How to Remove Holi Colours and Gulal from Skin and Hair Easily

Holi is the festival of colours and positivity. The festival of Holi is celebrated across India and in other countries. Holi 2017 will be celebrated on 12th and 13th of March. And I am all set to celebrate this Holi with herbal colours and Gulal. But don’t expect everyone to use herbal colours and gulal. There are many who end up buying colours and Gulal which contains harmful chemicals. And if you are worried about taking off holi colours and Gulal then there is nothing to worry. It’s not that difficult to remove holi colours and Gulal, when you take the precaution and do it right.

How to Remove Holi Colors and Gulal from Skin and Hair Easily

It is very difficult to keep calm in the season of Holi; you tend to smear yourself in colours. But the only problem is the usage of chemical based colours, which is not good for your skin and hair. But that should not stop you celebrating the festival of joy called Holi.

Today in this post, we are going to talk about precautions you should take and tips to remove holi colours and gulal from your skin and hair.

How to remove holi colors and gulal from skin and hair

One of the best way to deal with holi colours and gulal is to take some precaution. For instance, if you apply some kind of oil on your skin, then the colours are not going to get into the skin. And it will become much easier for you to remove holi colours and gulal from your skin. Skin and Hair are going to be the victim of holi colours and gulal and hence you go to take extra precaution especially when removing the colours.

So here are the precautions you should take before going out and playing with colours this holi.

  1. Apply some olive oil or almond oil on your skin, so that the colours do not touch the skin directly.
  2. Apply some mustard oil or castor oil in your hair and scalp, so that colours do not touch your hair directly.
  3. Tie your hair; make some tight braids, or top knot or buns.
  4. Use some scarf, so that your hair is protected from the colours.
  5. Wear full sleeve dress, so that the maximum portion of your body covered.
  6. You can wear some light shades clothes, like whites and pink so that the colours look vibrant on you.
  7. You can wear caps too to protect your hair.
  8. Apply some lotion or sunscreen creams on your face before going to play holi.
  9. Wear a dress so that liquid colours are okay on your dress, and the dress does not turn transparent.
  10. Wear sunglass or specs, so that your eyes are protected from the colours. Wash the eyes with cold water if your eyes are irritated due to the colours.

How to take off holi colours and gulal

Since you have already take some precaution, it’s not going to be that difficult for you to take off the holi colours and gulal. Here are the quick and simple tricks you can use to remove colours and gulal.

Quick and simple tricks to remove holi colours and gulal

  1. Don’t use scrub directly on the skin, it may cause irritation
  2. For the first 10 minutes, stand under the running water, so that the colours get washed away.
  3. Use curd and lemon juice, apply the paste on a cotton wool or a piece of cloth and then rub the skin gently.
  4. Do not use warm water, always use cold water.
  5. Use liquid soap or baby soap for cleansing. If you are using harsh soaps, then the skin irritations or allergies may occur.
  6. After washing or taking bath, apply moisturizer all over your skin.
  7. After using shampoo, do not forget to apply some conditioner.
  8. The colours will not go away after the first wash on the day of Holi, so do not go on scrubbing the skin continuously.
  9. First remove the dry colours from your hair, and then apply water in your hair.
  10. If your clothes are wet, then change it instantly as it may catch cold.

Over to you

If you follow the tips, then you will have a safe holi, you can enjoy the occasion from your heart. You must play the Holi and live in the moment, rather than thinking about removing the colours.

A bit of preparation and precaution could come handy and it’s worth it. What precautions are you taking and what are the trick you apply to put off holi colours and gulal?

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