16 Best Foods to Increase Memory Power and Brain

16 Best Foods to Increase Memory Power and Brain

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Our brain is the boss that controls the entire functioning of our body. It sends signals to all the parts and accordingly we act. So, proper functioning of our brain is highly essential for our entire system to perform in order. However, some of us are god gifted with very sharp memory while others have average and below average memory. Now, you must be thinking that the functioning of your brain is not under your control. To be more specific you may feel that having a sharp brain and memory is just a matter of luck. Well, that might be partially true but you know there is no alternative to determination and hard work. If you are not naturally gifted with a sharp brain, you can definitely try to give that perfect kick to your brain power. And, if you are wondering how, then let me tell you that there are certain brain health foods that actually help in improving cognitive functioning. In fact, today in this post, I am discussing about the 16 best foods to increase memory power and brain. I strongly feel that inclusion of these brain healthy foods can substantially boost your memory power and brain in a big way.

The fact is that functioning of your brain and how sharp your memory is, is not limited to genes. This is because you might be born with a sharp memory but it may lose its effectiveness with age and also due to several other factors. So, basically there may be cognitive decline at any point in your life. You may suffer from anxiety, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and various other problems due to malfunctioning of your brain.

And the best ways to avoid all these memory and brain related issues is to take precautions against it from the very beginning. You can easily do it by maintaining a healthy diet chart which includes the best foods to increase memory power and brain. They say what we eat is what we become. So what we are eating can directly impact the overall health including cognitive functions. If your brain gets its proper supply of nutrients, it will never fail to function. Instead, it will get boosted up all the more.

Memory is a vital part of our lifestyle. It not just controls our system but actually is necessary in our day to day activities. Be it studies, examinations, quiz, sports etc. proper logical thinking and concentration is very important. So, do not miss out to eat the best foods to increase memory power and brain as we discuss it right here in this post.

I will be discussing on the list of foods to increase memory power and brain functions, but before that let me brief you a bit about the factors that actually lead to cognitive decline. It is essential for you to know the factors in order to avoid memory deterioration.

Factors leading to cognitive decline

Optimal functioning of your brain is indeed a very important thing and you must take pains that your memory remains sharp and do not deteriorate with age and other internal and external factors. There can be several factors behind the decline in cognitive functioning. You must speculate on all the possible ways and prevent it as much as possible.

  • Age
  • Brain tumors
  • Genetic factors
  • Lack of proper nutritious diet
  • Various diseases
  • Infections
  • Excessive stress, anxiety and depression
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Some kind of head injury
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Certain medications

I hope you have noted down all the common causes behind cognitive decline. Now, let us explore the list of top foods to increase memory power and brain functions.

List of  best foods to increase memory power and brain

I keep telling that proper healthy diet is certainly the key to healthy living and it is also the solution to most of health issues and disorders, including cognitive functions. Whatever, you eat exerts a direct influence on your body and now, you can use this trick to boost your brain power as well.

Here’s the list of best foods to increase memory power and brain. Include these food items in your day-to-day diet and see the difference for yourself.

Avocados to increase memory power

You surely cannot miss out the avocados if you are determined in giving your memory and brain that perfect boost. The main reason behind it is the presence of the Vitamin K and folate that prevents the clotting of blood in the brains and lessens the risk of strokes. It is necessary for overall cognitive functioning especially for your memory and concentration. In fact, research has found that avocados actually increase the macular pigment density which is the biomarker of brain lutein which in turn helps in better cognitive functioning in older adults.

Moreover, avocados are rich in healthy monounsaturated fats that is very beneficial for your brain functioning. It keeps your blood pressure levels under control and does not let you feel stressed out or anxious.

The other nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin C and the proteins present are also very much needed by your body, so do eat avocados in good numbers. You may add them to various smoothies or try out other avocado recipes to get the maximum benefits in improving memory power and brain.

Drink coffee to increase memory power

Most of us have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning or in the evening. It kind of refreshes us and keeps us active. Now, if research is to be believed it is good for your memory power and brain as well. The caffeine present in coffee keeps your brain active and alert by blocking the chemical messenger named adenosine that make you sleepy. Besides, caffeine also boosts serotonin and other feel good neurotransmitters and helps in uplifting your mood.

Other studies have also concluded that drinking coffee can actually improve your performance and reduce the risk of several neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s etc. So, all in all, you must drink coffee regularly and give your memory the perfect boost that it requires, but measure the sugar intake for excess sugar consumption may lead other health complications.

Eat beets to increase memory power

Most of you are not a fan of eating beets but trust me, it has got a great deal to offer you, and it is certainly one of the best foods to increase memory power. It contains various natural nitrates that helps in better blood flow to your brain which automatically results in improved memory functioning. It is also the food that actually benefits in having better performance levels with increased energy levels and concentration power and studies are a proof to that.

Beets are also very favorable for soothing all kinds of inflammation which includes any kind of swelling in your brain as well. Besides, it frees your blood of the toxins and it can also prevent the occurrence of brain cancer and other types of cancer. So, include beets in your recipes as well as try out the highly beneficial beetroot juice to boost your memory power and cognitive functioning.

Blueberries to increase memory power

You should also include blueberries in your diet to increase memory power. I myself love eating blueberries and knowing its benefits in increasing memory and brain, I started loving it more. The most important reason behind its importance is the presence of the gallic acid in it, which is very much needed to prevent stress and any kind of degeneration to the brain.

The other nutrients like fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K etc. are also very helping in proper functioning of the brain.

Eat blueberries on its own or mix it in smoothies or pancakes to enjoy the taste as well as the health benefits in increasing memory power.

Eat broccoli to increase memory power

This is one of the most nutritious items among the green veggies and you must definitely eat it to increase memory power. Broccoli is loaded with chlorine and Vitamin K that are mainly instrumental in keeping your memory sharp. Several studies including the study published in “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” has confirmed the chloroform fraction from broccoli leaves to be beneficial against cognitive impairment.

Broccoli is also loaded with Vitamin C and fiber which also keeps your system healthy and strong. You can mix broccoli to any of your recipes or make soup out of it if you like. Broccoli is one of the best foods to increase memory power and brain functions.

Celery to increase memory power

Celery has a lot of health benefits with studies showing it to be a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. It can soothe inflammation and get rid of its symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain etc. The anti-inflammatory properties of celery extracts are hence beneficial in treating brain inflammations as well. Other studies have mentioned Chinese celery or leaf celery to be an essential brain food for Alzheimer free aging.

Celery is also one of the essential foods to lose weight in a healthy manner due to its low calories and presence of loads of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in it. But please, remember that when you eat celery stalks, make sure you do not miss out the leaves and the seeds as they are also highly nutritious.

Coconut oil is good to increase memory power

Coconut oil is actually multi talented as it not just is good for your hair and skin but it helps to increase memory power as well. Confused? Well, studies have shown it to be a great anti-inflammatory agent that helps suppress the cells (in brain) leading to the swelling. Research also says that coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that can be converted to ketones which are the alternative energy source in the brain that is beneficial to people with memory impairment as in Alzheimer disease. Besides all the above, coconut oil also fights the bad bacteria present in your gut and keeps you healthy.

Eat dark chocolate to increase memory power

Most of us are chocolate lovers and we love munching on chocolates all the time. Now, you got another reason to eat chocolates as it helps to sharpen your memory and cognitive functions. In fact, research has found out cocoa flavonoids to be highly beneficial for your brain. They also have the potential to relieve your stress and uplift your mood which is further beneficial for proper cognitive functioning.

However, eating chocolates blindly can actually harm you as most of the ones found in market are highly processed without any noticeable benefits. So, you must learn to choose which chocolate to eat so that you can enjoy the taste as well as the health benefits. Try to skip the milk chocolates and go for the dark ones. Always remember, the darker it is, the healthier it is for you.

Eat olive oil to increase memory power

I personally recommend others to use extra virgin olive oil while cooking as it is one of the healthiest forms of oil. Now, it is also considered to be a great brain food thanks to the presence of powerful antioxidants like polyphenols including EVOO. Studies have in fact, shown olive oil is not just beneficial in improving learning and memory but also in treating several age-related diseases.

Another study conducted in Monell Chemical Senses Center shows that extra virgin olive oil has the potential to fight ADDLs that are proteins which induce Alzheimer, and are highly toxic to the brain. So, do not forget to include extra virgin oil in your diet and allow your brain to function at optimal level. You may also eat cold and at room temperature instead of using it in cooking. How eat is kind of less important for what matters is olive oils is definitely among the best foods to increase memory power and one should use it often.

Green leafy vegetables to increase memory power

Needless to say that the green leafy vegetables have lot of health benefits with increasing your memory power being one of them. Research has found out that the consumption of leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce etc. can help you put a check on dementia. In this study, the mental ability of almost 950 older adults was evaluated on the basis of their food habits for the past 5 years. It was later concluded that those individuals who ate green vegetables on a daily basis experienced much less memory deterioration in comparison to those who ate less.

Green leafy veggies are rich in vitamins especially Vitamin A and K which helps to soothe inflammation related to brain or any other kind. They also help in keeping your bones strong and actually manages to keep you in good health most of the time. So, do not forget to include green veggies in your diet for it is among the best foods to increase memory power and brain functions.

Salmon to increase memory power

Omega 3 fatty acid is considered to be the best in boosting cognitive health and hence it finds the mention among the best foods to increase memory power and concentration. If you are a lover of seafood, then do not miss out eating salmon fish as it is one of the best foods to increase memory power. It is loaded with healthy omega 3 fatty acids that facilitates smooth running of your brain and also boosts your memory.

Eating salmon is also beneficial in reducing inattentiveness and improves concentration levels. The fatty acids also prevent brain cancer and brain tumors, which if left unchecked, may become life threatening.

Turmeric for increasing memory power

Over the ages, turmeric has helped us with lot of medicinal benefits thanks to the presence of curcumin which is very beneficial and is anti-inflammatory in nature. The findings from various studies have confirmed that curcumin has the ability to boost DHA in the brain that helps prevent cognitive decline and many other anxiety and brain disorders. Turmeric also boosts the levels of the antioxidants that keep your immune system strong and healthy. It, thus improves the oxygen supply keeping your brain well active all the time. So, considering all the health and beauty benefits of turmeric, do use this super spice in your cooking.

Walnuts to increase memory power

Many of us love munching on the walnuts because walnut is certainly beneficial especially when it comes to your brain and memory functions. Studies have already concluded the role of walnuts in maintaining brain health as we age. In fact, it is better that you make your kids eat walnuts on a regular basis as research has also shown it to be highly beneficial in improving learning and memory functions. Besides, it is also proved to be an essential food item that improves your mood, especially in males.

In short, the various nutrients like Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals together make it the perfectbrain food that we need to prevent Alzheimer and other brain disorders and hence you should add walnuts in your day to day dry fruit food list.

Egg yolks to increase memory power

Egg yolks derive a mention in the list of the best foods to increase memory power. This is because of the presence of choline that as per studies is very important for brain development. In fact, an adequate amount of egg yolk is recommended to pregnant mothers as that helps in proper fetal brain development. Moreover, it breaks the chemical bethane that uplifts your mood and makes you feel happy. So, eat eggs and enjoy both the taste as well as the health benefits. But remember that excess consumption of egg yolk may lead to other health complications, so eat moderately.

Bone broth to increase memory power

Eating bone broth is a very good option for you as it is definitely one of the best foods to increase memory power. It actually helps in strengthening your immune system which prevents the occurrence of brain damage as well as other diseases.

Inclusion of bone broth in your diet is a great way to overcome leaky gut, improve the health of your joint as well as overcome several food allergies. In other words, bone broth is one of the healthiest foods that not just help in better cognitive function but also in maintaining an overall good health.

Bone broth has high amounts of collagen that reduces intestinal inflammation. It also contains amino acids like glycine and proline which helps in sharpening your memory and improving immune system functioning.

Rosemary to increase memory power

Rosemary essential oil is highly beneficial but rosemary herb is no less. In fact, studies have shown that rosemary herb is very beneficial for your brain. The main reason behind it is the presence of carnosic acid in it that protects you from neurodegeneration by protecting you from the free radicals which causes mental deterioration, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and normal aging of the brain etc.

Rosemary is also highly anti-inflammatory in nature that not just is favorable for your brain but also facilitates good eyesight as well. So, make sure you are adding this in your food chart.


Healthy balanced diet is the primary thing that you must maintain to get a healthy system.Whatever you eat is vital as it enters your system and directly affects it, be it in a positive manner or in a negative manner. That is why all of us are recommended to get rid of unhealthy stuffs and instead eat healthy and nutritious foods which are good for health.

However, different foods have different nutrients in them and so you must know what food to eat to get rid of a specific health issue. In today’s post we have discussed about how to sharpen your memory and I have also made a list of best essentials foods to increase memory power and brain function. You may like to include these foods in your day to day diet to get maximum benefits in improving your overall health and cognitive functions.

I have also briefly talked about the factors that cause cognitive decline. While most of them are out of our control, some of the factors like lack of proper sleep, excessive alcohol consumption lies in our hands. So you must try to bring discipline in your life and get things right early on.

As far as stress, anxiety and depression is concerned, please try to overcome it with meditation and other relaxation techniques like light exercise, yoga etc. You should also talk with happy positive souls so that you get that positive vibe from them and remain happy and positive.

If you are pissed of living in one place for long, try to take out time for a small holiday or visit the house of your loved ones. Try to remain happy, the happier you are the healthier will be your brain.

Moreover, I personally request you to involve your kids in activities or games that involve concentration and mental activities as these activities certainly help the brain to work out and remain active. In fact, not just the kids, the elders should also involve in such activities. I myself try it out and trust me; it helps me in building more concentration power and automatically improves my cognitive functions.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and found it beneficial in improving memory. Which other foods do you think one should eat to improve memory power and brain? Do share me your valuable feedback and suggestions by adding comments below.

Until then, stay happy, stay healthy and try some of these foods to improve memory power and brain.

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