15 Health Benefits of Mulberries: Weight Loss to Cholesterol

15 Health Benefits of Mulberries: Weight Loss to Cholesterol

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Ever since I was a child, I loved eating mulberries and kept on munching them whenever I felt like. But back then, I ate these berries only for the sake of their sweet taste and was fully ignorant of the various health benefits they provide to mankind. Once I grew up and started my research, I got to know several facts and details on these mulberries. Slowly with the evolvement of science, the efficiency of mulberries in treating different health, skin and hair issues are coming to the forefront that in turn has added on to their popularity. However, it is not just the sweet fruits, but mulberry tea made from mulberry leaves has also become the favorite breakfast tea in many homes.

So, in case you are still unaware of the surprising health benefits of mulberries and are wondering about how eating mulberries can help you get rid of several health issues then continue reading this post. I will today discuss in details about the top 15 health benefits of mulberries that will make you fall in love with this magical fruit.

Widely used in ancient Chinese medicine, these mulberries are simple berries that we get from the plant called “Morus Alba”. These are a part of the “Moraceae” family that incorporates around 10-16 types of deciduous trees producing mulberries. Mulberry trees grow almost 10 feet each year and attain their full maturity when they reach 30 feet. The leaves fall in winter and regrow the next season. Mulberries ripen in the following months and by May, they fully mature. These berries can be of various colors with red, black, white and blue being the common ones.

Although, believed to have originated from China, the species is now extensively cultivated throughout the warm temperate world. India, Afghanistan, Iran and southern Europe have known to grow the plant to feed the silkworms with its leaves.

Mulberries form parts of various smoothies, jams, sherbets, pancakes, desserts, jellies, wines, sauces etc. and have become very popular over the recent years all thanks to the great taste and the several health benefits that they offer.

In today’s post, we will be exploring the various health benefits of mulberries in details but before that, let’s find out about the several nutrients that make it such a beneficial food for mankind.

Nutritional value of mulberries

The more the variety of nutrients, the more healthy is the product. Well, yes, it is the nutritional value of the ingredient that decides how much nutritious the ingredient is for you and mulberries are no exception. A cup of raw mulberries certainly form a nice snack all thanks to low calories (a cup generally has around 60 calories) and the presence of several nutrients.

Mulberries are loaded with healthy antioxidants and nutrients and the main nutrients present in them are as follows.

  • Vitamins
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Dietary fiber
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Phosphorous
  • Sodium

For full nutritional profile of mulberries, you may check the website of USDA. Now that we have learnt about the nutrient profile of mulberries, let us move our discussion on to the various health benefits of mulberries that you may not be aware of.

Surprising health benefits of mulberries

We have heard a lot about the popularity of mulberries but what make them popular are the benefits that they bestow on mankind. Starting from solving digestive issues, keeping heart healthy to making our bones strong, mulberries do a great job in keeping us hale and hearty. Besides the amazing health benefits of mulberries, they also has several skin and hair benefits that I will definitely talk about in some other posts. But as of now without wasting much time, let’s learn about the numerous health benefits of mulberries.

Here the 15 top health benefits of mulberries that will make you love them more.

Boosts digestive health

Indigestion and the other digestive problems have become very common in today’s life and so we must take efforts to keep our digestive system strong and mulberries can definitely help you in it. The rich content of dietary fiber in them can relieve you of constipation, stomach cramps, bloating and other digestive issues. The fiber adds bulk to your stool, improves the bowel movements and helps in smooth elimination of excreta. This further leads to healthy metabolic activity and thus gives a boost to your digestive system.

Promotes weight loss

Several people all over the world are suffering from severe weight issues which can easily drive a person to depression. However, with a balanced healthy lifestyle, proper exercise and by making mulberries a part of your diet, you will be able to shed those extra pounds.

As I have already said, that mulberries are good for digestion and with a strong digestive system, it gets easier to maintain optimum weight.  “F. De Ritis Institute and the Catholic University of Sacred Heart” in Italy have once conducted a study which showed results that with proper mulberry consumption, there was a reduction of 10% body weight in three months.

Research also showed that not just the total body weight, but there was improvement in waist and thigh size as well and thus can be said to be a great treatment for obese people. So if you are overweight, you may start munching on these berries now.

Lowers cholesterol levels

High levels of bad cholesterol i.e. LDL in body risks your heart largely and so desperate efforts must be made to keep the cholesterol levels in check. However, for this, you can definitely rely on mulberries. According to research, mulberries can help to lower bad cholesterol as well as lower triglyceride. 280 grams of mulberry powder if given to patients thrice daily for three months will also deliver you with great benefits. Moreover, you may also drink the mulberry tea daily and enjoy both the taste as well as keep the cholesterol level in control.

Controls blood sugar levels

If you are diabetic and worried about the levels of glucose and insulin in your body, then you can consume mulberries on frequent basis. Mulberries, as per reports have shown to give effective benefits in reduction of total blood sugar levels in diabetics. It breaks the sugar in the gut and allows them to get absorbed in the blood.

Mulberries also restrict the entry of monosaccharide in the circulation. This is good for preventing diabetes and thus may be recommended to the diabetic patients. Checking high sugar levels is definitely one of the best health benefits of mulberries and you must take full advantage of that.

Improves the blood circulation and regulates blood pressure

Having high blood pressure is quite risky but with mulberries, you can regulate it. The presence of polyphenols helps to lower high pressure. In fact, not just polyphenols, researcheeven proved the potentiality of potassium (present in mulberries) in doing the same.

Mulberries help in the proper circulation of the blood and also have the ability to purify it. The antioxidants keep the blood vessels soft and dilated, that leads to optimum functioning of them, which in turn enables free blood flow from the heart to the other parts of the human body. In addition, the iron content in them leads to good production of red blood cells in your body.

Keeps your heart healthy

By the time, I am sure that you have already understood the significance of mulberries to keep your heart strong. Well, yes, by properly regulating the levels of bad cholesterol and high blood pressure (that are considered the main threats to heart problems); the berries are emerging to be one of the great remedies to maintain a good cardiovascular health.

The various nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids enable heart health. These maintain a good blood flow and prevent the occurrence of strokes and heart attacks. If you take into account the number of deaths due to heart failure, then keeping your heart healthy must be counted among the top health benefits of mulberries without any doubt.

Prevents anemia

Anemia has become a very common problem in recent times with increasing cases reported every year. The need to eat iron rich foods has become very necessary. So, mulberries are often recommended due to their rich iron content that can help you prevent and cure anemia. By eating mulberries in adequate amounts, you will be able to get rid of its common systems of dizziness and fatigue as well. Mulberries will provide you with the much needed energy that you have lost due to anemia.

Good for eyes

If you suffer from poor vision and desperately want to improve your eyesight, then mulberries can help you in it. Well, yes, research has shown that the mulberries have the ability to prevent the occurrence of retinal degeneration and loss of vision by protecting your eyes from the free radicals. Besides, the zeaxanthin present is also great in reducing the oxidative stress in the cells that further helps to improve the eyesight.

Studies have also shown that mulberries contain carotenoids that are very efficient to prevent the risk of macular degeneration and cataract, which are very common with age.

Improves cognitive functioning

Brain is a very central part of our body whose proper functioning is very much needed for you to lead a healthy life. But for several reasons, your brain may not function at its best and so you must definitely eat mulberries in adequate amounts. This is because mulberries are efficient in keeping your brain active and young. The calcium present in mulberries keeps the brain strong and enables it to work efficiently. Moreover, the famous Alzheimer’s disease may also be put to check with mulberries as far as recent studies are concerned.

Keeps bones strong

You can now keep your bones strong with mulberries all thanks to the presence of calcium, Vitamin K and iron in them that are ideal for maintaining strong bones and bone tissues. These nutrients together help prevent easy degradation of bones and protects you from getting affected by common bone disorders like osteoporosis, arthritis etc. Since weakening of bones is common with aged adults, they can make a proper diet chart with the inclusion of adequate mulberries in it.

Protects against common flu and cold

Common cold and flu can be really irritating but with proper consumption of mulberries, you can prevent it. However, for this the white mulberry has found to be especially effective and was used to treat cold in folk remedies. These berries have astringent properties and are the perfect bactericide and tonic that can help you prevent cold and flu. Further, the flavonoids and Vitamin C also aid in preventing the occurrence of these common infections.

Good for your liver

Mulberries are good for your liver and can work efficiently to give a boost to your liver health. These berries are the perfect blood tonic that when consumed nourishes and purifies your blood in the liver. This strengthens your liver largely. Also, the iron present in them helps in smooth bowel movement and digestion that further helps in keeping your liver strong.

Soothes inflammation

Mulberries are a great soothing agent and can soothe any kind of inflammation. As per research, it is the anthocyanins in mulberries that is efficient in preventing inflammations. So, you may use mulberries as an alternative to the various allopathic drugs to treat your inflammation.

Prevents cancer

Any form of cancer is life threatening and is best avoided and with mulberries, you can definitely reduce the risk of cancer. Mulberries contain various phytonutrients and antioxidants that inhibit the growth and the spread of the cancerous tumor cells that protects you from cancer. In fact, not just these, but the anthocyanins, resveratrol also has anti cancerous properties and can protect you from getting affected by cancer.

So, if you eat mulberries in good amounts, you can reduce the deadly cancers like colon cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer and skin cancer.

Strengthens immune system

The stronger your immune system, the less will be the occurrence of diseases. So if you want to keep your immune system strong, you must eat the mulberries. These berries activate macrophages with the help of alkaloids present in them and keep your system strong. Also, mulberries contain Vitamin C that has immunity strengthening properties. So please make sure you eat mulberries in adequate quantities and keep yourself hale and hearty throughout your lifespan.

Now, that you have all learnt about the top 15 surprising health benefits of mulberries, it is time that you know a bit about the side effects as well. This is because precaution and awareness is important and you must be aware of the consequences that might occur to you after you eat mulberries.

Side effects of eating mulberries

Every food has some sort of advantage and disadvantage. So while the health benefits of mulberries cannot be denied, its side effects must also not be ignored. So here are the common side effects of eating mulberries.

  • Sometimes, consuming mulberries may cause complication in individuals with kidney disorders due to the high content of potassium present in them. If you have an existing kidney related issue, it’s better to consult your physician before eating mulberries.
  • Some reports have also suggested that these berries can lower the blood sugar level when eaten in large quantity and hence lead to hypoglycemia.
  • In some, mulberries may cause skin allergies which can lead to skin rashes, swelling or itching.
  • You may even experience hallucinations after consuming mulberries.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult doctors before consuming berries as sometimes mulberries may cause pregnancy complications.
  • If you are under some medication, then please take doctors’ advice before eating mulberries because it may interfere with your medicines.
  • Although, mulberries are good in preventing the occurrence of cancer, some reports have suggested that consuming mulberries while undergoing chemotherapy may interfere with it. So it is best to avoid mulberries during that time.
  • While mulberries are good for your stomach and can soothe the cramps, in some cases they might cause reverse effect and lead to stomach problems.
  • Mulberries may hinder the absorption of carbohydrate and triacylglycerol by human body.

The above side effects are mainly to create awareness. Not all suffers from this but yes since few have suffered, it is better to be cautious. You can eat the berries in moderate amounts and consult a doctor in case you experience any sort of uneasiness after eating mulberries.

Over to you

Modern research has shown various food items as the super foods that can help you in keeping yourself hale and hearty and mulberries are definitely one of them. These sweet juicy berries are not just good to taste but can protect you from a wide range of health problems. Eating mulberries can help you in keeping heart diseases at bay, in strengthening your bones, improving vision, boosting your cognitive health and what not. In fact, the various deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes can also be prevented with mulberry consumption.

There are various ways of enjoying the health benefits of mulberries. You may consume them as fruits, use its leaves to make mulberry tea or make various mulberry recipes. If you google, you will get multiple recipes where you can use mulberries. The health benefits of mulberries can also be drawn by eating several jams, berries, sauces, pancakes, desserts etc. that contains mulberries in them.

We have learned a lot of the health benefits of mulberries but I have also mentioned about some of its side effects that must never be ignored. In some cases, mulberries have shown to cause allergies, lead to hypoglycemia, cause hallucinations, interfere with medicines etc. so my personal advice will be eat mulberries in moderate amounts and in case of complications take medical help.

Do you love mulberries? Have you checked out the list of health benefits of mulberries that I talked about? What are your opinions on it? Share your feedbacks regarding mulberries and also suggest any mulberry recipe which you feel is both healthy and tasty. Also, do not forget to like and share my post in case you find it interesting.

Until, then, stay healthy and keep enjoying the taste and the health benefits of mulberries.

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