33 Home Remedies to Cure Acidity Naturally and Permanently

Home Remedies to Cure Acidity Naturally and Permanently

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Acidity is a very common health condition affecting most of us. It is primarily caused because of unhealthy eating and living practices. Acidity may cause the burning sensation in upper body including chest and throat. The sensation and pain could get unbearable at times, and then it becomes a matter of big concern. I have experienced excessive acidity and I know how irritating and painful it could get at times. If you are suffering from acidity and wondering if there are better ways to cure acidity without eating pharmaceutical medicines then here’s the post you can’t afford to miss. Today in this post, I am sharing the list of 33 home remedies to cure acidity naturally and permanently. The remedies discussed below uses the natural and simple ingredient which is readily available in your kitchen and has no side effects.

Causes and Symptoms of acidity

Gastric glands in the stomach secrete concentrated hydrochloric acid and enzymes which help in digestion. In the prolonged absence of foods in the stomach, the acid starts acting on the wall of the stomach. This action results in a burning sensation in the lower thoracic and upper abdominal regions like, chest, stomach and throat. This is called acidity or acid reflux.

Skipping regular meals, excessive intake of alcoholic drinks, excessive smoking, eating oily and spicy foods are some of the various causes that lead to acidity. If you are constantly skipping your meals or not eating your meals at right intervals, you may suffer from acidity.

Similarly if you are regularly consuming certain types of foods and beverages like alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee, soda, lemon or orange juice etc then you may feel acidity.

Acidity may also be caused due to medicines which you may have to consume for some other health conditions, and that’s the reasons why doctors these days prescribe antacids when prescribing certain medicines.

Some of the major symptoms of acidity or acid reflux include:

  • Burning sensation in chest and throat
  • Bad and acidic breath
  • Indigestion and constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Restlessness

Acidity may also be caused because of heavy meal and it may automatically get sorted. Such one off cases should not be the matter concern. But continuous acidity is certainly not a good sign and you got to get rid of it.

Home remedies to cure acidity naturally

There are a number of antacids available in the market that offers instant relief in acidity. But one should not depend on antacids for long. Antacids contain magnesium, generally as magnesium hydroxide. However, chemically synthesized antacids should be avoided for frequent use as magnesium can have side effects.

Here are some of the best remedies to cure acidity or acid reflux naturally and permanently.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the most important and vital nutrient of the body which makes up about 70-75% of the total body weight. It is not only a natural appetite suppressant but it also helps to lose weight. Drinking two glasses of water regularly in the morning helps to maintain the proper level of acid secretion in the stomach. If you are tired of acidity, then this is probably the simplest and most effective way to get rid of acidity permanently.
Drink plenty of water to cure acidity naturally

Coconut water

Drinking coconut water after meals helps prevent indigestion and acid reflux. It stimulates production of mucous in the stomach, thus, protecting it from excess gastric acid secretion. It also contains high amount of fiber, which aids in smooth and easy digestion of food.
Coconut water to cure acidity naturally


Eating a banana daily helps prevent acid reflux. It is a natural antacid, which decreases the acid level in the stomach and removes harmful toxins. It is rich in sulphur and protein, which helps in better digestion of food. It contains potassium, an alkalizing agent, which brings down acidity in the stomach.
Banana to cure acidity naturally

Tulsi or holy basil

Tulsi or holy basil pops up repeatedly as one of the most important ingredient of Ayurveda medicine.  For years, it has been used to treat many diseases, quite effectively.

Here is how tulsi can help you to get relief from acidity.

Chewing tulsi leaves during acidity can help in eliminating it. Tulsi stimulates the process of mucous production, which prevents acid reflux. It also possesses anti-ulcer properties, which reduces the effects of gastric acids.
Tulsi or Holy Basil to cure acidity naturally


Belonging to the ajwain family, aniseed has been initially used by the ancient Egyptians as a medicine. Apart from being a natural aphrodisiac, aniseed is used from cleaning and whitening teeth to treating insomnia.

Here is how aniseed can relieve you from acid reflux.

Pour aniseed in water and boil it for a few minutes. Bring in to normal temperature before drinking. Honey can also be added to the concoction to make it more efficient in treating acidity. Anethole is also found in aniseed, which treats acid reflux effectively.
Aniseed to cure acidity naturally
Acidity is sometimes caused by free radicals that harm the lining of the GI tract. Honey scavenges these free radicals to provide relief from acidity.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made from pulverized apples in contrast to simple white vinegar, which is distilled from grains. This particular strain of vinegar has gained much importance lately, due to its natural healing qualities and the health benefits it provides.

Here is how apple cider vinegar can help you against acid reflux.

Mix one or two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar with water and drink it twice, daily, preferably before meals. The vinegar helps in the proper breakdown of food by the stomach enzymes. Additionally, apple cider vinegar subdues inflammation-causing proteins in large intestine and eliminates harmful bacteria from the body.
Apple Cider Vinegar to cure acidity naturally


The ancient Chinese discovered the health benefits of fennel. It is beneficial not only to prevent conjunctivitis and congestion but also to fight against cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is an ancient medicine to treat upset stomach.

Of course, fennel is also very effective in preventing and curing acidity.

Chewing fennel after meals helps prevent indigestion and acidity. Fennel contains essential oils that help soothe the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract.) Anethole, the volatile oil found chiefly in fennel aids in keeping the digestive system happy. Fennel can be also consumed as tea.
Fennel to cure acidity naturally


Ginger has been used for thousands of years, for its culinary and aromatic properties. From soothing burns to treating nausea, ginger’s benefits are countless.

Here is how ginger can prevent acidity.

Chewing raw ginger slices, or sipping on ginger juice twice or thrice per day or boiling ginger pieces in water and drinking it, has an instant effect on reducing acid reflux. Ginger staves of the loosening of the lower esophageal sphincter, which averts acid from regurgitating back into esophagus. In addition, ginger eliminates acidity causing bad bacteria.
Ginger to cure acidity naturally

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are popularly used to treat fatigue, depression, asthma, memory loss and so on. Many chewing gums and toothpastes have mint as their base ingredient owing to its breath-freshener property.

Here is how you can use mint leaves against acidity.

Put some freshly chopped mint leaves in boiling water and drink the concoction. Mint increases bile secretion and stimulates bile flow, which aids in smooth digestion of food. It also has a cooling effect, which effectively decreases the irritation and the burning sensation of acid reflux.
Mint leaves to cure acidity naturally


Buttermilk, which is commonly known as chaas in India, is made by churning curd and water together in a pot. It can be consumed with or without spices.

Besides effectively cooling the body during summer months, it also helps improve digestion.

Buttermilk contains lactic acid, which neutralizes acidity in the stomach. Drinking buttermilk after a heavy meal or consuming spicy food, will efficiently reduce the chances of acidity.
Buttermilk to cure acidity naturally

Cold Milk

Cold milk is widely consumed to keep the body hydrated. It contains Vitamin A and other antioxidants that provide a healthy glowing skin.

Here is how milk helps to prevent acidity.

Milk is rich in calcium, which prevents excess build-up of acid and absorbs the extra acid, leading to relief from acidity. Cold milk additionally provides respite from the burning sensation of acidity.
Cold Milk to cure acidity naturally


Cloves are a popular ingredient in Ayurveda medicine to treat tooth decay, halitosis and bad breadth. Besides containing antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, cloves are very effective in curing acid reflux.

Here is how clove is used to treat acidity.

Eating crushed cloves aids in reducing acidity. Chewing cloves secrete excess saliva, which helps digestion. The carminative nature of cloves prevents gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract.)
Cloves to cure acidity naturally

Basil leaves

Boil basil leaves in water. Cool the mixture and strain the water. Add the strained water in cold milk and drink it. Basil leaves contain anti-ulcer properties, which aids the stomach to produce more mucous. This, in turn, reduces the effect of acid reflux.
Basil leaves to cure acidity naturally


Cinnamon, besides being a natural remedy for cholesterol and diabetes, is also a good natural remedy for acidity.

Cinnamon brings down the level of excess stomach acids thus relieving from acidity. Add a spoonful of cinnamon powder to chamomile tea or milk with honey for best results.
Cinnamon to cure acidity naturally


Jaggery not only cleanses the liver but is also an anti-oxidant.

Consuming small amounts of jaggery after meals treats acidity effectively. It cools the stomach and reduces acid reflux owing to its high magnesium content. Jaggery effectively boosts digestion.
Jaggery to cure acidity naturally


Cardamom, or elaichi, counteracts colorectal cancer and is an anti-depressant. Besides improving sore throats and vomiting, it also treats acid reflux.

Cardamom soothes the mucous lining of the stomach, thus eliminating the problem caused by excess secretion of gastric acid. It cools the stomach and removes the burning sensation of acidity. For best results, boil crushed cardamoms in water and drink it. Powdered cardamom can also be consumed after meals.
Cardamom to cure acidity naturally


Gooseberry, commonly known as amla, can help cure acidity. It contains Vitamin C, which restores the harmed lining of stomach, caused by excess secretion of gastric acid. Mix one spoonful of gooseberry powder in water and drink it for relief from acid reflux.
Gooseberry to cure acidity naturally

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has widespread use in cosmetic industry and is used in creams and lotions as a natural emollient.

One of its lesser-known benefits is as an effective medicine against acidity.

Aloe vera contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins that helps boost digestion and removes toxins. It is a good natural remedy for treating acidity. Whenever symptoms of acid reflux occur, aloe-vera juice can be consumed for instant relief.
Aloe vera to cure acidity naturally

Pineapple and Orange juice

Add salt to pineapple or orange juice and drink it for immediate respite from acid reflux.
Pineapple and Orange juice to cure acidity naturally

Onion juice

Onion juice is mainly used in almost every household as a natural stimulant for hair growth.

Nevertheless, onions are also rich in inulin – a dietary fiber, which is an excellent source of good intestinal bacteria. Healthy bacteria help in digestion. Fresh onion juice can be consumed to prevent acidity.
Onion juice to cure acidity naturally


Coriander is one of the oldest herbs in the history of mankind. It dates back to 5000 B.C and has been mentioned in the Bible.

Besides being used as an aromatic spice, Coriander is an effective natural remedy for acidity. For best results, add a spoonful of coriander juice with buttermilk and drink it.
Coriander to cure acidity naturally


Pomegranate contains enzymes and fibers that aid digestion. Pomegranate juice maintains proper acid levels in the stomach. Drinking about 10 ml of pomegranate juice twice, daily, helps keep acid reflux at bay.
Pomegranate to cure acidity naturally

Cumin seeds

Cumin not only treats hemorrhoids and insomnia but also increases secretion of saliva, thus, reducing acidity. It improves metabolism and aids in easy digestion of food.

Here is how you can use cumin seeds against acidity.

Chew raw cumin seeds. Adding powdered cumin seeds in water and drinking it also provide respite from acid reflux.
Cumin seeds to cure acidity naturally

Cucumber juice

It is known that cucumber contains anti-oxidants and maintain blood sugar level.

However, cucumber also has high water content and ample dietary fiber, which help in easy digestion of food. Drinking fresh cucumber juice aids in preventing indigestion and treating acid reflux and heartburn.
Cucumber juice to cure acidity naturally


Besides containing nutrients like selenium and omega 3 fatty acids, mustard has alkaline properties, which makes it a good home remedy for acidity. Consume a teaspoon of mustard straight from the bottle.
Mustard to cure acidity naturally


Originating in the Middle East, almonds are generally eaten raw or toasted.

Eating three to four raw almonds after meals neutralizes the excess gastric juices in the stomach, hence providing relief from acid reflux and heartburn.
Almonds to cure acidity naturally

Chamomile tea

Add dried chamomile petals in boiling water and simmer for a few seconds. Remove the mixture from heat and let it soak for some more time before straining the tea. Drink the tea with honey or lemon. Chamomile reduces inflammation of stomach and maintains proper levels of acid secretion.
Chamomile tea to cure acidity naturally


Pickles contain vinegar, which neutralizes acidity in the stomach. Whenever symptoms of acid reflux occur, eat a few pickles or drink pickle juice to get relief.
Pickles to cure acidity naturally


Celery provides essential vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. Celery has been known to prevent ulcers and treat high blood pressure.

Celery, being alkaline in nature and being a mild sedative, soothes the muscles of the stomach, thereby boosting digestion.
Celery to cure acidity naturally


Papayas contain an enzyme called papain, which effectively digests carbohydrates and proteins, therefore, eliminating acidity and heartburn.
Papayas to cure acidity naturally


Cabbage neutralizes the bacteria called H. pylori, which causes heartburn. Put raw cabbage, banana, apple slices, purified water, and natural unflavored probiotic yogurt in a blender and drink the concoction.
Cabbage to cure acidity naturally


Asafetida, commonly known as heeng, is a spice, which is largely, used as a cooking spice because of its aroma and harmonizing qualities.

However, heeng also reduces harmful bacteria in the gut and eases up digestion. For best results, mix half a spoon of asafetida in tepid water and drink it.
Asafetida to cure acidity naturally

Baking soda

Besides treating minor skin irritation baking soda fights acidity quite efficiently.

Here is how it can be used to treat indigestion.

Add a spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it before the bubbling disappears. Being a natural antacid, it provides immediate relief from acidity.
Baking soda to cure acidity naturally

Herbal licorice

Herbal licorice helps coats the stomach with a gel-like substance, which prevents it from excess secretion of acid.
Herbal licorice to cure acidity naturally

Which is your goto remedy to cure acidity?

One off instance of acidity is not a big concern because it gets sorted automatically and does not require any treatment. But continuous acidity is not a good symptom and it must be dealt with. The good news is that the acidity can be cured permanently using the most commonly available natural ingredients like tulsi, jaggery, banana, ginger, aniseeds, papaya etc.

If you are suffering from frequent heartburns then you may want to consult a doctor to get to the root cause of the acidity problem. To avoid acidity, make sure to add more zinc in your diet, increase your consumption of bitter foods like endive, chicory, bitter melon etc.

We have already discussed some of the best remedies to cure acidity naturally and these homemade remedies should be sufficient to treat acidity easily. By maintaining the healthy living habits, eating mindfully and drinking plenty of water you can easily get rid of acidity. Although natural, some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions when taken. Consulting a physician is recommended to avoid any such allergic reactions.

Have you experienced frequent acidity? Have you tried any of these remedies? Let me know which one worked the best for you!

Till then, stay healthy, stay khus!

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