14 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water This Summer

14 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water and Reasons to Add It in Your Diet This Summer

Last updated on May 13th, 2020 at 07:05 am

Summer has hit hard in most parts of the world with people living in the humid countries like India already started feeling the heat. More and more cases of deaths due to heat stroke have been noted every year and it is actually increasing on an alarming rate. So, to combat this heat, one must take ample protection. However, this protection must not be limited to using a sunscreen or carrying an umbrella or wearing full sleeves etc. If you really want to protect your body then besides the above-mentioned things, you gotta eat right and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Try to incorporate foods and beverages that helps cool down your system and keeps you active all through the hot summer months. And, talking about naturally cooling drinks, one can never miss out the nutritious and refreshing coconut water. There can’t be anything better than to drink coconut water – the powerhouse of nutrients, minerals and electrolytes.

This is probably the best natural drink that you must not miss out this summer. In fact, not just the cooling effect, there are several benefits and reasons to drink coconut water especially in summer. And today in this post, I will be sharing about several benefits and reasons to drink coconut water this summer.

Summer months are very tiring and they simply drain the energy out of you. Sometimes, the heat can get unbearable and may take severe toll on your health. In fact, due to the increase in global warming, many experts believe that the summer heat is getting worse with every passing year which may add on to your already existing discomfort.

Summer has its own set of health issues with sun stroke as I mentioned above being a significant one. The summer heat can easily choke you and hamper your day to day lifestyle. It gives a certain feeling of fatigue and makes you irritated.

If you stay at home most of the time, you still get some respite but given the hectic lifestyle that most of us lead with regular schools, colleges, offices etc, you cannot even think of sitting at home all the time. So, if you have to go outside every day, then you need to take extra precaution and care for yourself to remain  protected from the summer heat.

And I think drinking coconut water on a regular basis will definitely help you out. I, in this article, will talk about the 14 top reasons to drink coconut water and why you should add it to your everyday diet this summer.

Reasons and benefits of drinking coconut water

Those of you, who has been experiencing the extreme summer heat, knows how tiring it is. It completely slows down your life’s pace and you hardly get to enjoy your days during that time. But, since the temperature is not in your hands, you may take up means to keep yourself protected during summer. While external protection matters, you must never forget to take protection from within and what better way to do that than to eat and drink proper. And, as far as refreshing summer drinks go, coconut water is the best summer drink option for you and you must never miss it out this summer.

In fact, I will be giving you many more reasons to add coconut water to your diet this summer. So, without wasting much time, let us dive into our topic of discussion today.

Keeps you hydrated

If you take the summer heat into consideration, then dehydration is quite a common problem and for that we are told to drink plenty of water. Now, water has a very blunt taste that inhibits many of us from drinking it in ample amounts. And if you are looking for a healthier alternative, drinking coconut water can certainly be a great choice. It not just has a sweet taste but will also help your summer body to stay hydrated for long.

Coconut water will cool your system and help your body to flush out the harmful toxins and stay detoxified. It also helps prevent the loss of various essential salts from your system and keep your body hydrated and energetic.

Loaded with minerals

Now, as you know in summer, the damp humid atmosphere makes you sweat a lot and with it, many essential nutrients get lost. But, if you drink coconut water in good amounts, then your summer body will be able to regain most of the healthy nutrients that it requires.

Coconut water being a natural product is very nutritious for your summer body. It is a powerhouse of nutrients with potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, amino acids, etc being the noted ones present in it. Moreover, it is free of any added sugar or other preservatives unlike the commercial health drinks and thus it keeps you refreshed and active in a healthy manner.

Keeps your heart healthy

The heart is one of the most important organs and you have to keep it healthy. But, with the summer heat, sometimes the risk to your heart increases which intensifies the chances of a heart attack or stroke. Some of the essential factors that put your heart in danger are high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Now, in summer, you are already pissed off and stressed out that can affect your blood pressure levels. You may develop a high pressure or hypertension that in turn may put your heart at risk. But, not to worry as coconut water is there to take care of that and studies has already proved that. It relaxes your system and helps you keep calm.

In fact, not just the blood pressure or the hypertension, as per research, you can also regulate cholesterol levels by drinking coconut water which is an important thing to do if you want to keep your heart healthy. Drinking coconut water in adequate amounts will help increase the levels of good cholesterol HDL and reduce the levels of bad cholesterol LDL, and that will be great for your heart.

Good for digestive system

In summer, you tend to suffer from several digestive issues with constipation and diarrhoea being common issues. However, with proper consumption of coconut water, you can get rid of such problems. The bioactive enzymes present inside coconut water helps your body to get detoxified. It flushes out all the harmful toxins and repairs the damaged cells in no time.

Coconut water helps you in better absorption of food and improves your digestive capabilities. It also ensures smooth elimination of your excreta and help you get rid of digestive problems. It is also beneficial in soothing your intestinal pain and spasm.

Regulates blood sugar levels

The presence of the amino acids and dietary fiber in coconut water helps to regulate the blood sugar levels in your body. It also improves the insulin sensitivity which makes it good for the diabetic patients. In fact, doctors often recommend coconut water to them as it helps getting rid of the symptoms of diabetes. Also, several researches are a proof how much effective it is for diabetic patients in reducing high blood sugar and oxidative stress.

Drinking coconut water also improves the circulation process and helps you get rid of the numbness in your feet or reduces the chances to get affected by atherosclerosis.

Helps you get over hangover

If you have a habit of drinking a lot, (which you must not) then coconut water may help you in getting rid of the hangover. This is because the electrolytes in your body get replenished with coconut water consumption. It also hydrates your system and prevents you from vomiting or having a serious headache. It also helps you combat oxidative stress that might result due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Extremely beneficial for your skin

The summer heat not just takes a toll on your health but may severely damage your skin as well. Your skin may turn lifeless and may tan a lot due to the scorching UV rays. But, with coconut water, you can regain the lost lustre of your skin and this is indeed one of the top reasons to add coconut water to your diet this summer.

Coconut water helps you maintain the electrolytic balance of your body that keeps your skin flawless.It also contains various minerals and other antioxidants that help you in getting rid of the wrinkles and cellulites from your skin. In addition, the anti-aging hormone cytokinin present is instrumental in battling all the age-related skin issues and helps you maintain that youthful ageless charm for long.

Fights various kinds of infections

We, in our day to day life come across thousands of germs that can make us fall ill anytime but if you drink coconut water in adequate amounts, you will be able to combat them. This is because coconut water contains lauric acid that increases the resistance of your body and helps you fight various fungal and bacterial infections.

With proper consumption of coconut water, a disease resisting organic chemical named monolaurin is produced in your body that improves the overall immune system and also fight the viral infections. Coconut water is also great in preventing intestinal worms and candida.

Treats migraine

Migraine has become a common problem nowadays with people suffering from severe headache and the other side effects of it. Now, long exposure to the sunrays or the extreme heat can trigger your problem of migraine any time and so you must be especially careful to protect yourself from it. One quick and easy remedy is definitely to drink enough of water and some coconut water.

As per scientific research, most people who suffer from migraines have low amounts of magnesium in their system which is definitely one of the factors of getting affected by it. But, since coconut water is rich in magnesium, drinking it in adequate amounts will help you lessen the problem to a great extent. So, if you are a victim of migraine, this is one of the top reasons to add coconut water to your diet this summer.

Promotes weight loss

Obesity is a serious issue and if you can lose some pounds drinking coconut water, I think this is wonderful. Coconut water is 100% natural and is free from any added preservatives and is also very low on calories. You can control your weight by drinking coconut water. It is great for your digestive system that further improves the metabolic activity of your body and the better the metabolism; the faster will be your calorie burn.

Excess sodium in body makes you gain body fat but coconut water is rich in potassium that helps in balancing the sodium levels in body. Coconut water is also a great detoxifying agent that helps you remain healthy and free of harmful chemicals.

Keep you energized

The summer heat drains you off your energy and you tend to have a feeling of fatigue. But, coconut water acts as that perfect kick that boosts up your energy levels. It freshens you up and keeps you energized and active all through the day in summer. It improves your daily performance and also keeps you in good mood. So, make coconut water your favourite energy booster this summer and enjoy the freshness that it offers.

Magically good for kidneys

One of the top reasons to add coconut water to your diet this summer is to protect your kidneys. The number of cases of kidney stones and kidney failures has become quite common and drinking coconut water regularly can be seriously beneficial for your kidneys. Coconut water is diuretic in nature and is good for your urinary system. Daily consumption of coconut water leads to smooth and increased flow of urine and can also treat several urinary tract infections and other urological diseases, especially in men.

Controls acidity

If you have eaten a lot of junk food and have started feeling the discomfort, then coconut water may come handy to you. This is because the coconut water neutralizes the pH balance of your body. Also, the presence of alkali in coconut water reacts with the acidic substances in your body and helps you fight acidity. That is whyyou are often recommended by doctors to drink coconut water when you are suffering from indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation (which I have already mentioned in my digestion point).

Best alternative to soft drinks

Most of the time you go out in the sun; you get thirsty and crave to drink something cold and refreshing. Now, in most cases, you buy the commercial soft drinks to quench your thirst and feel energetic but do you know how harmful they are? Well, several reports have shown such drinks to be the reason behind several health issues, some of which may also get life-threatening. So, it is better to get rid of these and concentrate on something natural. And, when you think of a natural drink for summer, you surely cannot forget about the refreshing coconut water.

Coconut water serves all the purposes that any other cold drink serves plus it being natural is fully safe for your system. It can quench your summer thirst easily and make you feel cool and refreshed from inside. So, why risk yourself drinking the artificial drinks and instead go for the natural coconut water.

Precautions regarding coconut water

See, coconut water is a great natural drink and it is a must have item to combat the summer heat. In fact, I already shared with you enough reasons to drink coconut water this summer. Since, everyone’s physiology is not the same, sometimes even natural products like coconut water may also give a reverse negative effect. So, below I have listed some of the rare conditions where you might avoid drinking coconut water or even if you do, make sure you drink coconut water moderately.

  • If you are having nut allergies, then it is better to avoid drinking coconut water. This may not happen to all, so you may drink it once and see whether it discomforts you. If not, then you may continue drinking coconut water, else you should avoid it.
  • While coconut water is great to remove acidity and problems related to gas but few may experience mild stomach upset and bloating after drinking coconut water. So, for them, it is better not to drink coconut water.
  • In case, you have a scheduled surgery, make sure you stop drinking coconut water at least 2 weeks prior to that. This is because it may interfere with your blood pressure control during or after your surgery.
  • Coconut water is good for your kidneys and can prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. But, if your kidneys are already dysfunctional then it is better you avoid coconut water as it may cause difficulties. You can also consult a doctor before taking a step.
  • Those of you, who already has overdose of potassium in your body may avoid coconut water as it contains lot of potassium which may affect your system. As, you know too much of anything is bad.


Summer days are really challenging in many parts of the world. The temperature soars to such a limit that one finds it really difficult sometimes. While some fail to cope up with it and fall victim to sun strokes, most of us are completely robbed off our energy. We hardly feel like going out and carry on with our daily activities. Especially those, who have to regularly go out in the sun, be it for school, college or office, are the ones who get maximum affected by it. But, given the fact, that you cannot avoid it, you have to take alternate measures to protect yourself. Just like carrying an umbrella or wearing a sunscreen is a must, you must concentrate on what you eat and never forget to include coconut water in your diet chart.

In my today’s article, I have listed all the 14 top reasons to drink coconut water this summer. Every point I mentioned are very mandatory for you to avoid during the hot summer and if by drinking something so cheap, simple, natural, harmless and easily available as coconut water can do the trick, then why not go for it. Coconut water is extremely needed to protect your summer body from the excessive heat outside. It cools down your system, freshens and hydrates you, keeps your heart healthy, takes care of your migraine issues and many more that are common during summer.

In fact, not just health, it takes super care for your skin as well. It brings new life to it and leaves a youthful ageless glow on it.Also, the various nutrients present in it keeps your immune system strong, that in turn protects you from various infections and diseases not just during summer but all through the year.

However, despite the several health benefits of coconut water that we came to know, you must be careful in case you are nut allergenic, have dysfunctionalkidneys, have high potassium or in case you are about to get your surgery done. So, these are few of the conditions where you might avoid drinking coconut water. But for rest of you, it is just fine and you must drink it this summer.

Are you living in a very humid country? Are you pissed off with the summer heat and worried about how to protect yourself and your family members? Well, then these top 14 reasons to drink coconut water and why it should be in your diet this summer will hopefully motivate you a bit. So, do try out coconut water and share your feedbacks on it in our comments section. Also, if you find the article interesting, you may like, comment and share it with others.

Until then, stay safe, drink coconut water and do not let the summer heat stop you from enjoying the days.

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