Health Benefits of Sweet Lime or Mosambi

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Sweet lime or Mosambi is one of the most popular and tastiest citrus fruits. Mosambi juice is the staple drink for the Indian summers. The Mosambi fruit is often termed as the king of fruits due to the versatile nature of the fruit. You can simply slice and eat it, make juice or pickle it for later use. The regular lime is not that sweet in taste, but the sweet lime on the other hand is as tasty as mangoes or melons or any other juicy fruit you can think of. And not only the taste, there are innumerable health benefits of sweet lime or the Mosambi fruits. Today in this post, we are going to discuss about various health benefits of Mosambi or sweet lime.

Health Benefits of Sweet Lime (Mosambi)

It’s cultivated in India and many other tropical countries of the world. As I said, the mosambi or sweet lime is not only popular for its magnificent taste, but also due to the nutritious properties that it has. Mosambi juice is often prescribed by doctors and health experts for the overall well being of a patient.

Sweet lime is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which are required by the human body. It’s a complete balanced diet. When having hunger pangs, you can always grab a fresh and juicy mosambi and enjoy it to the core. The fruit is also rich in water content which makes it ideal to fight dehydration.

Health benefits of sweet lime

Mosambi or sweet lime is a citrus fruit just like oranges and they are rich in Vitamin C. Be it improving your immunity or hydrating your body, or improving digestion or making your skin glow. In all these cases, the sweet lime or mosambi can help you a great deal. Let us look at some of the health benefits of sweet lime – the marvelous citrus fruit.

Improving immunity

The fruit is rich in Vitamin C which promotes good circulation of blood throughout the body. With better circulation, the immunity of the body improves overall. Thus, with regular consumption of mosambi, you can fight against common cold and minor infections. If you are tired of minor cold, sweet lime or mosambi can be the best for you.

The immune system is like the security guard of the body; your body will fight back against the germs and also shield your body from getting infected with various diseases. During season change, or during monsoon, many people suffer from fever or cough and cold. People, who consume sweet lime or mosambi on a frequent basis, can prevent these symptoms from occurring.

Improves digestion

The sweet lime or mosambi is enriched with flavonoids which help in better digestion. The fruit juice helps in producing bile juice which can make the digestive system better. The bile juice helps in breaking down the food particles so that the glucose is released into the bloodstream.

People who suffer from indigestion, gastrointestinal problems and irregular bowel movements are often advised to have a mosambi daily. The fruit helps in neutralizing the acidic condition of the stomach, cures acid reflux, and improves digestion.

Prevents rheumatoid arthritis

Mosambi or sweet lime is rich in carotenoids and flavonoids which can reduce inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit help in preventing and fighting against diseases like ostheoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The fruit helps in reducing swelling and inflammation which are the two main causes for arthritis. The swelling of the joints and muscles are painful and you may find problem in moving your muscles.

Consuming mosambi or sweet lime is beneficial for curing arthritis. If you are having pain, then try having one fruit, and you will find comfort gradually.

Treating ulcers

Peptic ulcers are painful open sores that can develop in various places like stomach, esophagus, and also intestines. Ulcers can be very painful, abdominal pain can be one of the symptoms of ulcers. The sweet lime or mosambi can react with alkaline condition of the stomach and thus help in treating the ulcers.

If you are having mouth ulcers, then you wash your mouth with mosambi juice and warm water. The open sores can be treated with this fruit. Doctors often advise the patients suffering from ulcers to have mosambi fruit or juice daily to prevent and cure ulcers.

Help in weight loss

The mosambi or sweet lime helps in promoting weight loss, and also helps in reducing belly fat. The mosambi fruit is rich in water, and healthy minerals which can keep you fuller for longer hours. The fruit can be digested easily by the liver and the glucose is released in the blood stream.

When you are hungry, instead of snacking on junk foods, you can grab one mosambi and enjoy the sweet taste. The sweet lime juice also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and also the blood pressure. Drink mosmabi juice daily, or even eat the whole fruit.

Treating urinary disorders

Urinary tract infections, cystitis, bladder infections all these can be treated with the help of mosambi or sweet lime. Mosambi is rich in potassium, which helps in detoxifying the kidneys.

These urinary infections occur due to the presence of unwanted toxins in the body. The sweet lime is rich in anti-oxidants, the anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit also helps in curing the urinary and kidney disorders.

Fights against cancer

The sweet lime or mosambi is rich in limonoids which help in fighting various kinds of cancer. Consuming the fruit daily can release glucose in the blood. It can stop the oxiodation due to its anti-oxidising properties; it can remove the movement of the free radicals which are responsible in spreading the cancerous cells throughout the body.

Benefits of mosambi for skin

As i said, health benefits of sweet lime or mosambi is not limited to immunity and weight loss, but it’s equally beneficial for your skin as well. The fruit pulp, fruit juice and also the skin of the fruit are all very beneficial for your skin. Your skin has to face a lot of unfavorable conditions like blemishes, tan, pigmentation, rashes, pimples etc. the sweet lime can help you a lot in taking good care of your skin.

Cures dark spots and blemishes

The sweet lime has bleaching properties, which can help in clearing the dark spots and blemishes from your skin. The fruit juice is helpful; apply the same with the help of a cotton wool. You can leave the juice for 15 minutes and then wash off.

Pimples and acne

Pimples and acne are caused due to the pollution. The skin pores are enlarged and the germs and dirt enter your skin. This is the reason of the pimples, and the pimples are prone to grow in oily skin. The peel of the fruit can be of great help here. Make a thick paste by grinding the peel, and add some rose water to make a proper face pack.

Ageing signs and wrinkles

The wrinkles and other ageing signs can be cured by the help of the sweet lime. The fruit juice or the peel is very helpful. It will increase the collagen of the skin, which can clear the ageing signs.

Over to you

The sweet lime or the mosambi is the main fruit for you for all reasons. There are several benefits, like:

  • Improving Immunity
  • Cures Urinary disorders
  • Fights cancer
  • Fights arthritis
  • Helps in weight loss

You can eat the whole fruit, add it in fruit salads, make fresh juice at home without adding sugar, and make pickles and candies. Include the fruit in your daily diet and enjoy the benefits.

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