Step by Step Hair Wash Tips to Get Beautiful & Healthy Hair Easily

Step by Step Hair Wash Tips to Get Beautiful & Healthy Hair Easily

Last updated on May 12th, 2020 at 08:43 am

Hair is certainly one of the most important aspects of beauty and a girl with long healthy gorgeous hair definitely catches everyone’s attention. In fact, if you have gorgeous hair locks, then you may go for various natural styling of your hair which can automatically give your face a new glamourous look every day. Having beautiful voluminous hair will give you the option to experiment with various hair styles and look at your best. But, sadly due to the excess pollution, complicated health problems, our hair tends to lose the volume and the shine that it once had. And, not to forget the problem of excessive hair fall that is the most common of all the hair issues. But did you know that a lot of these hair issues can be sorted out just by knowing how to wash and take care of your hair? Well, you heard that right. Hair wash is an integral part of proper hair care and today in this post I am going to share the best hair wash tips that will help you to get beautiful and healthy hair easily at home.

While a wide majority of men experience hair fall and other hair related issues including baldness, women today are also experiencing fast thinning of the hair. Besides, the natural environmental and health causes behind the hair problems, lack of proper hair care routine are also an important factor behind many hair issues. Most of us are so busy with our hectic lifestyle that we hardly take care of our hair or even if we care, we unknowingly use the wrong hair wash techniques which eventually damage our hair instead of improving its conditions.

So, now if you want to rectify your hair wash mistakes and learn to take care of your hair properly, then you must be first acquainted with the best hair wash tips and techniques as that form the basics of getting beautiful and gorgeous hair.

I myself love my long hair and take efforts to maintain it and I have learned these tips and techniques from years of experiences and learning from various sources, including famous beauticians. And today I am happy to share these hair wash tips and techniques that’ll help you to get beautiful and healthy hair easily. And if you are having hair issues and wondering about how to wash and take care of your hair properly, then read on this post, for I am sharing all the secret hair wash tips and techniques with you, right here in this post.

In today’s fashion-conscious world, we often exert a lot of torture on our hair, both intentionally and unintentionally to look glamorous and beautiful. Be it straightening our hair, curling it, to coloring it, we often tend to take the short cut routes to hair care and ignore the more natural and safer methods. But did you know that if your hair does not get the proper nutrients or the basic care that it needs, no matter how much commercial products you use, the results will always be disappointing. Therefore, in order to give your hair the proper nutrition and care that it deserves eat healthy nutritious diet and follow proper hair care routine. To help you keep your hair clean and healthy, I am sharing the list of best hair wash tips below that will help you get it right.

Hair is something which is very dear to each one of us and so I am sure most of you are ready to know about the essential hair wash tips and techniques to get and maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Hence, without wasting much time, let us explore these tips and techniques.

Best hair wash tips at home to get beautiful and healthy hair

If you want to get beautiful and healthy hair, then you have to work on its maintenance and care. And, since the basic hair care tips is to keep your hair clean and soft, your haircare routine must actually involve a proper technique to wash your hair.

Most often, we wash our hair at home using various types of shampoo and apply conditioner etc. But how we prepare our hair before wash, how we actually wash our hair and what we apply post hair wash, all these can have either positive or negative impact. Knowing the right hair wash techniques is essentially the most important thing and if you are not sure about how to get it right, then read on this post for I am going to reveal everything worth knowing about proper hair wash and hair care in this post.

Listed below are the most effective hair wash tips that’ll help you get beautiful and healthy hair easily at home.

Prepare your hair for a wash at home

Planning to wash your hair, you should prepare your hair and make it ready for the wash. Just like you need nutritious foods to remain healthy; your hair needs proper oiling to remain healthy, soft and smooth. And how do you prepare your hair for a wash? Oil your hair the day you are planning to wash it. Apply the nourishing oil and massage your scalp with it 2-3 hours before you shampoo. In the meantime, the oil will penetrate deep inside and nourish the hair roots.

Most of the shampoos contain harsh chemicals which excessively dry your hair, but if you have applied oil before shampooing, your hair will not turn too dry and neither will it remain too oily. So, it will basically be smooth, silky and soft. For the best results, you can use coconut oil.

Brush your hair before washing

Brushing your hair before you go to take a shower is a quite an interesting phenomenon and I personally follow this technique. Brushing your hair before shower actually leads to better circulation of blood in your scalp, reduces the loss of hair and prevents the clogging of the pores.

It is also the best way to avoid split ends that in turn makes your hair look unhealthy and lifeless.

Soak your hair properly in water

Before you start shampooing your hair, it is very important that you rinse the hair locks gently with water for about a minute or two. This is recommended because it makes the hair soft and also opens the pores of your scalp. During this time, use lukewarm water for best results.

Strictly avoid too hot water as using too hot water can easily dry up your hair and I am sure you don’t want that to happen. So rinse and soak your hair in normal or a little lukewarm water for a couple of minutes.

Dilute the shampoo before using

Well, as I just said that most of the shampoos contain chemicals that may be harmful to your hair, it is always recommended to dilute the shampoo before using it. In fact the more the fragrances of the shampoo, the more the possibility of it containing chemicals, so choose your shampoo carefully.

To avoid the harshness of the shampoo, and to lessen the harmful effects, try diluting the shampoo with water before applying. This will lower the concentration of the shampoo applied on the scalp and hair and lessen the effects of chemicals. Moreover, your shampoo bottle will also last for many more days.

Rinse the shampoo softly

While applying shampoo, try not to be too harsh on your hair, instead simply rinse the shampoo from the roots to the end gently with your hands. This is one of the best techniques of hair wash as it makes you hair tangle less and also reduces hair fall during hair wash.

However, if your hair is too dirty and you want to get rid ofthe dirty, then you may gently scrub your scalpin small circles using your fingertips. You may also massage your scalp gently from front to back and vice versa and repeat it for few minutes.Thishelps in stimulating and exfoliating your scalp.

Apply conditioner

After you are done with shampooing, it is time to condition your hair using a mild hair conditioner. The right way to apply a conditioner is to apply it on your hair, not scalp, and so avoid applying conditioner on the scalp as much as possible.

You may use a comb to apply the conditioner as it leads to even application all over your hair, but be gentle and avoid tearing of your hair. Keep it for 3-4 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. Be careful that there is no residue left behind as that may harm your hair and make your scalp sticky and hair dull.

Use cold water for hair wash

Initially, I told you to soak your hair in lukewarm water but in the final step it is preferable that you go for cold or normal water as it is one of the best hair wash tips for beautiful and healthy hair. By the final step, I mean when you are washing off the shampoo or the conditioner from your hair.

The main reason behind using cold water for hair wash is that cold water actually helps to close the cuticles, which in turn helps to lock the moisture inside each strand. This keeps the hair soft and nourished for longer period of time.

Don’t rub your hair harshly

We often end up being harsh on our hair, especially when we are in a hurry, but that’s not a good practice. Always be gentle on your hair. After you have shampooed your hair, it will better if you can towel dry your hair. Simply squeeze the excess water using a towel or simply wrap it around your head for the water to get soaked. This also falls under the best hair wash tips for beautiful and healthy hair that each one us must follow.

Finish by detangling your hair

If you have got long hair, then your hair is most likely to get tangled very easily so proper detangling of your hair is necessary and it definitely forms a part of the best hair wash tips and techniques. If you take my suggestion, it is better that you comb and detangle your hair before shampooing your hair. This is because wet hair is weak and fragile, so when you try to detangle it, it tears more. So, it is better to do it before when your hair is dry.

Although it is advisable that you do not comb wet hair, but if you are in a hurry and have got no other option then try detangling gently with fingers first. As far as the combing goes always use a wide toothed comb to avoid too much of hair breakage.

Why washing your hair properly is so important?

Ever wondered why washing your hair is so important? Well, proper washing of the hair is very important in order to keep it clean and healthy. Listed below are a few of the most common reasons to go for the hair wash.

To get rid of the sweat– During very humid weather or when you work out, your scalp sweats a lot and the sweat which gets accumulated in the scalp if left unwashed for long can actually harm your hair. Sweat contains lactic acid that results in too much loss of hair. It also contains a sex hormone DHT that leads to calcification in the scalp and prevents the blood flow in your hair follicles. So, you must get rid of the sweat by washing your hair properly and in frequent intervals.

Natural alternative to artificial hair cosmetics– Today’s generation in most cases love styling their hair and they mostly use artificialcosmeticsand hair gels to make their hair look shinier and bouncier. While such gels and other hair cosmetics may give temporary instant benefits, it is never healthy for your hair. These generally seeps deep inside the scalp and block the skin pores which in turn harms your hair. So, to stop using these artificial products, you have to think of natural ways in making your hair look healthy and beautiful and for naturally beautiful here, you need to implement the best hair wash tips.

To reduce extreme greasiness– Many individuals suffer from excessively greasy scalp due to the excess secretion of the sebum or the natural oil secreted by your skin. While this is in a way good for your scalp to remain moisturized, excess of it can make your hair very sticky and dull. For that, it is essential that you wash your hair properly.

How often should you wash your hair to keep it clean and healthy?

Now, that you know how important washing your hair is, let me tell you that you actually must wash your hair every day. It will then keep your hair clean and help you wash off the accumulated diet on a regular basis. It will help you get rid of the excessively oil and keep your hair bouncy. But, by washing the hair every day, I did not mean that you have to shampoo or use conditioner on a daily basis.

In fact, using too much shampoo and conditioner is not good for your hair. Most of the shampoo contains chemicals which may harm your hair and rob your scalp off the natural oils and leave the hair follicles excessively dry and lifeless. So, you must shampoo and condition your hair 2-3 times weekly but wash your hair with water on a daily basis.

Dos and don’ts for hair wash and hair care

I hope that you have by now noted down the best hair wash tips for beautiful and heathy hair. Follow these tips and hacks to easily maintain your hair. However, besides using these hair wash tips, you must also try to avoid committing the common hair care mistakes. It will then further help you get healthy and beautiful hair. Here are the dos and don’ts for hair wash and hair care

  • Don’t use different shampoos at the same time – I understand that there are several shampoos in the market and you may get tempted to use most of them. In fact, I have seen some using two different shampoos alternatively. While you may like the shampoo, your hair may not like it and may get excessively harmed by the chemical ingredients in them. So, as a part of proper hair care routine, it is recommended that you stick to one particular shampoo that perfectly suits your hair type.
  • Don’t take hot showers– I have already once mentioned that you must avoid taking hot showers but unfortunately it is one of the most commonly committed mistakes by us. Well, in the winters taking hot showers may seem soothing but too much hot water must be avoided. You may go for lukewarm water in winters and for the rest of the time, better wash your hair with cold or normal water.
  • Don’t skip the conditioning – Many of us skip the conditioning part and only shampooour hair but this is wrong as your hair requires proper conditioning to stay healthy and strong. Therefore, every time you shampoo your hair, do not forget to complete it with proper conditioner. This will add shine to the locks and keep your hair bouncy.
  • Do identify your hair type– Just like skin; there are various types of hair. Some has very dry hair while others suffer from oily hair and scalp. Now, the basic hair wash tips for beautiful and healthy hair is going to be same for all, but as far as the natural home remedies are concerned, you must use it as per your hair type. I have already published a detailed post on how to look after oily hair and scalp and the other one on dry frizzy hair that you may like check.
  • Climate plays an important role in hair care– One of the other common mistakes that people do is they all use the same kind of hair care methods in all the climate types. Well, this is wrong as your hair reacts differently to climate change just like your skin, so the care must also be taken accordingly. For example, monsoon is known to cause hair to fall more and so you must take care of your hair more during that time. Here’s a detailed post on how to take care of your hair in monsoon season.
  • Avoid the various hair styling methods– If you want to keep your hair naturally beautiful, please avoid the artificial hair stylizing techniques like straightening, coloring, curling etc. as these damages your hair excessively. I cannot call it a mistake but it definitely harms your hair and hence it is best avoided. It is always better to keep your haircare and hair styling methods natural.
  • Avoid eating too much of unhealthy foods – This may not fall under hair care mistakes but eating junk oily food is a mistake which not just take a bad influence on your health but also on your beauty. It may affect your skin as well as your hair a lot. So, try to avoid it.


I personally believe that even a little styling of the hair can actually bring a lot of change to the face and to your personality as a whole as well. So, imagine how gorgeous you are going to look if you have naturally beautiful voluminous hair. But, as you know, most of the rewards do not come for free. Even though, you are gifted with natural gorgeous locks, you have to try hard to maintain it. Several environmental, physiological and behavioral factors affect our hair on a day to day basis and so it is our duty to protect our hair as much as we can.

In today’s article, I have talked about in details regarding the best hair wash tips for beautiful and healthy hair as washing your hair properly is the basics of haircare. Sometimes, we unintentionally cause a lot of damage to the hair when washing it, which ultimately leads to huge hair loss or damage to the hair quality. But, if we know and use the right tricks of washing it, then we will be able to get gorgeous locks easily.

It is always preferable to opt for the natural ways to get strong, voluminous hair. This is because the moment you use any commercial product, your hair will be exposed to all those chemicals in it. While such market products may satisfy you with immediately effects, they are actually temporary and have got major long term negative impacts. So, they are best avoided and in place, you can always use natural home remedies. These methods are not just pocket friendly but also have permanent benefits. You only have to use them in the right place and in the right way as per your hair type and seasonal change. Trust me, I use these natural ingredients and I have been benefitted myself.

Washing your hair is very much necessary and it must be done on a regular basis more so if you have to go out of your home every day. It is important to get rid of the dirt and the grease and keep your scalp clean for stronger hair roots. But, washing on a daily basis does not include usage of shampoo and so shampooing must be done twice and thrice weekly for best results. Other than all these, try to get rid of your stress and keep yourself happy as much as possible. Also, maintain a balanced diet and disciplined lifestyle to gain maximum benefits.

Are you tired of your poor-quality hair? Are you wondering why your hair is not good even though you take a lot of care? Well, then think again because may be then you are not opting for the right hair care techniques. Just check out my recommended list of best hair wash tips for beautiful and healthy hair and reap the benefits out of it. There are many who have benefitted following these steps diligently and I hope that you become one of them.

Do share your feedbacks after using these. Also, I am open to suggestions so you can advise something by writing in the comments sections. And, if you found my post useful, please do, like, comment and share with others.

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