How To Be Fit and Healthy at Home Without Hitting the Gym

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According to World Health Organization, 45% of the world population is suffering from obesity and overweight. Obesity and excess weight could cause many health disorders like heart related issue, cholesterol, thyroid, back pain etc. Everybody wants to be fit and healthy and probably that’s the reason they join a gym. But, many of us don’t have the motivation or time to hit the gym everyday to get in shape and become fit and healthy.

How To Be Fit and Healthy at Home Without Hitting the Gym

But did you know that there are many other ways to be fit and healthy and that too without a gym membership? Yes, you heard it right. You can actually lose weight and get in shape and become fit and healthy without joining a gym.

A friend of mine who is super health conscious and mother of two shared some awesome tricks that help in putting off weight and getting in shape. She is the mother of two kids, but you won’t be able to guess it easily. When I asked her about the fitness routine she followed, here’s what he said to me.

After the second pregnancy, she had put on enough weight, and naturally had no time to go to the gym. After all, she has to look after two of the kids and other day to day tasks.

But she believes that “in order to reach your fitness goal, you do not need to enroll yourself in expensive gym; rather what you have to do is eat right, eat healthy and follow a few healthy living habits. If you are impatient and discontinue following those habits, then you are bound to get back to square one. “

And I see a point there.

Whether you hit the gym or not, eating fresh and healthy home cooked food, giving up sugar and excess of carbohydrates and few other healthy eating habits is all it takes to become fit and healthy.

If you are in the process of losing weight and finding it hard to get in shape and become fit and healthy, then here’s the post worth reading.

Tips to be fit and healthy without gym membership

If I have to share just one secret to become fit and healthy, then I would say eating right. What you eat is what you become and hence when you eat right, you can easily be fit and healthy.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier

Just manage to squeeze out 30 minutes of your daily routine, and it is better if you can start the day 30 minutes earlier. Sleep 30 minutes earlier the previous night, so that you can wake up on time. Start the day early, and in this extra 30 minutes, you can do some cardio, pushups or even morning walk and jogging. You cannot manage this extra 30 minutes time in the middle of the day as you will be surrounded by thousands of works and household chores. So, this time is essential.

Eat right

Usually when we talk about losing weight, we think of skipping meals. But that’s wrong. You should eat high protein breakfast, give up sugar and carbonated drinks like cola, eat whole grain foods and fresh vegetable and seasonal fruits, eat lots of fiber and do minimum half an hour of light free exercise and yoga.

Eating right and burning it everyday is the secret to get in shape and become fit and healthy. Here are some of the quick and simple tricks to help you get in shape and become fit and healthy without gym membership.

Include lots of veggies and fruits in your diet

Diet is the most important thing if you are planning to lose some weight and maintain a healthy body. Foods are the things that are entering your body; you are consuming the things that will affect your system.

If you are eating lost of oily stuff and junk food, then you will not just gain weight, but also harm your health in various ways. The vegetables and fruits will benefit your health in many ways. They will increase your immunity and metabolism, you will feel energetic throughout the day, and you will not feel lethargic.

Drink enough water

Water is that liquid which is better the more you drink. Water will help you to make you fuller, it will reduce your appetite, it will improve your digestion and kidney functions, it will detoxify your body, and the fast digestion will not allow the fat to be accumulated in your body. You must drink about 7-8 liters of water daily to enjoy the health benefits.

Take the stairs always

Be it your flat, apartment or your own house, always take the stairs. Taking the stairs is itself an exercise, if you are running up and down the stairs, then you are actually doing exercise similar to running and jogging. Whenever you need to go downstairs or upstairs, then just do not climb the stairs slowly, rather walk in speed. This way you can use the stairs for exercise.

Walk faster

Whenever you are walking, always walk fast. Be it in the market, or work or any other places, if you are walking then maintain a consistent speed. Do not stop anywhere in the middle, just keep walking. Do not sit or stand if not required. Walking faster any time of the day, you can burn plenty of fat, automatically.

Do the cleaning and household chores yourself

Instead of letting others do the job, it is better that you do these works yourself. This way, you can remain in motion, and you are not sitting in one place for a long time. You are bending, moving, lifting things up, and this way the muscles of your body are also moving. Make sure that you do not sit in one place for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

Loud music over TV

Watching TV whole day is another way by which you can gain some extra loads of pounds. Your eyes will be glued to the TV screens, you will remain seated at one place, and you will not have any movements. Rather, put some loud rocking music and do some free hand exercises. You can complete your household chores faster if you are listening to some loud music. Music helps to speed up the work at hand.

Prefer walking over bus and taxi

If you are going by your car, or any other commute, then all this time you are just sitting. What you can do is you can walk instead of sitting in these vehicles. The more you walk the better. You can also ride in any commute for half the distance, for the rest of the way you can walk.

Brisk walking is probably the best exercise that anyone can do.

Drink green tea

Green tea has zero fat and cholesterol, hence a perfect drink if you are trying to reach the fitness goals. You can have green tea thrice a day and lose some weight.

You will feel lighter within few days. You can also notice an inner glow, your skin problems will vanish, and you will have better digestion. Not just digestion, your metabolism rate will increase, thus helping you to lose weight.

Free hand exercises, yoga and pranayam

There are many asanas like Surya Namaskar  (Sun Salutation) that will help you to stretch your joints and muscles. You can get all round benefits, you will prevent arthritis, and indigestion if you are doing Yoga regularly. You can do Yoga in your home daily, in that 30 minutes of extra time every morning.

Yoga and pranayam can quickly help you put off some weight and get in shape. The best thing about practicing yoga is it works on your body and as well as your mind. Practicing yoga for 30 minutes every morning and evening can be surpassingly goods for your health and well being.

Use technology to measure your activity

According to US National Library of medicine (NCBI), one should take 10000 steps per day, to be considered as physically active. You can use pedometer app in your Smartphone, you can use exercise bands or fitness bands to see how much of calorie you are burning every day.

Such technologies can be of great help and it will keep you focused and motivated. There are apps and bands that track the whole activity; be it your weight, steps, heart rate, sleep pattern, you can monitor it all.

You may find it hard initially, but once you get the taste of success, once you see that you are reducing weight gradually, you will be motivated to be more dedicated towards your fitness goal.

Over to you

There are many benefits of joining the gym. It helps you lose weight, you will become more flexible, you will feel energetic, and you will be fit and healthy.

But if you want to lose some weight and wish to become fit and healthy, gym is not the only way. There are other ways as well that helps you stay in shape, fit and healthy. For example;

  • Instead of taking the lift, try to use stairs.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get up early and go for a brisk walk
  • Perform 30 minutes of yoga and pranayam
  • Eat mindfully and eat right

Becoming fit and healthy is not that difficult, if only you want to tweak your eating and living habits. If you eat right, workout to burn extra calories, you won’t put on weight easily. But the moment you take away the focus from the ultimate goal, even the gym won’t be of much use.

What are you doing to put off some weight and become fit and healthy? Share your workout plans by commenting below.

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