraine knows how severe the pain gets at times, so if you are also a victim to such severe headache, maybe you should try out drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach every morning. Most headaches result from dehydrated body as per scientific research and so, if you drink water frequently especially when your stomach is empty, then you will be able to lessen the attacks to a good extent naturally and easily.

Drinking water also gives you a calming effect and makes you feel relaxed which will further help in getting rid of the headache.

Increases your appetite

Good news for mothers whose children complain of not getting hungry and often throw tantrums while eating because now you can use the trick of making them drink lukewarm water every morning and solve this problem. Well, yes, one of the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach is that it makes you hungry. That is quite natural because water improves your digestive system and also helps in clearing your bowels regularly, so you definitely will feel hungry more often.  And when you are hungry, chances of tantrum will automatically get reduced and you would prefer to eat whatever comes your way.

Do try it out if you want to feel hungry at the right time and get rid of bloating and other stomach related disorders.

Improves skin quality

Now, who does not dream of having a flawless complexion, while some are God-gifted with beautiful skin, others suffer from a lot of common skin problems like pimples, acne etc. If modern science is to be believed then, most of your skin problems start from an unhealthy stomach. So, the unhealthier you are internally, the more it is going to reflect on your skin. So, you should start drinking as much water as you can on a daily basis, and make sure you drink it on an empty stomach as it helps to keep your entire system clean.

Water relieves you off the digestive problems, leads to daily excretion of excreta and also flushes the harmful toxins from your system which automatically leaves a healthy glow on your skin. You can easily get rid of your dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, under eye circles etc. by drinking water on an empty stomach and studies are a proof of that.

Promotes healthy hair

Well, if you thing that drinking water only improves your skin quality, then you are wrong as it also has a direct positive influence on your hair as well. If your body is dehydrated, your hair will automatically lose the moisture and become dry and rough. You can easily get rid of these hair issues by drinking plenty of water. This will bring back the luster of your hair and make it shinier. Moreover, water transports the necessary nutrients to every part of your body including the scalp which in turn leads to healthy strong hair.

Boosts your energy level

One of the other benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach is to boost up your energy levels and remain active all through the day. Drinking water lubricates the muscles, joints and ligaments and makes you feel energized. It also stimulates the growth of the red blood cells that in turn leads to better supply of oxygen and energy.

Nevertheless, drinking water in good amounts is very much needed for people who are into sports or in any kind of physical activity as it improves the performance by replenishing the liquids which got lost during the physical training or activities.

Helps get rid of urinary tract infections

If you are not drinking enough water, then you are most likely to suffer from various urinary tract infections. Besides that, your urine is going to stink a lot. The main reason of this is that your body is starved off water and hence your kidney does not have enough fluids which actually lead to various infections like cystitis.

So, you must never let your body get dehydrated and for that, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, including on an empty stomach every morning. In fact, some studies have claimed it to be the most economical way of lessening the urinary tract infections.

Prevents kidney stones and bladder infections

Kidney stones mainly develop when your urine cannot hold the uric acid salts or the dissolved calcium for any long due to their high concentration. This eventually leads to these salts building up and causing crystals which may develop into stones.

Hence it is recommended that you drink lots of water as the more diluted your urine is, the lesser will be the chances of you getting affected by kidney stones. Also, because water has the potential to detoxify your system off the toxins, you will be protected from the toxins causing bladder infections as well.

Protects your colon

Drinking water on an empty stomach is beneficial for your colon as well. This is because with proper water consumption, your body is able to get rid of the sludge that gets accumulated which in turn, enables better absorption of the various nutrients by your body. Your colon also remains clean and healthy and you get healthier in general as well.

Regulates body temperature

Last but not the least, among all the various health benefits of drinking water in empty stomach, its potential to regulate your body temperature deserves a mention. Well, yes, water has the ability to regulate the internal temperature of the body in response to the outside temperature.

Sweating is the main mechanism for thermo regulation and through this process; water actually prevents overheating of your body when the outside temperature is too high. Calories and energy is released in the means of sweat thereby decreasing the inner temperature.

Now, too much sweating may lead to dehydration, so you must also increase your daily water intake so that there is no insufficiency of water in the body.

How to form the habit of drinking water in empty stomach?

Now, that you know the various benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach especially in the morning, you may not be able to bring it to practice easily. There are many who can’t drink water in empty stomach, they feel uneasy and for them forming this good habit is no easy task.

There are many who complain about being unable to drink water in empty stomach. But there is nothing to worry, as once you start drinking water in the morning, you will be able to form this good habit.

Listed below are some of the hacks and tips that will help you form the habit of drinking water on an empty stomach. Try following these hacks and you will be able to form this wonderful and highly beneficial habit easily.

  • It is generally preferable if you can drink four glasses of water (160 ml of water in each glass) as soon as you get up in the morning. However, since it is little difficult to drink four glasses from the very beginning, you can start with one glass of water and then slowly increase the quantity as per your capability.
  • When I say that you need to drink water right after getting out of bed, I literally mean it. Do not even brush your teeth or eat anything before that.
  • Instead of drinking plain water, you may also add little lemon juice in the lukewarm water and then drink it. Adding lemon will change the flavor of the water and it helps greatly in detoxification and weight loss.
  • Eat anything only after 45 minutes of drinking water in the morning. This actually gives time to your digestive system to absorb maximum benefits.
  • Aafter you have eaten your food, wait for at least half an hour before drinking water. This enables better absorption of the food and also helps your body get the maximum nutrients from the food as well as from water.
  • The quality of water is also a matter of concern. Never ever drink water without purifying it. Drinking unpurified water will lead to several health problems. So, you must be careful about it. This is also one of the reasons why it is preferable to boil the water before drinking. This process helps in getting rid of the germs and other impurities and helps you gain the actual benefits of drinking water.
  • Remember that while there are many benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, overconsumption may lead to negative impacts. It may result in overhydration of your body and put a lot of stress on your kidneys. So, make sure you drink it in good amounts but not in excess.

The bottomline

As per popular belief, you may survive without food for nearly 2 weeks but can’t survive even for 2 days without water. Water is life and it is impossible to stay without water even for few hours. Well, there lies the importance of water and you have already got a hint of some of the benefits of drinking water. But, today, I have specifically laid emphasis on the importance of drinking water in empty stomach. This is because it has got far more benefits than drinking water at other times.

You may also say that drinking water on an empty stomach actually magnifies the good effects of water in general. It literally serves all in all purpose starting from taking care of your health,giving your flawless skin, making your hair silky, smooth and strong to even relaxing your mood. You are surely not going to get any better and easier method to gain all these benefits than by simply drinking water. In fact, it is the most cost-effective method of staying healthy and youthful.

Water is necessary for the functioning of the entire internal organs and if all of them functions well, then you are most likely to stay fit and strong all the time. It is especially beneficial for people with hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis, constipation, heart problems, throat infections, kidney problems etc. All you need to do is to just follow some tips on how to drink water properly and reap the maximum benefits of drinking water.

I am sure by now you are already motivated enough to drink enough water every day. But, as I always say that balanced diet is also important to stay healthy. So besides drinking enough water, make sure to eat right. Also, exercise daily and regularly maintain meal and sleep timings. Try out means to get rid of stress and keep yourself happy, calm and relaxed. After all, when you are mentally happy, it reflects on your face as well as on your health.

So, are you ready to form this wonderful habit of drinking water in empty stomach every morning? Well, if not, then you must read the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach twice because it is the basic key to good health and happiness. Since everyone deserves to be happy, you must bring that discipline in your life and stay healthy.

Do you drink water on an empty stomach every morning? What are the major health benefits of drinking water in empty stomach that you have experienced? Feel free to share your experience by commenting below.

Apart from that, I would also like to help me with any particular health and beauty related topic that you want me to write on. And, please do like and share the post in case you found this post as valuable and interesting.

Until, then, stay happy, stay beautiful and do drink water in empty stomach.

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