17 Best Ways to Stop Eating Sugar and Lose Weight Fast

Ways to Stop Eating Sugar and Lose Weight Fast

Last updated on May 13th, 2020 at 07:11 am

Obesity has become a serious health issue in modern times with a greater section of middle aged men and women suffering from excessive weight gain. In fact, not just middle-aged people, even youngsters fell victim to it. While there can be several reasons behind that, one such primary reason as confirmed by studies is the excessive intake of sugar and sugary foods. Most of us are sweet lovers and often find sugary foods irresistible, isn’t it? But as we know, excess consumption of sugar and sugary food products increases every possibility of unnecessary weight gain. Obesity is itself a disease but it, as per modern scientific research, can further lead to several other health problems, some of which can get life threatening. So, it is better to maintain proper body weight and do whatever it takes to lose those extra pounds if you are already overweight.While there are several ways using which you can combat obesity, one sure shot way is to cut your sugar intake. It is sometimes necessary to get rid of greed and eat healthy. So, if you are a sweet lover and you’re overweight and desperately want to get back in shape, then here are 17 best ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight easily.

If you look back into ancient times, you will find your ancestors to be fitter and healthier than you are today. This is because they led a much disciplined lifestyle and ate all types of healthy foods, in right proportion. But, in today’s lifestyle there has been a lot of indiscipline seen mainly with our food habits. See, all kinds of food if eaten in moderate amounts is OK but the moment, you over consume something, it is bound to have its negative impacts on your health. Similar is the case with sugar consumption. If you are eating sugar in limited quantity, it is not a problem but overconsumption of sugar may lead to several health problems with gaining excessive weight being an inevitable consequence. And, once you turn obese, you have to stop eating sugar to a great extent or may be completely. So, to help you out I will be sharing 17 essential ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight. These remedies have worked immensely for many, including two of my friends and I hope that you also will benefit from them.

Are you excited to know about the best ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight fast? Then, let’s dive in and learn about the various ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight.

Best ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight easily

Now, that you know that excessive sugar intake is one of the vital reasons behind unnecessary weight gain, it is time that you restrict eating it. But, since many of you cannot live without sugar and often fall for the greed, I have brought some easy ways that will help you control your sugar intake easily. Check these out and see whether it works in your case.

Here are the essential ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight:

Educate yourself about the consequences

This is the primary step that you should take in order to know how to stop eating excessive sugar and lose weight. It is useless to panic without knowing the real information. Not all sweet things are harmful and you must know the difference. For that you have make yourself knowledgeable and get your facts right.

Naturally occurring sugar is not harmful for obesity and so you can eat them. Various fruits, vegetables and plain dairy products contains sugar but they are not that harmful. Instead the main cause of concern is the added sugar found in various market products.

So,whenever you are eating something, it is better to check the ingredients list. If you see words like honey, sugar, organic cane juice, agave etc. it means that the food contains added sugar and you must avoid it.

Opt for unsweetened products

Whenever you go to the market to buy foods, it is necessary for you to buy only the unsweetened products. Whether it is almond milk, apple sauce or nut butter, most of these have an unsweetened variety and you must buy those.

Eating unsweetened variety will save you from gaining extra calories and if you diligently maintain it, you will be able to lose weight within months.

Go to shopping with a full stomach

Human psychology is very essential and there are few facts regarding human psychology that you must know to help yourself reduce your sugar consumption. One such important and interesting thing is to go to shopping with a full stomach. Well, it may sound weird but it really is essential.

As per experts, when you are hungry, you tend to lose your logical thinking and forget about the dietary goals which may end up with you shopping lots of sugar-laden and other unhealthy foods. So, the next time, you visit the grocery shop, remember to eat before that. This will keep you in control of what ingredients you are buying and concentrate only on the healthy ones.

Avoid the soft drinks

If you really want to keep yourself healthy, then please try to avoid the cold drinks. Various cold drinks and sodas contain lots of added sugar that is enough to make you overweight within few months. Lots of research have shown the craze among individuals especially youngsters to drink diet sodas and drinks which has further led to obesity at a very young age.

In fact, not just obesity, drinking cold drinks and diet sodas in excess can cause other health problems as well with Diabetes being a significant one. So, kindly avoid such drinks and stay safe.

Opt for naturally sweet fruits and vegetables

The next time you have sugar cravings you can go for the natural sweeteners to soothe your taste buds. By natural sweeteners I mean the natural and healthy fruits and vegetables. A ripe papaya, banana or a juicy red watermelon can easily satisfy your sweet tooth and save you from munching on the sugar-laden goodies. This is one of the easiest and essential ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight.

Restrict your dry fruits intake

It may shock you a bit but yes, dried fruits are not free from added sugar and so you must restrict the intake of them. The dry fruit manufacturers often soak them in juice concentrates or sweetened syrup or add sugar to add on to the taste as well as extend the shelf life of the fruit. So, if you are eager to shed those extra pounds by avoiding excessive sugar intakes, then restricting the consumption of the dried fruits is a good option for you. Instead eat the fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables and keep yourself healthy.

Eat fennel seeds for it has no sugar

You can take the help of fennel seeds to stop eating sugar and lose weight. This is because the fennel seeds are naturally sweet but there is no sugar in them. This will help you satisfy your sugar cravings as well as not increase your body weight.

Moreover, fennel seeds are great mouth fresheners that are effective against belly bloating and are good appetite suppressants which will further restrict your daily calorie intake and hence help you shed kilos. So, chew fennels seeds when you feel the sugar cravings.

A cup of tea often helps

Another way in which you can avoid intaking sugar and lose weight is with a cup of tea. Whenever you feel the craving to eat sugar, you can drink some tea with little amount of honey in it to improve the taste. However, do not mix too much honey as that will have a reverse effect.

There are various varieties of tea like mint tea, chamomile, cinnamon etc. and you can experiment with all of them and see which one you enjoy the most. A cup of tea freshens you and makes you energetic as well besides serving the above-mentioned purpose. I have seen my father using this trick whenever he feels like eating sugary foods and trust me it works for him. You may also try it out and see for yourself.

Eat plain Greek yogurt

I know you love the various flavoured yogurts found in market. For example, the yogurt with lime-pie flavour that tastes delicious. But you must not eat these because; they contain sugar in great amounts that can soar up your calories every time you consume them.

Therefore, it is better that you concentrate on the plain Greek yogurts. This one is healthy to eat and does not increase your body weight. You may top it with various healthy fruits to make your yogurt taste juicier. Spices like nutmeg and cinnamon are also good and can be added to the Greek yogurt. In fact, cinnamon is good in balancing your blood sugar and boosting the metabolism of your body that in turn is great for losing weight. Researches show the potential of cinnamon in controlling diabetes and hence you must use it to the best of your advantage.

Replace the milky chocolates with the dark ones

Although, one must eat chocolates in limited amounts but still if you are a chocolate lover, then you can eat them but make sure you consume the dark ones instead of the milky ones. This is because regular milk chocolate contains lots of sugar that is very harmful and can make you gain lot of weight.

On the other hand, dark chocolates are comparatively healthier and contain plenty of iron and fiber which is good for your body. Moreover, dark chocolates leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth that does not let you crave for more unlike the milky ones which leaves a sour aftertaste that intensifies your sugar cravings.

Eat natural tomatoes instead of tomato sauce

Many of you love to eat fries or pasta with tomato sauce to add on to the taste but please try to avoid it as much as possible. Tomato sauce have added sugar in it that can harm your already over weighted body. In fact, try out eating your snacks with the freshly chopped tomatoes after mixing them with little olive oil and some spices like basil or garlic.

Tomatoes are naturally sweet and by mixing olive oil and the spices, you can easily satisfy your taste buds.

Choose milk alternatives that are unsweetened

If you are looking for alternatives for milk, please make sure you are buying the unsweetened ones. Most of the varieties have added sugar in them that are harmful for you and so try to avoid them. It is preferable that you go for the plain unsweetened containers and save yourself from gaining excess calories.

Regular cow’s milk is also good as it contains natural sugars.

Sleep well for 6-8 hours

Well, while you must be thinking that sleeping a lot might make you lazy and make you gain kilos, there is a different side to the story as well. The experts believe that you need good amount of sleep in order to stop eating sugar and lose weight. Well, let me explain you in detail.

See, the reason here I mentioned about good night’s sleep is because, the less you sleep, the more will be your food cravings. Lack of proper sleep increases your appetite mainly your sugar cravings as your body craves for more energy. So, have a good 8 hours sleep at night and keep yourself energetic all through the day.

Avoid the white breads

Many of you might have made white bread a staple breakfast option but let me tell you that it is dangerous especially if you are overweight. This is because white bread is made up of refined white flour that is not much good for your health and most importantly it is packed with sugar. So, if you are looking to adopt essential ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight, then you have to reduce eating so much of white bread.

A good alternative to white bread is the brown one and the healthier alternative is the wholegrain bread. So, the choice is yours.

Get rid of the unhealthy energy bars

Until and unless you are running a marathon or regularly involved in high intensity exercises, you do not need to consume the high energy bars. The high energy meals and snacks are packed with lots of added sugar and other preservatives that can harm your system and increase your bodyweight drastically. So, try to keep your diet simple and avoid the intake of high calories.

Honey in moderate amounts is good

Yes, honey contains sugar but it is a far better option for the sweet lovers. This is because it is a natural ingredient made up by the bees. It also contains natural sugar of five different kinds along with various other medicinal compounds and antioxidants. Honey being natural is also sweeter than refined sugar and so it is going to satisfy your taste buds much better and also in a healthier manner.

In addition, as per modern research, honey is mildly anti-diabetic in nature and so eating it won’t affect you much even if you are a diabetic patient. However, as I said, you must never overdo and stay in your limits.

Go for plain oats

Oats are definitely a good breakfast or evening meal option but if you go for the flavoured ones, it may harm you. The flavoured ones contain lots of chemicals and added sugar that is harmful for healthy living so it is better to consume plain oats. This is one of the essential ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight and you must definitely give it a try.

You may add the kitchen staples like nutmeg, fruit, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice or vanilla extract to make your plain oatstastier and healthier.


In recent times, the number of health problems have manifolded all thanks to the excess pollution and the excessive unhealthy foods that we love to eat. Obesity is one such serious problem that has led to several other health problems. It, in fact, not just affects you physically but also affects your mental health. Many youngers experience severe bulling which can drive them into depression. There are several factors that can lead to severe weight gain. But, here in my today’s article, I have laid stress on the excessive consumption of sugar to be one of the vital reasons behind abnormal weight gain.

See, everything does not happen overnight. It is basically the result of the excess sugar intake over a prolonged period of time that has mounted to a severe problem today which has made you panic all of a sudden. But if we could restrict it from the very beginning then things will not get out of our hand. I have observed the sufferings from many obese patients closely and thought that maybe I could help you cut of your sugar cravings and guide you to lose weight. So, especially for the sugar lovers, I have jotted down 17 ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight. Most of these methods are trialled and tested and hopefully if you follow them diligently and with patience, you can overcome your problems.

The main focus of my today’s discussion is that, you should try and avoid most of the flavoured products as most of them contain added sugar and other juice concentrations that are not at all healthy. So, if you eat the plain ones like plain oats, plain yogurt and top it with healthy fruits and spices, the foods will taste good as well as will get healthier for you. You can use several tricks to trick your taste buds as well. Whenever you have sugar cravings, you may drink a cup of tea or chew some fennel seeds and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ditch all the unhealthy energy bars and concentrate on the naturally sweet fruits and vegetables. Honey is one natural product and it is a better option for you. Similarly, for chocolate lovers, munch on the dark ones instead of the milky ones.

Here, I have talked about some of the best and easy ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight which are really helpful. But, besides following all these, you must never forget your daily physical workouts. This is very important if you want to stay fit and shed extra pounds faster. Avoid the unhealthy oily and fatty stuffs and maintain a balanced diet. Follow a good disciplined lifestyle and do drink plenty of water to stay detoxified. Eat high-fiber foods so that your digestive system remains strong and you experience healthy metabolism. This is because with boost in metabolic rate, you will be able to burn calories far better.

Are you a sugar lover and is frustrated being overweight for that? Well, then you may try out my recommended list of some of the best ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight. The ways are very simple and easy and you may try them out and share your feedbacks on them. We are open for suggestions so you can suggest some other essential ways to stop eating sugar and lose weight as well.

Until then, stay fit, stay healthy and do not let your sugar intake take a toll on your body weight. Also, do not forget to like, comment and share the post with others in case you find it interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely tips , I have used the green tea and it really works because I lost 10kg within 8 months without exercise but I eat more of fiber and protein plus the fact that I take my dinner before 1900hr everyday and I also eat every other food but moderately.

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