12 Essential Nutrients and Supplements to Get Glowing Skin

The Most Essential Nutrients and Supplements to Get Glowing Skin

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Having a healthy diet and maintaining a proper skin care routine is the key to get healthy and glowing skin. But still many of us face some sort of skin issues every other day. When our skin is getting all of the necessary care and attention, then what is causing these skin issues? Well, of course there can be some specific health complications behind these skin troubles, but if we for some time, keep that part aside and think from a general point of view, then you will understand that there is an underlying factor that is leading to all of these.

And, that is insufficiency of healthy nutrients, which is essential to get glowing and healthy skin. If you are already eating healthy but still having skin issues, then maybe this is the time to take a look at the nutrients you are having. In today’s post, I am sharing the list of 12 essential nutrients and supplements to get glowing skin easily.

Well, I can understand that you are puzzled as to why I am bringing the topic of nutrients when you can get them by eating the right diet. It’s true, that consuming healthy food help your system gain essential nutrients that are healthy for your skin but to what extent? Earlier, simply eating a healthy diet would have been enough. But today we are exposed to hectic lifestyle and sudden environmental drifts which is why we need something extra to maintain the healthy glow on our skin and that extra is nothing but the food and food supplements. So, if you are tired of the usual skin disorders and willing to get rid of these then keep reading this post, as I share the list of most essential nutrients and supplements to get glowing fast and easily.

However, one question you must be having that as to why consuming only healthy items is insufficient? Well, there can be three specific reasons behind that. Firstly, the requirement of nutrients might have increased thanks to too much of pollution, hectic lifestyle, unnatural weather changes and the occurrence of diseases that were unknown in the past.

Secondly, the potency in the yielding of the crops and the nutrients crops is not that much in comparison to what it used be earlier.

And thirdly, many a times due to so much adulteration, our system does not receive sufficient nutrients that are supposed to be present in those particular foods or grains. And, that is why we need to help ourselves with something extra which is by taking supplements.

It is true that life was very simple in ancient times where the problems were also simple, so were the remedies. But, in today’s times, the problems are complicated and so; in order to fight all of these issues and concerns we must always be ready to go few steps further. Now, if we consider our present topic of discussion, it is true that in many cases, our system needs vital and essential nutrients and supplements in order to solve the common skin issues from the roots, and help us maintain that healthy glow throughout.

The supplements may directly work on your skin to improve its quality or may help in eradicating the health complications leading to the skin trouble. Whatever the means be, taking important supplements to get clear glowing skin is one important method that you may consider. If you are unsure, then you may consult a doctor and become sure about the list of supplements that we are discussing here and then take the decision. But, I am quite sure that the supplements will be beneficial for your skin unless you have any specific medical grounds.

Now, there are several supplements available but if skin is your main concern and you are looking for supplements for your skin, then here’s the most essential supplements to get clear glowing skin easily.

Important supplements to get clear glowing skin

Skin is the external manifestation of your health and the healthier you are from inside, the more glowing will your skin be. And, so to help yourselves remain healthy and to get gifted with a glowing skin, make sure you make the below-mentioned supplements a part of your lifestyle. I am quite hopeful that you will not be disappointed.

Vitamin E

The very first supplement that you must consider taking in order to get clear glowing skin is Vitamin E. This fat-soluble vitamin is naturally found in many food items and is the perfect antioxidant that gives protection to your skin from damages caused due to the free radicals, excessive exposure to the sun and too much of pollution. Studies have also shown that Vitamin E can be very effective in treating acne. Also, it improves the circulation of the blood in body and unclogs the blood cells.

Vitamin E is the combination of 8 very essential compounds and is very beneficial for the wellbeing of your skin. So, since the supplements contain more amounts of Vitamin E, it is advisable that you consult your doctor and take necessary amounts of it in the form of supplements.

Vitamin C

The next in the list is Vitamin C and there are various reasons that prove my point. Well, your system will not be able to synthesize new collagen without Vitamin C. This is because Vitamin C helps in the production of fibroblasts that are vital to produce collagen as well as to heal wounds faster.

Vitamin C is also very useful in protecting your skin from the ultraviolet photodamage as well as in the neutralization of the free radicals caused by the harmful toxins. There is also proof that Vitamin C is essential to produce lipids, also called sebum in the outer layer of your skin that are in turn, essential to maintain an optimal barrier function in order to prevent loss of water and keep the skin hydrated, moist and supple. The lipid barrier is also useful in preventing the invasion of the harmful toxins. However, Vitamin C relies on enzymes and nutrients like Vitamin E, glutathione and carotenoids to work.

Studies have shown that the combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplementation was useful in treating sunburn. Also, there is proof that supplementation of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc helps reduce oxidative stress and reduced the time taken to heal wounds in burned children.

So, I think these are enough to prove the necessity of Vitamin C in human system and so if you are deficient in it, time to think of taking supplements after properly consulting with your doctor.

Vitamin D

One of the other important supplements to get clear glowing skin is Vitamin D. It is not actually a Vitamin but a hormone that is produced by your skin from the exposure of the skin to the sun. Vitamin D is not that highly concentrated in the food items and that is why many a times doctors themselves prescribe taking Vitamin D supplements for compensation.

Many individuals are deficient in Vitamin D and that is one of the primary factors leading to many skin related issues. Starting from atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, psoriasis, melanoma etc. there may be a lot of skin troubles due to the insufficiency of it in your system. So, it is high time that you consider taking its supplements.

Moreover, studies have already shown that Vitamin D supplementation can be very effective against sunburn and lead to less inflammation and redness. So, there are a lot of positive benefits of taking Vitamin D supplements and hence you may like to give it a try.


Age and too much exposure to pollution reduce the production of collagen in body and leads to damaged, dull and saggy skin. So, if you want to fight the skin aging symptoms, then you must definitely consider taking collagen supplements and the same is confirmed by studies as well.

Moreover, collagen powder is easily absorbed by the skin and transported efficiently to the deepest layers of your skin where it works wonders. So, besides drinking bone broth that rewards you with the building blocks of collagen, make sure you make the collagen powder shakes and smoothies a part of your diet and derive the maximum benefits out of them.

Vitamin B12

If you are suffering from skin issues like dull skin accompanied by drastic hair fall despite maintaining a proper healthy diet and a proper skin care routine, then maybe you can start taking Vitamin B12 in the form of supplements. This is because Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient and may help you get rid of common skin and hair issues.

Vitamin B12 is known to help in the formation of red blood cells, reduces pigmentation, and treats uneven skin tone. It also leads to the proper functioning of the nerves. So, with Vitamin B12 supplements, you can get all round benefits, so consult your doctor and start taking it as advised by them.

Vitamin A

As far as Vitamin A is concerned, there is retinoids found in the animal foods and carotenoids that you get from the plant foods. Carotenoids are great antioxidants but for exerting a physiological impact on the skin, they must be converted to retinoids at first. However, for some individuals, this process proves to be quite inefficient and that is when you need to think of taking Vitamin A in retinol form.

Retinoids are involved in the expression of the genes that are associated with the structure and function of the skin. They help in increasing the production of the skin cells like fibroblasts that are useful for the synthesis of collagen. Retinols thus help in better healing of wounds and in preventing damage caused to the skin. Also, in case of psoriasis, retinoids help to slow down the rate of cell proliferation.

So, Vitamin A supplementation is healthy for your skin. Just remember that when you do it, make sure it contains both forms that is both the retinoids and the carotenoids. As far as retinoids are concerned, go for 2000-3000 IU.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are the other supplement that is good for your skin. They support the skin’s lipid barrier, promote better healing of the wounds, reduce inflammation as well as increase the tolerance level of the skin to the exposure of the sun and all of these are proven from the studies performed. So, omega 3 fatty acids are very healthy for your skin.

Moreover, studies has also shown that with proper supplementation of omega 3 fatty acids, there was a significant reduction in the acne caused inflammation in the patients.

The skin benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are many, so if you want to make your skin flawless and glowing again, you may take omega 3 fatty acids supplements as an option for you.


Zinc is usually found in higher amounts in the skin than in other tissues in the body, and it is considered to be very beneficial for your skin. It is involved in various functions like the synthesis of protein and DNA, production of collagen, immune responses, cell division etc. all of which helps in strengthening the skin and in better healing of the wounds.

Besides all the above, zinc also possess antioxidant properties and is anti-inflammatory in nature that gives protection to your skin cells from damage. Proper quantity of zinc gives a youthful glow to your skin and keeps it free from the fine lines, wrinkles and the age spots.

Zinc is also quite effective in treating acne and rosacea although some has shown to give mixed results. However, that may be due to the fact that each experiment involved different forms and doses of zinc. But, whatever the reason be, even if zinc is not a magic mineral when solving several skin problems are concerned, but it is at least very much beneficial for proper functioning of your skin.

However, taking it in too much doses may have negative impacts. Like for example, it may impair the ability of your body to absorb nutrients like copper. So, make sure you do not take too much of zinc supplements. Consult a doctor for proper advice and dosage.


If excessive stress is the main factor leading to many skin troubles like acne, then magnesium supplements are good to get rid of these issues. This is because magnesium helps relax your body and ease the stress. Besides, magnesium is also beneficial in the replication of the DNA and in the production of glutathione, both of which helps in the maintenance of that youthful glow in your face. Approx. 500 mg of magnesium on a daily basis is good for your skin, so you may give it a thought.


Having a healthy gut is directly related to having glowing healthy skin. On the other hand, the presence of the harmful toxins around your gut will lead to the occurrence of inflammations, acnes, dark spots etc. To avoid skin issues and to maintain a good gut health, you may consider taking the probiotics in the form of supplements. In fact, studies have also shown that more amounts of probiotics in diet results in healthy glowing skin.

Besides the regular capsules available in the market, there are various brands available with various solutions in the form of powders, shakes etc., so you may consider these as well. However, whatever it is, never forget to get a doctor’s consultation first.


The deficiency of calcium in body may lead to the occurrence of acne or dull ugly patches on your skin. Moreover, the deficiency also leads to the prevention in the growth of the new skin cells leading to your skin losing the elasticity and becoming very dull and saggy, so you may consider taking calcium supplements for clear glowing skin.

Please make sure you consciously eat the foods items like milk, eggs, and dairy products etc. that are rich in calcium. At the same time, consider taking calcium supplements especially if you are above 30 years. This will help not just in maintaining skin health but also in strengthening the bones in your body.


The next supplement in my list of important supplements to get clear glowing skin is biotin. This is because biotin plays a very significant role in gifting you with beautiful gorgeous skin. It mainly helps to control the death of the skin cells that is very crucial in order to maintain a glowing and healthy skin. So, you must consider taking its supplements but only after consulting with your doctor.

Over to you: Which nutrients and supplements are you taking for healthy skin?

When just maintaining a healthy balanced diet is not sufficient to gift you with a glowing skin, then you must consider taking the supplements that will provide you with extra benefits. I have already shared a list of essential nutrients and supplements to get clear glowing skin and have also in most cases, supplied you with enough proof as to why those supplements are so necessary for your skin. In fact, not just your skin, they indirectly help you maintain good health in general. After all, a clear glowing skin is a reflection of your health.

See, in ancient times, the potency of the crops was much higher and life being so simple in those times, things just worked fine if you ate all of the healthy stuffs. But, now that is insufficient due to the excess level of pollution, too much of mental pressure, sudden environmental changes and so many a times even the doctors themselves prescribe the patients to take the supplements. But, this is just from a general point of view; yours may be a special case, so I always recommend you consult a good doctor before taking the supplements.

However, me telling you to consult a doctor does not mean that there is doubt in the efficiency of supplements that I mentioned today, but it is just for your safety. Also, taking supplements does not give you the license to break the discipline in your life. You must continue maintaining a healthy balanced diet and avoid all the unhealthy food stuffs. Stay away from alcohol and smoking as much as possible as these are not much healthy for your skin health. Also, make exercises a part of your daily routine as it is like the all-rounder solution for maximum of your problems.

So, that is all I had to say about taking supplements to get clear glowing skin. What are your views on it? Let me know what you think about it and also share with me whether you take any supplement in order to maintain that healthy glow on your skin. Also, if you have any quarries, feel free to let me know that as well. I am also open to suggestions so do not shy away from telling me that in case you have any.

Until then, stay healthy and do not let that glow fade away from your face.

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