Natural Sunburn Remedies to Treat Sunburn at Home

Natural sunburn remedies to treat sunburn easily at home

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Severe sunburn can be problematic and extremely dangerous for your skin. It can lead to redness, blisters, peeling of skin accompanied by pain. It also leads to excessive loss of fluids and makes your system (and skin) dehydrated. Thankfully the common sunburn can be treated easily and naturally at home. All you need to treat sunburn is to re-hydrate and cool your skin properly and it will cure naturally without any medicine. The quicker you are able to treat your skin with natural sunburn remedies, the faster you’ll be able to treat it. And if you are suffering from sunburn and wondering about natural remedies for sunburn then continue reading this post. As, today in this post, I am sharing a few of the most effective sun burn remedies that’ll help you to treat sunburn naturally and easily at home.

Summer is already going in full swing and many places in our planet are facing the wrath and heat of the sun. It can’t be denied that sun is very important for our survival and without it, our Earth would be lifeless. But extreme sun heat can cause sunburn and it can be extremely damaging for your skin.

The scorching sun rays not just increases the chance of heat stroke, but it may also be very harmful for our skin. When it comes to the impacts of the sun rays on our skin, most of us worry about getting tanned.

But in reality, sun tan is actually the minimum damage that it can cause to you. This is because prolonged exposure to the harsh UV rays may lead to serious consequences like severe sunburn and also, at times, skin cancer.

While prevention is the key, many a times, it is hard to avoid going out in the sun. And, carrying an umbrella is also not possible all the time, especially when you are working outside and need to keep your two hands free.

But you should never forget to apply sunscreen lotion and wear big hat and full sleeve dresses to minimize the damage caused on the skin by the harmful rays of the sun.

However, despite all of these, if your skin gets sunburned, then also do not worry too much as panicking will not improve your situation and will in fact, worsen it. Instead, think about the natural ingredients and remedies which if used properly can give you fast relief from the sunburn.

So are you ready to explore the best sunburn remedies that can help you treat sunburn fast and easily at home?

I heard you saying yes, so let’s dive in.

Best sunburn remedies to treat sunburn fast and easily

Nature has provided us with many ingredients that have natural healing properties. And, many of them are really very effective in treating different skin conditions including sunburn.

When it comes to getting relief from the pain and the burning sensation caused due to the sunburn, you can safely rely on time tested natural sunburn remedies. These ingredients and remedies are very cost effective, safe and most of the time they are readily available in your home. So you need not run here and there to treat the sunburn.

Here’re the 8 best natural remedies to treat sunburn fast and easily at home.

Cold water remedy for sunburn

Using cold water is one of the easiest and the simplest home remedies to treat sunburn easily and hence I would definitely recommend it to you. Sunburn is mainly the inflammation of your skin and once you are able to cool down the infected parts of your skin, you will be able to get quick relief from sunburn.

When you are outside and have become sunburn, you can just hop into the water whether it is the lake, pond or the stream. However, if you are not comfortable with that, just take a long cold shower or soak in the cold water in your bathtub to get instant relief.

However, I will not advise you to directly apply ice on affected skin. It is because in many cases, it irritates the skin more. Also, please stay away from swimming pool unless you are fully cured. This is to avoid contact of your skin with the chlorine present in the pool water, which may cause more damage to your already sensitive and sun burnt skin.

Aloe Vera remedy to treat sunburn

Aloe Vera has many skin benefits and treating sunburn is definitely one of them. Aloe contains glycoproteins that accelerate the healing process and stops any kind of inflammation and pain. It also contains many other compounds that keeps your skin moisturized and also ensures quick repairing of the skin. It also soothes the irritation and the itching on your skin caused due to the sunburn.

In fact, studies have shown that Aloe Vera has the potential to treat burns. So, trust me, Aloe Vera is the best soothing and cooling agent for your sun burnt skin, and you may like to use it to get some fast relief from the severe sunburn pain.

Apple cider vinegar for sunburn

You may be surprised to hear this, but apple cider vinegar is actually a great option to try in order to treat sunburn easily. There are many reasons to recommend ACV for sunburn.

Firstly, apple cider vinegar (ACV) contains malic acid which is nothing but an AHA that accelerates the circulation in the affected portion which in turn, heals the burn quickly.

Secondly, ACV is very helpful in maintaining the pH level of the skin which is beneficial in reducing the peeling and the blisters fast.

Thirdly, apple cider vinegar is the perfect antimicrobial and antiseptic which will also prevent the occurrence of any kind of infection in the already burnt skin. You can hence call it a complete cure for sun burnt skin.

To get the maximum benefits, all you need to do is to grab a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar, and pour a few drops of it in a container. Dilute it well with water. Then using a washcloth or cotton swab, apply the solution at the affected skin area.

Alternatively, you may also add some apple cider vinegar in your bath water and soak your body to get the relief. I am sure you will see the improvements in the condition of sunburn just after a few applications.

Oats for sunburn

Oats not just make a good meal, but it is also very effective in treating sunburn. The primary reason behind its effectiveness is due to the presence of the avenanthramides in it that is really very good in reducing any kind of inflammation and swelling in skin.

In addition, there are also other compounds like phylic acid and Vitamin E that further benefit in healing the skin quickly. All of these together make oatmeal a great anti-inflammatory and soothing agent which you can use to treat your sun burnt skin. Also, it will help you get relief from the itching that you experience after sunburn.

All you need to do is to add some in your warm bath water (not hot) and then soak your affected skin inside it to get the relief.

Milk for sunburn

Milk is one of the best ingredients to treat sunburn and you can definitely give it a try. This is mainly because it contains protein and zinc that helps in soothing of the pain, and leads to fast healing of your skin.

It will also help you soothe the burning sensation that you experience due to the sunburn. In addition, milk is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent which will not just reduce the swellings but will also prevent the occurrence of any kind of infection in the affected skin.

Moreover, it also possesses the ability to lighten the skin tone, so by any chance if there are any marks and scars due to the sunburn, which will also reduce with repeated milk usage.

There are various ways to use milk in order to gain maximum benefits in treating sunburn. In one method you need to at first, refrigerate the milk. Then you got to make cold milk compresses by soaking a very clean and soft cloth in a container having equal parts of milk, water and ice. Then hold the cloth in the burnt skin for above 5 minutes and then remove it. Repeat it three times.

In the other method, you just have to apply the chilled milk in the affected skin using cotton balls.

And, in the third method, you may add milk in your bath water and soak your skin in it to get the relief from the symptoms of sunburn.

Essentials oils for sunburn

Essential oils are the latest craze among all and why not, they serve a lot of our purposes like for example, treats cold and congestion, helps you to lose weight, reduces your acne etc.

But, do you know that you can also use essential oil in treating sunburn? Well, yes, essential oils work great on sun burnt skin and prevent the situation from getting worse. Here are two of my favorite essential oils which you can use in case of sunburn:

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil possesses analgesic properties and is a perfect painkiller. When you apply it on your skin, it provides you with a cooling sensation which is very beneficial for soothing the inflamed sun burnt portions of your skin. It is also anti-inflammatory properties as per studies which also help you to reduce the inflammations in your skin. In addition, peppermint oil is great in reducing the headache which many individuals suffer from after getting burnt in the sun.

Lavender essential oil

The next essential oil option that can help treat sunburn is the lavender essential oil. It is very effective in reducing the redness and the sting of burns. It also possesses antimicrobial properties which prevents the occurrence of any kind of infection in the affected skin area. Applying, lavender oil also speeds up the recovery process and helps you get some quick relief.

In order to get the maximum benefits, you can use these essentials oils separately. But you get the best results if you use them together along with Aloe Vera and coconut oil. This is actually a perfect combination as Aloe and coconut oil will rehydrate your skin, while the essential oils will help to reduce the inflammation fast.

At first, in a sauce pan, take 2 inches of water and then place it over medium heat. Then, in a jar, add aloe Vera juice and some coconut oil and after that, place the jar over the sauce pan. When the mixture liquifies and combine, remove the jar from the pan and add the two essential oils in adequate amounts. After that, pour it into a spray bottle and store in a cool place. Spray it on your affected areas after the solution gets cooled and enjoy the benefits.

In fact, even if you are not suffering from the sunburn right now, I would suggest you to already prepare one such solution from beforehand because it is summer and you never know when you are going to need it urgently.

Drink plenty of water

While you are busy applying all of the above-mentioned natural ingredients to ease your pain, do not forget to drink plenty of water. Well, this is because; it is very much necessary for wound healing and is definitely one of the simplest ways to treat sunburn easily.

Sun burnt skin gets too much dehydrated and so you need to drink plenty of water to rehydrate your system as that will help speed up the healing process. It will also replenish the moisture in your skin and give you instant relief.

In fact, not just plain water, you can also eat more of such foods that contain more amount of water. Like for example, watermelon which has about 92% water.

Eat nutritious foods

Foods play an important role in everything and in this respect also, eating the right kind of foods and supplying your body with right kind of nutrients will help you increase the recovery process from within.

In fact, some nutrients found in specific food items can actually prevent sunburn and avoid excess UV rays of the sun. So, it is advisable that you eat more of such food items while you are healing from sunburn.

  • Vitamin C and E- These are found in oranges, nuts and seeds
  • Lycopene – It is available in bell peppers and tomatoes
  • Beta carotene – Sweet potato, carrots and pumpkin contains beta carotene
  • Flavonoids – The berries are rich in flavonoids
  • Omega 3 foods like walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, egg yolk etc.

Of course, there are other foods containing these nutrients as well, but if you at least include these few, you will get quick results.

However, when you are suffering from sunburn, it is very much advisable that you avoid the intake of sugar foods and alcohol as much as possible. As it is, they are not much healthy in general, and if you eat them without being fully cure of the sunburn, then that can actually increase the inflammations and swellings and slow down the healing process.

Over to you

Sunburn is a common problem but it is not incurable. But, as I always say that prevention is better than cure, one must try to protect one’s skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The simplest ways to get it done is by minimizing direct exposure of the skin to the sun by wearing full sleeve clothes, hats, sunglasses, etc. Also, never forget to apply sunscreen and carry an umbrella whenever you are stepping out in the sun. However, if you have already got affected with sunburn, then also please do not worry too much as there are sunburn remedies that can help you to treat it easily.

I have already talked about 8 different sunburn remedies that are easy to follow and apply to treat sunburn naturally.

As you can see all of the natural ingredients mentioned in the list are very common and easily available around us. So I am sure when you get a sunburn, you will have one or the other ingredient readily available in your home and thus you can start with the cure immediately.

Also, some of these ingredients are scientifically proven to be effective in treating sunburn, so you can use them confidently.

But, yes, it is a fact that each one of us has different skin types, so if by chance any ingredient does not suit you, immediately stop using it and try out the other ingredient and options.

Also, remember to drink plenty of water as that will help rehydrate your body which will benefit in the healing process. Besides, that, also consume the nutritious foods, as when your skin get necessary nutrients, it will heal faster.

What else do you think one can do to treat sunburn fast and naturally at home? Feel free to share the ingredients and remedies you that has worked for you in treating sunburn.

Until next post, take care of yourself, stay hydrated and happy!

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