Benefits of Onion and Onion Juice for Skin, Hair and Health

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The moment you think of onion, you may think of it as tough vegetable to slice, because it brings teary eyes. But studies have proved that onions are greatly beneficial for your health. Onions are regarded as primary ingredients for many of the cuisines around the world. Onions are rich in natural sugar, vitamins, minerals, water, sodium, potassium, iron and folic acid, and it’s highly beneficial for skin, hair and overall health. Today in this post, we are going to learn about various health benefits of onion and how to use onion juice for maximum benefits on skin and hair.

Benefits of Onion and Onion Juice for Skin, Hair and Health

Onion is a root vegetable that can be shipped easily in dry conditions as they do not rot easily unlike other vegetables. The onions belong to the family of garlic and this root vegetable can soothe your tongue and its highly beneficial for your skin, hair and overall health.

According to USDA, 100gm of sliced onion contains following key nutrients:

Water- 89.11 gm

Energy-40 kcal

Protein- 1.10 gm

Carbohydrate- 9.34 gm

Fiber- 1.7 gm

Onions are also rich in many phytochemicals like phenolics which help in getting rid of the free radicals and several other bacteria and virus which may be detrimental for our health.

Super health benefits of onion

India is the second largest producer of onion in the world, with China being the first. Onions are consumed throughout the country in a number of cuisines. You will get to see the onions in a number of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. You may consume onion solely for tastes, but you will be surprised to know that there are many health benefits of eating onion.

You may eat it raw, cook it or pickle it. Onion can prevent diseases like cancers and diabetes; it can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Let us look at the most surprising health benefits of onion in greater details.

Immunity booster

Onions have carminative properties, antimicrobial, antiseptic properties which help in preventing and curing different types infections. Onions have Vitamin A, C, E, calcium, potassium which can boost the immunity of your body. The immunity system of your body is like a protective shield that protects your body from harmful germs, bacteria and virus. If you have infections, common cold, cough, flu, then the consumption of onions can be of immense help.

Cure insomnia

The onions have enzymes which can activate the serotonin and melatonin and thus the sleep hormone is activated. The insomnia or the sleeping disorders are often caused by the hormonal imbalances, anxiety, stress, depression etc. The onions help in relaxing the muscles and the neurons, thus promoting better sleep patterns.

Wound healer

Onions are greatly known for its wound healing properties. Any kinds of insect bite, bee bites, infections, septic etc can be treated with the help of raw onion juice. Apply some raw onion juice on the affected part; you can get benefits super quickly. You can see that the swelling or the redness is reduced immediately.

May prevent and fight cancer

Onions are rich in organosulfur compounds which can fight against the cell mutation and free radical formation. The anti-inflammatory properties of the onions also contribute to the prevention and the fighting of the cancer cells. National Cancer Institute has published a journal which states that people who take onions daily in their diet, have lower risk of prostate cancer.

Improve digestion

If you have a problem of poor digestion, acidity, constipation the daily intake of onions can surely help you. Onions can increase the formation of bile juice, which make the digestion process faster. Acidity, constipation can be caused due to poor digestion, onions help in smoothening the intestinal tract and thus better bowel movements.

Good for your heart

According to evidential research, onions can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. If you are suffering or prone to diseases like diabetes, high Blood pressure, high cholesterol then this vegetable is for you. The onions enhance the formation of insulin in the pancreas, thus controlling the sugar levels in the blood. The onions help in better blood circulation through the blood vessels and the arteries, and reduce the high blood pressure.

Benefits of onion juice for skin

Even if onions are rich in nutrients, the pungent smell of raw onion can be a big turn off for many. But onions are loaded with antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are tired of common skin related problems like acne, then onions are the best and most natural ingredients to fight skin related problems.

Rejuvenate your skin

Onion is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants and hence it’s very beneficial for your skin. The onion juice can trigger the collagen in your skin. Thus, your skin is protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Benefits of onion for skin is not limited to just wrinkles, fine lines, dark lines and blemishes, it can be used to actually rejuvenate your skin super quickly.

You can make a natural face pack at your home, on your own with onion and other ingredients.

Here’s how to make a face pack with onion, flour and yogurt.

  • Take 1 tbsp of raw and fresh onion juice.
  • Add ½ tbsp of yogurt into it.
  • Mix it well and then add gram flour.
  • Mix everything to make a paste that can be applied on face.

Apply this pack on your face and wash it off with normal water after 15-20 minutes to rejuvenate your skin.

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Onions for acne

If you have acne, sun tan, pigmentation, then the onion juice can reduce and also prevent them from occurring. The onions have anti-inflammatory properties which can work from inside and remove those dark spots. It can remove the toxins from the body; onions are also known to have detoxifying properties and hence it’s great for you.

You can make a face mask with fresh and raw onion juice, tomato juice and neem oil. Mix all three ingredients in equal quantity and apply it on your face. Its helps you get rid of acne super quickly.

Onion massage for skin

Onion massage can improve the blood circulation which helps in getting glowing and healthy skin. Take equal quantity of freshly made onion juice and yogurt. Add a few drops of almond oil or neem oil and mix the ingredients properly and massage your skin with this onion mix for healthy and glowing skin.

Benefits of onion juice for hair

Hair fall can be more painful for you than even falling in love. Jokes apart, if you see that your hairline is thinning and receding, and then it is high time that you take a note of the usefulness of onion for hair.

You are aware that eggs and curd are good for hair, but you may be unaware of the tremendous benefits of onion.

Mix half a tablespoon of raw onion juice with honey and mustard oil.

Apply the mixture on your scalp and leave it overnight.

Wash it the next morning with your regular shampoo.

All the ingredients of the mixture are good for your hair; they will enter the scalp, strengthen the hair follicles and also promote hair growth.

Remove dandruff

Due to heavy pollution, dandruff is the common problem for all. The onion juice can form a protective layer on the scalp and retain the moisture of the scalp. The dandruff can be prevented by the application of the raw onion juice. Mix onion juice with olive oil and coconut oil and apply on the scalp. Keep it for two hours and then wash off.

Natural hair conditioners

You spend a heavy amount in buying expensive conditioners for your dry hair. Onions are natural hair conditioners which can help you to get rid of the dryness and frizzy hair.

Apply raw onion juice with honey before shampooing, keep it for an hour or more and then wash it off. You will find that your hair is less dry. Do this twice a month and see the result.

Onions for hair thinning

Hair thinning may be caused due to unhealthy eating and living habit or ageing. But whatever is the case, onion juice can help you get rid of hair thinning to a good extent.

Add equal quantity of freshly extracted raw onion juice and almond oil or olive oil and massage your scalp properly. It helps get rid of hair thinning and strengthen hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

How to get rid of the pungent smell of onion

Onions have a pungent odor. You can have that odor in your hands after cutting it, in your mouth after eating it raw. Apply some lemon juice in your hands to get rid of the pungent odor. Brush your teeth, or use some mouthwash, or have some mint to get rid of the onion smell from your mouth.

Tips to prevent the watery eyes while chopping onion

Onions have compounds and enzymes which mix with the air and reach the tear ducts of your eyes when you are cutting or chopping onions. These compounds have anti septic properties but they also cause watery eyes. If you wash the onion in water before cutting, or cut the onions in a bowl of water, then you will have less irritation. You can chew a gum or a mint while chopping onion to avoid the irritation.

Over to you

You can mix raw onions in your salad, or add them in various dishes like curries and korma. You can deep fry it, sauté it, or sprinkle them on the dish. You can consume it in any way you want, but the best way to have it is raw.

Instead of buying readymade onion paste from market, you can make it at your home. Make slices of the onions and then grind them in mixer grinder.

Onions can increase the taste of various dishes, but at the same time they can serve you many purposes, they are good for your health, hair and skin.

Some of the surprising benefits of onion include digestive problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, skin darkening and acne and it stops hair fall.

Start adding onions in your daily diet from today onwards and enjoy all the health benefits.

Take care!

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