How to Increase Height After 18 with Exercise and Foods

How to Increase Height Even After 18 with Exercise and Foods

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Looks have become an important factor nowadays and height definitely plays an important role in shaping up your overall personality. If you have a good height, it kinds of adds to your personality and make you stand among the rest which in turn helps you to feel more confident. Having a good height is mandatory if you want to join the glamour industry of modeling, acting, and cabin crew etc. Also, if you are into sports like badminton or football or basketball, having good height can actually give you an edge over others. However, even if you do not consider these occupations for yourself, everyone desires to be tall, if not too tall but at least have a decent height.  Generally, you get a fair idea of your height by the time you reach 18 years but trust me if you try a bit, then you can actually increase your height even after 18. Surprised? Well, yes there are solutions to that and that’s what I am going to discuss in this post. Today I am going to talk about how to increase height even after 18 with right set of exercise and foods. Eating properly balanced meal followed by regular growth stimulating exercise can help you increase your height by a few inches. If you want to increase your height and wondering what to do and how to go about it, then here’s the post you can’t afford to miss.

Genetics plays a very important role in height and many are genetically blessed with a good height. But, that does not mean that if you are short, you have to give up on your dreams. Instead of wearing too high heels which can hurt you at times, you can make genuine efforts to increase your height naturally.

There are some exercises which help stretch your body and improve your height. In addition, there are also certain healthy foods including them in your diet can also help you to increase your height. So, if you are serious about increasing your height a bit, then you should try some of these exercises and the foods that I am going to discuss in this post. I firmly believe that these are the most efficient and amazing ways to increase height even after 18.

I am sure that you guys are quite excited to know about how to increase height naturally through stretching and right diet. So without wasting much time, let us start the discussion on the amazing ways to increase height even after 18.

How to increase height after 18

with exercise and diet

There can be no double thoughts that the descent height adds to the overall personality of the individual and it bestows the individual with lots of advantages. On the other hand, people who are short sometimes feel inferior and often have to face bullying by the privileged ones. But, that must not make you upset. First of all, height is not everything that you have to feel completely lost and dejected all the time. And secondly, you can actually increase few inches with hard work. So, there is definitely a ray of hope if you diligently work hard towards increasing your height.

Here are some of the most amazing ways to increase height even after 18 that you must try, if you are concerned about your height and want to increase it:

Eat balanced nutritious diet

Eating properly balanced nutritious diet can certainly help you increase your height. Most of us believe that our height becomes stagnant after 18. But if you give your body the right kind of nutrients it require for growth, then that will act as a perfect fuel to stimulate the secretion of growth hormones. So, naturally if you eat adequate amounts of proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, calcium and other nutrients, it will show improvements on your height. Obviously, you may not suddenly become much tall but at least you will be able to increase by a few inches.

So, if you are really determined to increase your height, then maintain a proper disciplined diet. You may consult a physician or a good dietician and take help from them to get a proper height increasing foot chart. Moreover, I will be sharing you a list of foods (in the latter half of this article) that is considered to be good at increasing height. You must include those items in adequate amounts to get good results.

Exercise regularly

There is no alternative to hard work and there is no alternative to exercises as well. Doing regular exercise is definitely one of the most efficient ways to increase height even after 18. Most of us feel lazy to do exercise but if you want to increase your height and stay fit, then you must get rid of your lazy nature and start exercising on a regular basis. The main reason behind that is with proper exercise, you will be able to stimulate your nerve ends which are associated with your pituitary gland that in turn will secrete more HGH and will help in increasing few inches.

You can do any kind of physical exerciseor workout that involves you to jump, run, stretch, hang or do any kind of aerobics. These will not just make you tall but will also make your bones strong. And, you will never grow fat as well.

Sleep well

Proper sleep is also very important to increase height. You must be thinking that how come sleeping help in increasing the height? But trust me it does. You being over 18 must sleep around 7-8 hours and that must be without any kind of hindrance. This is because it is the time when your pituitary gland is most active and by now, you must have already got an idea how much it is important for increasing height. In fact, several reports have also confirmed the growth hormone secretion during sleep.

However, to have increased results, you must also get your sleeping posture right as it also contributes to increase in height. It is best to lay down on your back without using the pillows. Then make sure you have elevated your knees by placing a small pillow underneath them. This posture is so important, as it is the posture where your spine is perfectlystraight and natural and keeping your spine straight actually stretches the discs in your back, which in turn improves height and lessens back pain and injuries.

Avoid growth inhibitors

See, if you are really dedicated in increasing your height then you must get rid of the growth inhibitors at any cost and by that, I mean smoking and drinking alcohol as this is one of the most amazing ways to increase height. Regular consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited as excessive alcohol damages your liver and disrupts the natural functioning of your body. And, if there is problem in natural functioning of body then that will adversely affect all the bodily functions including the height increasing procedure.

Smoking on the other hand is also very injurious to health and beauty and can also inhibit your height growth. The main reason behind it is that too much smoking increases the levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream which in turn restricts the flow of blood and other vital nutrients to various body parts that are still on the process of growth. In addition, smoking also causes reduction in the levels of testosterone which is the hormone that is instrumental in the growth of muscles and bones. So, basically all of these together is not much favorable for your height.

Practice appropriate posture

Maintaining proper posture is very important and you must be very careful when you are sitting or standing. It is very important that you stay erect. If you are always in a slouched posture, then you will automatically look short and unimpressive. So, please maintain an upright posture with your shoulders back and a slight curve in your lower spine. To be more specific your chin should be parallel to the ground, shoulders back and your spine having a slight natural bend at the back.

Regular stretching

It is necessary that you dedicate your 15 minutes to proper stretching on a regular basis if you really want to increase height even after 18. Stretching is a great way to relieve the stress and tension on your lower back and make your spine stretch to its maximum length. You can practice several yoga exercises for example Surya Namaskar that stretch your body parts efficiently. And, if you are able to do stretching every day properly, then it will definitely help you increase your height by few inches.

Hanging exercises

Talking about exercises that increase your height, you can definitely go for hanging exercises as it is definitely one of the most effective ways to increase height even after 18. When you are sleeping, your spine is fully stretched but during the day, when you are standing, it kind of compresses and you automatically look shorter than your actual height. In other words, this actually means there is a decrease in height during the day.

But with proper exercises, you can easily extend the time limit you stay at your full height. This can easily be supplemented by focusing on the exercises on lower back like bent-over rows and deadlifts. Hanging exercises make your lower back strong and add muscle. Certainly, you will be gifted with good posture and increase in the muscle mass in between your vertebrae.

Regular skipping

Since exercises are the best way to naturally increase your height, I prefer skipping. This is a very good option for you and it is certainly one of the most beneficial ways to increase height even after 18. Skipping stretches your body and automatically helps you to grow and stay fit. It will also perfectly balance your body weight and keep you slim in a very healthy manner.


If you love water, then you must not omit swimming from your daily activity list and if you have water phobia, then it is better you try to overcome it and start swimming as it is a great way to increase your height even after 18.

Swimming is another exercise that stretches your body and makes your lower back, spinal cord and your muscles very strong. It also kinds of stimulates the bodily functions that is very important for proper body growth. And, to add on to it, swimming will also help you stay in shape and the slimmer and fitter you remain, the more elongated and tall you will look. So, do make swimming your daily activity and get the desired height even after 18.


Cycling is extremely good for you and so if you want to increase your height, try it out as it involves the utilizations of all muscle groups especially your legs and hands. It also leads to proper stretching and toning of your muscles which stimulates growth in your body. Besides, cycling also improves the coordination and balance in your body.

After few months of riding in common bicycle you may try out riding on the one with raised saddle as it lengthens the muscles in your leg to reach the paddle which automatically will make your taller.

Exposure to the sunlight

Now, you must be worried that why am I asking you to go out in the sun and that it can affect your skin and all. Well, I understand that scorching sunlight is not that good but you can easily go out when the sun is not at its best and let yourself exposed to the natural Vitamin D.

Apart from eating vitamin containing foods, your body has to get exposed to the natural sunlight so that the Vitamin D in it can help your body easily absorb the very useful calcium inside your bones. Calcium is very useful for having overall strong bones and having good length and so you have to go out in the sun. You may take a brisk walk or run as per your wish.

Play outdoor games

Lack of any kind of physical activity can actually stunt your growth and make you fat, so you must always find interesting ways to stay active all the time. And, what can be more interesting in teenage or early 20’s than outdoor games. It is very important for you to get involved in such games like football, cricket, badminton etc. as per your wish. This will not just make your stay fit but will also help you increase your height.

Best foods that may help increase height after 18

Well, by this time, you have already understood the importance of proper nutritious diet for each and every aspect of life. And now, since our cause of concern is how to increase height even after 18, let me share you a list of food items that are extremely nutritious and useful to increase your height. If you include these in adequate amounts, as well as continue with the other amazing ways to increase height even after 18, then there is every possibility for you to succeed.

Milk– It is very essential for you to drink milk on a daily basis due to the presence of calcium, protein and vitamins in it that is very good for increasing height.

Dairy products– Besides having milk, it is important that you include the other dairy based products like cheese, yogurt etc. in adequate amounts. The various vitamins A, B, D, E along with calcium will help you immensely. However, if you are allergenic to milk and other dairy products then avoid them.

Fruits and vegetables– Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy and they serve most of our purposes including helping us increase our height. The vitamins, fiber, potassium and folates are extremely needed by your body to increase the height. So, do not forget to include carrots, spinach, broccoli, mango, sweet potato, papaya, apricots, watermelon and other citrus foods in your diet chart.

Grains– Grains are the efficient supplier of energy and inclusion of these in your diet is a must. They contain lots of calories and nutrients like vitamins, fiber, magnesium, iron and selenium that are very much needed in the growing years. So, eat brown rice, whole wheat, etc. in good amounts.

Oatmeal– As far as important foods are concerned to increase your height, it is necessary that you include oatmeal in your diet. This is because it is a great source of plant protein that helps to reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

Eggs– Eggs are the favorite of most of us and it is not just tasty but also helps to increase the height. The presence of Vitamin B12 and proteins is mainly instrumental in increasing height.

Chicken– Chicken is another food item that is quite popular among the younger generation. They love to try various dishes of chicken. Well, that is good as chicken is good for your height. It is rich in protein that helps in the development of tissues and muscles.

SoybeansSoybeans is another good option for you to try. It contains protein in its purest form that helps the tissues and bones to develop.

Fish– Many children or teenagers do not like fish but to increase height, fishes like tuna, salmon are very essential. They contain proteins and Vitamin D that are very much needed for proper growth.

Beef– Occasional eating of beef is also good for your height as the rich amount of protein in it is useful. However, avoid eating it in large amounts as it may affect your cholesterol levels.

Over to you

In terms of beauty, height is definitely an important factor and if you do not have it then you can definitely work on it to gain a few inches. See, no one in this world is perfect, and each individual has some sort of drawback and so if in your case you are short and that constantly worries you, then we have already discussed about various ways to increase height. Try some of these exercise and include those foods and you should be able to increase your height.

I have talked in details about 12 measures which are extremely helpful in increasing height. Most of them that I suggested are the list of various exercises or activities that involve your body to stretch properly as that generally helps you to grow tall.

Exercise is always very good and there are specific exercises like hanging exercises, stretching, Surya Namaskar and others that are especially meant for increasing height. You may consult a good yoga instructor to learn those exercise and practices for maximum benefits. Besides all these, make sure you do skipping, swimming, cycling etc. as these are also highly needed by your body to grow by few inches.

Balanced diet is probably the most significant of all the ways to increase height even after 18. So, you must be especially careful of what you eat. Your body needs good amount of vitamins, proteins, calcium, fiber etc. to grow and for that eating healthy foods and avoiding the unhealthy ones is a must. I have mentioned a list of essential food items that help you increase height. You can easily follow that chart and maintain a balanced diet. Also, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption at any cost. These are neither favorable for your height nor for your general health and wellbeing.

Are you a person of short stature? Are you worried that you are already 18 and that you are not tall? Well. Do not be disheartened as you can always work hard on your weakness and in this case my suggested list of amazing ways to increase height even after 18 will definitely be of great help. Check them out and start implementing them immediately to increase your height naturally. Do share your feedbacks after that. I am open to suggestions as well so in case you know any other way to increase height, please do share with us.

Until then, stay healthy, stay confident and never hesitate to chase your dreams.

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