Drink Plenty of Water Everyday: 10 Fun Ways To Drink More Water Easily

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Drinking plenty of water every day is essential to your health and wellbeing. According to research, an adult should drink at least eight to 10 liters of water every day. Be it in the form of pure drinking water, foods or fruits like watermelon or citrus, our body cells require plenty of water to function properly.  You got to drink plenty of water every day, because a healthy human can survive for three weeks without food, but can’t survive more than a week without drinking water. Drinking enough water is seriously important for our body functions, be it circulation of blood and oxygen or maintaining body temperature or flushing out the toxins.

10 Fun Ways to Drink Plenty of Water Everyday

Our body can’t function properly, if it is not hydrated properly. And when drinking water is so important, we can’t afford to ignore it. But the problem is that, most of us get so occupied in our day to day work and we forget to drink enough of water to keep ourselves hydrated.

Some of the most common reasons to not drink plenty of water could be;

  • Plain water does not taste well
  • Habit of drinking water only after meal
  • Too occupied with work that I forget to drink water
  • Water bottle not on the desk, no access of water bottle/glass

And so on. I myself use to drink less than 5 liters of water every day, but I drink about ten liters of water now. And I am going to tell you how I changed my habit and how you can do it too.

Benefits of drinking plenty of water

But before we get in to changing habits and learning the hacks of drinking plenty of water every day, let’s take a look at some of the most important function of water in our body;

  • Water increases the metabolism in the body, and may help in losing weight.
  • Drinking plenty of water improves overall digestion of food.
  • Water is essential to keep ourselves hydrated and maintain proper body temperature.
  • Water is essential for proper blood circulation in the body.
  • Water keeps you fuller for long so you’ll eat less.
  • Helps get rid of common skin problems like dry skin and acne.
  • It helps in flushing the toxins out of your body, through sweating.
  • It strengthens the hair follicles and reduces hair fall.
  • Water is essential for body cells to reproduce and grow.
  • Our brain needs water to produce hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Drinking plenty of water everyday keep your brain healthy
  • And most importantly, by keeping yourself hydrated, you feel energized

And there are many more functions of water in our body. And if I have to say it in one word, drinking plenty of water is essential and probably more important than eating food.

Water is seriously important for our body parts to function correctly. But still, there are many who simply forget to drink plenty of water every day. The quantity of water you should be drinking everyday may vary based on your body type, weight and lifestyle, but ideally, drinking 6-8 liter should be the goal, so that your body is hydrated properly.

Whether is restlessness, hunger, aging, tiredness or aging, you can get rid of all of these common issues by drinking plenty of water every day.

Even if you have to go to the washroom frequently, this should not stop you to drink some additional water. It’s seriously important for most of your body parts, including stomach, kidney and brain.

Simple hacks to drink plenty of water daily

Our body is made of water (nearly 70% water and fluids) and if we are not drinking enough water on daily basis, then it may cause harm to our body. Dehydration can be detrimental, so keep yourself hydrated.

Best thing about human psychology is that it can be manipulated. You can actually trick your brain and make it function the way you want it. And drinking water is all about that. It’s just a habit or let me say it’s a good habit to have. Whether I am going out or working on my desk, I make sure to drink water every hour.

If you are unable to drink plenty of water every day, then you are not alone. There are many who drink comparatively less water. But thankfully I have changed my habits and learnt to drink plenty of water everyday.

Keep the bottle in your reach

One of the most common reasons of not drinking plenty of water is no easy access. If the bottle is kept away from your reach, you may find an excuse even if you wanted to drink water. You better keep a bottle in your reach, for example keep a bottle at your work desk, on the side unit of the bedroom and so on. The point is the bottle should be in your reach and this should help you to drink plenty more than what you drink otherwise.

Use your favorite bottle

Select your favorite bottle which you love absolutely. Often, favourite containers can arouse your interest to drink water from the bottle. I have a separate bottle from where I sip water throughout the day. My bottle has a design of Sherlock Holmes, my favourite fictional character. So, I love the water bottle and I drink water in that.

Add flavors to plain water

You can soak some berries or grapes or oranges in water and then drink the tasty water from your favourite bottle. The idea is to add a little bit of flavor to the plain water and it may work for you. By adding your favorite fruit in water, the water will not be tasteless any more. The water will be sweet and fruity and you will enjoy sipping it throughout the day.

Use technologies

One of the best ways to drink plenty of water is to drink some water at fixed interval. Schedule a timeline to drink water. May be after every one hour or half an hour, depending on what works for you. Now, at the age of shooting technological advances, you can use some apps and set alarms to give you reminder to drink water. If you do not have app, then you can set some alarm in your phone.

Make it a team effort

Create a gang of your friends or colleagues or your siblings and cousins, and set a competition as to who can drink more water in a day. This type of small bets can make you drink more water and fuel your competitive spirit. May sound simple, but the trick is quite effective. Try doing this at your work with your colleague and see how it helps you and your team drink plenty of water every day.

Mark your bottles

There are water bottles where the measurements are marked but here you can add your own markings. Beside each mark, write with a marker the time when you must drink water. For example, one 500 ml at 9.00 am, then another 500 ml at 11.30 am, like that.

Water rich foods

There are several foods like water melons, cucumbers, oranges that have water content in them. Eat these fresh foods and keep your body hydrated. Also include soups and stew in your diet because that will increase your water intake and also make you feel fuller.

Glass of water before each meal

Make sure that you drink at least two glass of water before each meal. There are many benefits of this habit. Drinking water prior to meal will reduce your appetite, you will eat lesser, you will feel fuller for longer hours, your metabolism will increase, your foods will be digested easily, and your body will remain hydrated always.

Always carry drinking water

Carry your water bottle with you, irrespective of whether you use your own car or take public transport. I use to take public transport to work. And when I felt like drinking some water, it was not with me. Now I carry a bottle where ever I go and it helps. This way you will never miss drinking enough water for the day. Keep your bottle in your bag always and drink it from time to time. You can even sip it and maintain the water levels in your body.

Use funky straws

Using straws to drink water can be fun. You will drink more water and that too faster with the help of straws. You will not realize how much water you drank, so the feeling of “oh I have drank lots of water, so let me stop here” will never come to your mind. Use some funky colorful straws and drink more and more water every day.


Drinking plenty of water is seriously important for our body and organs to functions correctly. Be it your brain or the body cells, they all need water and that’s why we are advised to drink plenty of it. In fact, by drinking just 8-10 liters of water every day, you can prevent many health issues and ailments. When it’s about drinking water, we have no choice, but to adopt the habit of drinking enough of water.

And the early you start, it better for you, so train everyone in the family, including kids to drink plenty of water each day. And to do so, you can;

  • Use good quality bottle
  • Bottle with marker on quantity
  • Keep it within your reach
  • Add flavor to the plain water

We have already discussed some of the most effective hacks to drink plenty of water each day and this is the right time to get started.

Now, it’s time for me to take my water bottle and have a ship.

And I am eager to learn, what other hacks do you know that may help one to drink plenty of water every day?

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