Foods for Oily Skin: Foods to Eat and Avoid for Oily Skin

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There are some lucky souls who are naturally blessed with normal healthy skins, while the rest of us keep on fighting with excessive dry or oily skin. When our skin is exposed to the outer environment, the pollution, oil and dirt then this leads to unhealthy skin conditions and dermatological issues.

Foods for Oily Skin: Foods to Eat and Avoid for Oily Skin

Oily skin refers to the presence of excessive oil. Our body normally produces oil to soften our skin. But production of excess skin oil within the pores cause the oily skin, which may lead to several skin related issues.  There are number of sweat glands on your facial area, scalp etc, and the sweat glands emit excess amount of sweat, making the skin oily. With healthy diet, you can easily solve the problem of oily skin. Today in this post, we are going to learn about various foods for oily skin – what to eat and what to avoid for oily skin.

Foods are the substances that you consume and then they become the part of your system. You can take proper care of your oily skin by maintaining balanced diet.

If you are having enough fiber in your diet, then your system will be free from toxins. Similarly, drinking lots of water can help you to get rid of oily skin problems. Water detoxify your body, and flush out toxins in the form of urine and sweat. Naturally, your skin will look fresh, and glowing.

Oily skin is prone to pimples, acne and pigmentation because the pores attract the dirt. Washing face frequently with water or with rose water can help you tremendously.

Problems of oily skin

The open pores of the oily skin are the entry points of the outside pollution. When you go out in the morning, the pores open up due to the activation of the sweat glands. These pores emit sweats and also allow the dust particles to enter in your skin. This in turn causes the pimples, acne and pigmentation.

The dust particles enter your skin, blocking the pores. If the case is severe, then oily skin can also cause rashes and allergies. But thankfully, oily skin can be easily dealt with proper food and by adopting healthy living habits. Before it is too late, you should start taking care of your skin and eat food that’s good for oily skin and avoid food which is bad for oily skin.

Best foods for oily skin – add these in your daily diet

There are some natural organic foods like the fresh fruits and vegetables which are good for oily skin. These fruits not only take care of your skin but also your body as a whole. The internal organs like digestive organs, heart, brain, and kidney can remain healthy due to the daily intake of natural resources. The foods that have high water content are good for your oily skin. Apart from eating, you can also apply these fruits on your face and neck and get glowing skin. Let us now look the foods that are good for your oily skin.


Cucumbers have more than 90% water in them and hence a great rehydrating agent. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties due to which the germs and bacteria can be killed easily. Cucumbers are also mild bleaching agents, so if you are tanned and all sweaty, then take a slice of cucumber and rub it gently all over your face and neck. Wash it after 15 minutes. If you have dark circles, which is pretty common these days, keep thin slices of cucumber on your eyelids and relax. Continue doing it and gradually you can find that the dark circle is getting lighter.


If you have oily skin, then having one banana daily can be greatly beneficial. The bananas have phosphates, potassium and Vitamin E which helps in glowing skin. The banana is another strong detoxifying agent; it can close the pores and thus prevent the dirt from entering in your skin.

Not just the pulp of banana, but banana skin is also very good for your skin. You can rub the banana peel on your skin, after rubbing you can see that the inner white portions of the banana peels are blackish. The banana skins can be excellent natural scrubber by which you can remove the dead skin cells from your face.


Nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts are excellent source of Vitamin E. Though you can get Vitamin E from various other foods, but nuts are too delicious and you can have them any time. You can mix the nuts with yoghurt and honey and then have it as a delicious snack.

Vitamin E helps in the healing process of the skin, the cell membranes are strengthened which helps close the pores. If you are having a break out of acne and pimples, then nuts can be a potent solution for the skin problem.

Leafy greens

Spinach and kale have all the good nutrients stored in them. The Vitamin A, C, E and K present in spinach can reduce the inflammation. With reduced inflammation, the blood circulation is enhanced and the pores remain closed.

You can add spinach and kale in curries, and also in sandwiches and soups and salads. You can also make a green smoothie with the leafy greens and have it daily in the morning.

Fiber foods

Foods like whole grains, pulses, corns, brown rice, legumes, oats, and wheat are fiber and they can promote healthy glowing skin. The rich fiber foods are easily digested by the body and can produce roughage.

The toxins in your body can produce various skin problems like pimples, acne, wrinkles, ageing signs etc. The fiber intake can increase the collagen in your cells, and the skins are tight and glowing.

Bad food for oily skin – avoid eating these food

The foods that are harmful for your oily skin, they are also harmful for your body too. Foods like fatty junk foods, oily foods with high sugar content are especially harmful for you. Some foods that you can avoid are as follows:

Added sugars

There are two kinds of sugars, firstly the natural sugars which are present in fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas etc. Secondly, there are the added sugars, which means the sugars that are artificial and added from outside, to enhance the taste.

The cakes, pastries, packet fruit juice, sweets, readymade foods, flavored foods contain high amount of added sugar. If you are taking in high dosages of sugar, then the insulin production will be compromised and the inflammation will increase. The skin will become much oily, thus adding to your problem.

Fatty oily foods

The oily foods, junk foods can deteriorate the condition. These foods will create a stress on your liver; your foods will take longer time to get digested. The oily junk foods are the causes of unwanted toxins in your body.

The toxins will block the air circulation in the skin, and the pimples will be born. The oily skin is susceptible to pimples and the junk foods will add to the misery.

White flour or maida

The enriched flour or the maida is especially for the oily skin. The maida does not have the positive traits of the gram flour or the atta. Maida produces excess oil, and adds to the greasy texture of your skin.

Foods like pasta, puri, noodles, samosa, paani puri are made of maida and it is advisable to avoid these foods for oily skin.

Red meat

If you have oily skin, then avoid the red meat, pork, beef, and steak. The red meat or the fatty meat can increase the cholesterol in your body and cause disease like thyroid and diabetes and also obesity. The excess fat accumulation in the body can result in oily skin.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods like the red Indian curries are not at all beneficial for your oily skin. The spicy foods cannot be digested easily and excess of spices can also give rise to toxins. If you have oily skin, then having soups, salads, light foods, are preferred.

Over to you

If you are applying face masks and packs only, then the problem of oily skin will not be met. By having proper diet, you can cleanse your body and get rid of unwanted toxins. The fresh fruits and vegetables constitute the best diet for your oily skin. Foods like bananas, grapes, apples, and leafy greens, chicken are good for you. But the junk oily foods may be avoided for the sake of your skin.

Are you taking the right foods for your oily skin?

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