Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Diabetics

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Diabetes is the 7th most fatal disease in the world, as per World Health Organization. Till date, even though Diabetes is one of the most common and deadliest diseases, there are no such definite medicines to cure this illness. No medicine can give 100% recovery to this disease, but you can certainly take some steps to keep this disorder at bay. Green tea is one such natural food resource which can help you to check the diabetes. There are many benefits of drinking green tea for diabetics, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Diabetics

Before we move on to the discussion of drinking green tea for diabetics, let me share a few interesting facts about diabetes. There are two kinds of diabetes, one is Type 1 and the other is Type 2. In diabetes type 1, the body produces lesser insulin than required by the body. Insulin is that compound which is produced by the pancreas and then it is mixed with the bloodstream.

In Type 2 diabetes, your body is resistant to insulin in your body and so the sugar level of your body exceeds way above the normal range. There are many reasons as to why people suffer from this deadly disease.

Diabetes is a genetically inherited disorder, and sometimes it runs in the family. If the previous generations suffered from it, then there is a high risk that the next general will suffer from it. If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, then you are also at a greater risk of having this disease. Consuming too many carbs and fats on a daily basis may lead to several health complications, including diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, obesity etc.

Benefits of drinking green tea for Diabetics

According to this study, drinking green tea can truly be beneficial for diabetes and obesity. According to this study, drinking green tea can seriously help in preventing many cardiovascular diseases including diabetes and obesity.

Suzanne Steinbaum, cardiologist and director of women’s heart health, of Lenox Hill Hospital of New York City says that “Insulin comes along to decrease sugar, but with type 2 diabetes, the body isn’t so sensitive to insulin, so blood sugar levels go up. Through a complex biochemical reaction, tea — especially green tea — helps sensitize cells so they are better able to metabolize sugar. Green tea is good for people with diabetes because it helps the metabolic system function better.

Dr. Steinbaum also suggested the drinking of green tea in diabetes. Green tea contains polyphenols which help in reducing oxidative stress and vasodilation i.e. widening of the arteries. This is how; the blood pressure is normalized, prevents blood clotting and reduces cholesterol.

Studies suggest, that the green tea contains unfermented leaves, so it is more effective than black tea or oolong tea. Green tea gives a soothing nice colour to the tea and it is just the right drink for Diabetic people.

Advantages of drinking green tea for diabetes prevention and control

The polyphenols and polysaccharides present in green tea helps in production of insulin by the pancreas. When the level of sugar in the blood rises, then the insulin can reduce the level of blood sugar. In case of diabetic patients, the insulin production is low and the body fail to produce enough insulin needed by the body.

If the blood sugar level is high, then the blood pressure and cholesterol will also be high, and this can cause heart attack, strokes and brain hemorrhage.  Green tea increases the insulin production, the antioxidative and anti inflammatory properties does the trick here. By consuming 4-6 cups of green tea per day, the insulin production is given a boost, and thus the diabetes can be checked.

According to one study in Japan, men who drank 6 or more cups of green tea per day had 33% lower chance of having diabetes.

Another study also pointed out that people who drank green tea for 10 years or so, have lower waist size and low chance of obesity. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine also pointed out that the polyphenols and the polysaccharides that are present in green tea can reduce the glucose levels in the blood, thus beneficial to all the diabetic patients. The same antioxidants are responsible for preventing various kinds of cancer, lowering cholesterol and also reducing blood pressure.

Drinking green tea everyday can reduce the chance of diabetes

In 2009, a study was conducted in University of Netherlands, which showed that people who drank three cups of green tea per day can reduce the chance of diabetes by 40%. You cannot prevent diabetes by 100%, but green tea will help you to reduce the chance of this disease and yes you can prevent it. If you want to stand against the disease, then start drinking green tea from today onwards.

How much of green tea one can drink every day?

Green tea comes in small sachets and all you have to do is dip it in water. Green tea contains unfermented leaves and leaves without much processing. So, all the natural goodness of the tea leaves are preserved in them. You can drink 4-6 cups of green tea in a day to enjoy the health benefits. Do not add sugar in tea, or even milk, just dip the green tea sachet in water and sip it gradually. Green tea has also got a nice smell, a natural flavor, enjoy it.


Green tea contains much caffeine, equivalent to coffee and normal tea. So, if you are having cups after cups of green tea, then you are also taking in lots of caffeine. Lots of caffeine reduces the sleep quality and also results in dehydration.

Make sure that you are drinking lots of water to rehydrate your body. Try to avoid having green tea at night after 7.00 pm, as too much caffeine can interfere in your sleep.

Over to you

If you are suffering from obesity, overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and last but not the least diabetes then green tea can be that magical potion. There are many other health benefits of green tea, diabetes management can be one important one. Start your day with green tea and feel energetic throughout the day. Carry tea bags with you, and you can drink it anywhere anytime, because all you need is just warm water. Drink it daily and enjoy the various benefits it offer.

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